Two Lena’s that I love

On Lena Dunham and my mom (who is also called Lena)

 Two Lenas that I love

This morning I was reading a piece in the evening standard magazine, on Lena Dunham mother called Laurie Simmons who is an artist. She is having an exhibition here in London at the moment.

She talk about her work and her daughter’s work.

She touches on how she used her experiences of being a women in the 20th century, and her daughter does the same for the 21st century

She talk as well “how women need armour to interact with the world”and that is also a theme in Lena’s work.

It touches on their relationship and how your parent upbringing shapes you as person.

“Lena has frequently cited her parents, and the environment they fostered, as a foundation of her success.” “I feel like nothing would be going on with me now if I didn’t have the parents I have.”

It really resonated with me as I feel so close to my mother and she had also an extraordinary life.

Lena apparently used some of her mother’s life experience in her famous series Girls.

I obviously didn’t get like her my parents bringing me up together as my parents are divorced.

And that bring up other issues, but I do feel I am so fortunate to have my wonderful parents. They both did their best in giving me all they could offer and they still do to this day.

I am richer because of them both.

I want to share a few more quotes that I loved from the article, ” my mom always said to me ‘the talent is allowed to act weird.’ She embraces the idea that, as an artist, she can act a little pernickety and say exactly what she wants.”

“My mother is six inches taller then me and ten pounds lighter, but somehow I can wear her stuff. Now sometimes she borrows my clothes, which is very flattering.”

“The best New Year’s Eve on my life was watching Sex and the City marathon with my mother.”

 Laurie Simmons show is at The Arts Club until the 25 April (

Flouncing at Elie

Going back to his childhood in the 60’s the lebanese designer looked at what he called the period Beirut’s “golden age”. The sheer element and again the floral prints and embroideries added to the full length dresses made a more youthful and fresh approach. This created a newer perspective on his otherwise very glamorous and well known style of red carpet looks.

image 11 copy1 Flouncing at Elie

image 112 Flouncing at Elie

image 13 copy 4 Flouncing at Elie

image 13 Flouncing at ElieI am also a big lover of anything feathered and I loved loved (loved!!) that look above. So old hollywood, so Ginger Rogers, I can so imagine myself wearing it dancing around, well surely not as gracefully as Ginger… but a girl can dream right?

image 13 copy Flouncing at Elie

image 13 copy 3 Flouncing at Elie

image 13 copy 2 Flouncing at Elie

image 13 copy 5 Flouncing at Elie

To finish off with a side note, this gorgeous girl Lindsey Wixson, I love her so much, well how could you not?

Few weeks ago someone at work (a gay friend of my colleague) told me I looked a little bit like her, I mean such a compliment! I love him forever now for even to be compared to her is wonderful! Anyway I added a little photo of her to make your own judgement on that.   image 13 copy 6 Flouncing at Elie

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61 facons de dire Oui

61 facons de dire Oui! Or in English 61 ways to say Yes, a bridal with a twist, or how to feel special each day dressing up and having fun. Jean Paul shows are always light fun and full of life and makes you laugh. With him you can be yourself and embrace life with a big smile, and this show was no different. I mean look at Naomi she looks so good as the bouquet! So genius and so Gaultier!

image 11 copy 3 61 facons de dire Oui

image 11 copy 4 61 facons de dire Oui

image 11 copy 8 61 facons de dire Oui

image 11 copy 7 61 facons de dire Oui

image 11 copy 5 61 facons de dire Oui

image 11 copy 6 61 facons de dire Oui

image 11 61 facons de dire Oui

image 11 copy 61 facons de dire Ouiimage 11 copy 2 61 facons de dire Oui

image 11 copy 10 61 facons de dire Oui

image 11 copy 11 61 facons de dire Oui

image 11 copy 9 61 facons de dire Oui

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My favourite looks so far from Paris Haute Couture

Haute Couture are always my favourite shows! I love the glamour the ideas, the inspiration, and how much the ideas can be pushed and the drama it all creates. It’s not the average clothing to wear on a day to day but it’s all about having that imagination that is set loose. What I also love with couture show is that although it is unattainable cost wise, the look itself can be recreated (loosely) from a detail you liked or a shape that you found interesting, or a silhouette that caught your eye.

image 9 copy My favourite looks so far from Paris Haute Couture

image 9 copy 5 My favourite looks so far from Paris Haute Couture

image 9 copy 2 My favourite looks so far from Paris Haute Couture

Couture is Schiaparelli and this time with no main designer. The vision for the collection seems a bit lost. It’s more a classic approach and more diluted, looks that you could imagine were from Schiaparelli but no whaou moments.
image 10 copy My favourite looks so far from Paris Haute Couture

image 10 copy 2 My favourite looks so far from Paris Haute Couture

Chanel is always synonymous of couture, bien sure! This time it’s a magical all electronic floral garden that Lagarfeld dreamed up. I Love the crop jackets that looks as if they shrunk in the wash. There is an odd combination of 60’s silhouettes mixed with Edwardian hats galore, an ankle gazing length on the dresses and beanies all wrapped around lots and lots of electronic flowers (that apparently took 6 months to make!). Is that our future? Sound a bit too science fiction to my taste but hey it’s Chanel!

