My grand mother passed away this weekend. This year I lost both my french grand parents. It’s the end of an era, of souvenirs and moment spent together. Here I am little in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro in my grand mother’s arms with my dad, and my grand father. They both came to Brazil in the 80’s.


As you can probably tell, I am not so much into Milan’s fashion week, I prefer London fashion week to any other, and then Paris obviously, and New York is nice too, but Milan doesn’t excites me as much. Maybe it’s my french side that prevents me to like it. I find a bit too much, sometime a bit vulgar (oh! I know but sharing my true feelings here…).

Regardless of all those things I do love Stella Jean. Her collections are full of colours, inexpected prints and gorgeous things I would absolutely love to wear._A2X0073 _A2X0085 _A2X0173 _A2X0213 _A2X0293 _A2X0323 _A2X0331 _A2X0395 _A2X0413 _A2X0501 _A2X0541 _A2X0603Photos from Vogue Runway


He is more and more becoming my favourite designer of London’s fashion week. Christopher Kane has just some wonderfully modern vision of today’s women But I really love his approach too, quite on the playful side with a very elegant attitude. Love those fringes! so fun and this transparent pocket, so interesting and almost a bit too fashion, but are very much so collectible items, I would say…

_KAN0069 _KAN0125 _KAN0149 _KAN0317 _KAN0355 _KAN0411 _KAN0645 _KAN0655 _KAN0723 _KAN0769 _KAN0811


Jonathan Saunders isn’t the most known designer in London, what I mean is that he has been around for years now and is not always so talked about. However his work is wonderful especially with his prints. Each look of the girls is so beautifully done and the print mix up so well together. For me is an English version of a Dries Van Noten. This collection is no different, beautiful colour palette and flawless girls parading in those gorgeous clothes. LOVE all the way!

_JON0045 _JON0119 _JON0132 _JON0186 _JON0213 _JON0226 _JON0253 _JON0298 _JON0315 _JON0328 _JON0362 _JON0404 _JON0511 _JON0529 _JON0605Photo from Vogue Runway


I am seeing a lot more autumnal colours for the spring summer collection that you are more used to see in colder months. It’s so interesting indeed! And Erdem had one of those darker mood with a little Victoriana romantic with it. So that means long ans sheer flowing dresses with darker colour way and a very autumnal feel to the collection. A total love for me definitely.

_ERD0041 _ERD0087_ERD0139 _ERD0338 _ERD0422 _ERD0472 _ERD0490 _ERD0524 _ERD0554 _ERD0582Photo from Vogue Runway


YouTube Preview Image

So today it’s a double whammy a video and photos of my favourite looks from Peter Pilotto new collection. Sorry for the non Brazilian speaker here (as the video is from Vogue Brazil.. but you see the images non?), but as I am gearing up for Brazil I am into full Brazil mode and watching lots of things on Brazil or Brazil related… As most Brazilian think I am completely bonkers to go now as the country is having major problems economically and politically but hey there is sense in the madness…

Anyway today is about Pilotto and it’s very pastel colours palette with very feminine delicate pieces even based from men’s staple item that is the shirt. A much more softer version of what we can wear for spring and summer.

_PET0013 _PET0049 _PET0065 _PET0209 _PET0235 _PET0271 _PET0335

Photos from Vogue Runway


Again a darker mood at Giles and an even more Elizabethan affair!

From the Vogue runway review of the show (by Maya Singer) it says that:“The show was held in the Elizabethan-era Banqueting Room in Whitehall, a place to which the designer would often retire as a student to get away from hustle and bustle and take in the Rubens murals on the ceiling. He’d booked the space for this season a year in advance, and a deep dive into the history of the place led him back to Elizabeth, and provided him the inspiration for his new clothes.”

So this makes it clear as from where the whole collection came about, and I LOVE IT!!!

Such a rich extravagant collection and again very into this new autumnal mood that London is showing. And also lots of very famous models posing… into what looks sometime more like stage pieces than wearable clothes but that what London is for magical shows like this that makes you dream…

_ARC0041 _ARC0091 _ARC0119 _ARC0225 _ARC0239 _ARC0375 _ARC0385 _ARC0421 _ARC0523 _ARC0555 _ARC0571Photos from Vogue Runway


Is it just me or the spring summer is looking a lot more autumn like? Rich berry lips, porcelain skin, lace, sheer or even black? Yes this in a Spring collection.

To be honest this makes me happy, as some of you know already I am moving to Brazil and I am having a mix of bags of emotions. I am obviously super excited but weird about leaving winter behind..(but super happy at the same time!) But I am most sad to leave behind is things that you can wear in autumn like the colour like bordeaux burgundies, and lacy sheer black thing I do love to wear but now Burberry says it’s cool so I can! I can wear them in 40’s degree and it’s fine because burberry said so. (well I wouldn’t do it just because they said so.. but you know what I mean..)

_ARC0052 _ARC0258 _ARC0334 _ARC0358 _ARC0376 _ARC0510 _ARC0526 _ARC0570 _ARC0800 _ARC0862

JW Anderson

J W Anderson is the darling of the fashion crowd. Some of his collections are more successful to my liking and others I like less. This ones was the later unfortunately, I found maybe the influences less to what attracts me perhaps. He looked at 90’s 80’s and did a match up of colours, styles and references that I found a bit too confusing and I felt lost it’s strength. However I am talking about him and showing some of I felt were beautiful and stronger (and more to my liking..).

KIM_0453 KIM_0649 KIM_0707Photo from Vogue Runway