What I didn’t like so much is the expression on the girls, they were a bit moody… anyhow Chanel is always beautiful, extraordinaire and a bit dreamy…

image 10 copy 4 My favourite looks so far from Paris Haute Couture

image 10 copy 3 My favourite looks so far from Paris Haute Couture

I feel this time the flowers stole the show. I mean look at the intricacy of those on this dress! It’s like they are coming alive! I mean I am a sucker for flowers, anything floral and this definitely will be haunting my dreams.

image 10 My favourite looks so far from Paris Haute Couture

Giambattista imagined an impossible conversation between Janis Joplin and Coco Chanel, so fun and interesting as always. So both women love men’s clothing. Each wears it in an unique way and make it their own that is still so feminine.

image 9 copy 3 My favourite looks so far from Paris Haute Couture

image 9 copy 4 My favourite looks so far from Paris Haute Couture

I love fluffiness of the skirts the ho so flouncy silk, the frilly tops, the embroidered details that are so Vali, but then you have the little Jacket that is so Coco, and the cocktail dresses layered with trousers so Janis. Again those things can be recreated in what you own in your wardrobe or at least make you think how you layer your clothes or otherwise you could do a bit of vintage shopping down at the market. Lots of inspiration you can draw from all these looks.

image 111 My favourite looks so far from Paris Haute Couture

image 9 copy 6 My favourite looks so far from Paris Haute Couture

image 9 My favourite looks so far from Paris Haute Couture

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2015, new Ange with TIME!!!

photo 10 e1421335634677 2015, new Ange with TIME!!!

A year of Louboutin, working all the time and lots of running in heels all the time…. (I am exhausted! but now can strut in heels..)

Now It’s me time! time to realise all my dreams in 2015! And by the way Happy New Year to all of you readers!

To be truthful I have neglected the blog completely and my crazy busy London life swallowed me up.. but now everything is happening, leaving my job in here in London, going on big adventures in NYC!

And will share all of it with you while I am at there! Can’t wait! Truly beyond excited, before any of that happens, so much moving packing needs to happen… a big scary.. but that gives me the opportunity to do a big spring cleaning.

Talking of changes today I cut my hair and love it! so happy it’s a new year, new hair, a new Ange!

photo 10 copy 2015, new Ange with TIME!!!



Ok It’s been a few crazy busy weeks and I kind of abandoned my fashion week posts and all together with blog. I never also mentioned that now I have MY OWN ONLINE STORE!!!

Yes very exciting, I will be doing a post soon ( I Promise soon! on it)

So back this the old news of Paris fashion week, very sexy strong women’s here at Givenchy. I didn’t even recognise Kendall here either. Very powerful women I liked the energy the girls emulated with their looks. full of confidence and very womanly.

I want to wake up and be like this!

MON0317 Givenchy

MON0748 Givenchy

MON0651 Givenchy


A2X1281 Givenchy

MON0591 Givenchy

A2X1150 Givenchy

MON0393 Givenchy


058 FRA 1356 Givenchy059 FRA 1360 Givenchy060 FRA 1367 GivenchyPhoto from


Just came back from my short course at Central Saint Martins, feel so inspired at SSSSSSOOOO excited!

So anyway started to look at the Paris catwalks shows and just love what Phoebe did for Celine’s latest show. It’s inspired by women in their daily lives and who have a multitude of roles and responsibilities. I just love all her prints! they rarely do prints like this! The shapes are more relaxed less severe and more feminine but still strong. I love the silhouette the girls have a more more womenly feel and longer hem lines too! It’s very much my style.

MON0936 Celine

MON0672 Celine

MON0865 Celine

MON0698 Celine

A2X0561 Celine

MON0302 Celine

A2X0314 Celine

MON0041 Celine

MON0100 Celine

MON0544 Celine

MON0183 Celine

MON0020 Celine

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My dearest Jean Paul, I so love him, and it is the end of an era, no more pret-a-porter… At least we still have Haute Couture. So for his farewell he was at the rex, (my favourite club back in the days!) and he did some kind of greatest hits, beauty pageant, hommage to editors, (you will Grace and Suzie of course..) and his classic smoking mixing women and men so well, so sad, but now need to seriously invest in this last pret a porter collection, it’s pieces for posterity.. Love him!

JPG 1616 JPG

JPG 1505 JPG

JPG 0920 JPG

JPG 1069 JPG

JPG 1539 JPG

JPG 0249 JPG

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