Ok It’s been a few crazy busy weeks and I kind of abandoned my fashion week posts and all together with blog. I never also mentioned that now I have MY OWN ONLINE STORE!!!

Yes very exciting, I will be doing a post soon ( I Promise soon! on it)

So back this the old news of Paris fashion week, very sexy strong women’s here at Givenchy. I didn’t even recognise Kendall here either. Very powerful women I liked the energy the girls emulated with their looks. full of confidence and very womanly.

I want to wake up and be like this!

MON0317 Givenchy

MON0748 Givenchy

MON0651 Givenchy


A2X1281 Givenchy

MON0591 Givenchy

A2X1150 Givenchy

MON0393 Givenchy


058 FRA 1356 Givenchy059 FRA 1360 Givenchy060 FRA 1367 GivenchyPhoto from


Just came back from my short course at Central Saint Martins, feel so inspired at SSSSSSOOOO excited!

So anyway started to look at the Paris catwalks shows and just love what Phoebe did for Celine’s latest show. It’s inspired by women in their daily lives and who have a multitude of roles and responsibilities. I just love all her prints! they rarely do prints like this! The shapes are more relaxed less severe and more feminine but still strong. I love the silhouette the girls have a more more womenly feel and longer hem lines too! It’s very much my style.

MON0936 Celine

MON0672 Celine

MON0865 Celine

MON0698 Celine

A2X0561 Celine

MON0302 Celine

A2X0314 Celine

MON0041 Celine

MON0100 Celine

MON0544 Celine

MON0183 Celine

MON0020 Celine

Photo from


My dearest Jean Paul, I so love him, and it is the end of an era, no more pret-a-porter… At least we still have Haute Couture. So for his farewell he was at the rex, (my favourite club back in the days!) and he did some kind of greatest hits, beauty pageant, hommage to editors, (you will Grace and Suzie of course..) and his classic smoking mixing women and men so well, so sad, but now need to seriously invest in this last pret a porter collection, it’s pieces for posterity.. Love him!

JPG 1616 JPG

JPG 1505 JPG

JPG 0920 JPG

JPG 1069 JPG

JPG 1539 JPG

JPG 0249 JPG

Photo from

Van der Ham

Michael Van Der Ham, collection is always a delight! I mainly in love with his approach to prints and how those makes his clothes so wearable and cool and sooo edgy at the same time. His way of working is so unique to him self. This collection has sweet fun element with vibrant colours.

This dress below could almost look like a painting, the print has a painterly touch a very free artistic feel. Yet his clothes are strong and very elegant womanly. I just can’t get enough…

nck 4923 Van der Ham

nck 4895 Van der Ham

nck 4996 Van der Ham

nck 4970 Van der Ham

nck 5220 Van der Ham

nck 5116 Van der Ham


Erdem dark forest inspiration is wonderfully beautiful. I really like the darker mood and very elaborated pieces, again lots of texture here like in Mary. I really liked the feathered look so chic and cool..

It even doesn’t look summery in it’s normal idea of what colour you would wear but I like that contrast. Or should we say unexpected colour palette. It carries a more sophisticated idea of what a summer dress can be, it’s more luxurious and sumptuous.


ERD 0086 erdem

ERD 0038 erdem

ERD 0240 erdem

ERD 0078 erdem

ERD 0168 erdem

ERD 0262 erdem

ERD 0226 erdem

Photo from


A colourful Burberry and again more texture, layers and pastel tulle… I really like the combination of the very very feminine pink soft dress and the denim and with the addition of feather (again feathers!). I Also love those giant sequins so cool especially in those soft pastel colours.

This collection is all about layering juxtaposing different materials, colour clash, and mixing texture, like tulle, sheer, pleating, sequins that can almost look like fish scale, leather, denim, what a mix but it works. But mostly what I like about that show is that you can recreate those look yourself without spending a fortune.

You can do a bit of DIY (like with feathers) and make that look your own with what’s in your closet… ┬áIt’s this accessibility to wear those kind of looks to your own everyday life that I truly love.

BUR 0107 burberry

BUR 0063 burberry

BUR 0087 burberry

BUR 0619 burberry

BUR 0711 burberry

BUR 0075 burberry

BUR 0279 burberry

Photo from


A lovely fresh collection from Jonathan Saunders. I really liked the general ambiance of the night at the museum (Tate Britain) and vibe from the collection.

There is an obvious influence from Matisse exhibition, but I really enjoy his colour palette and each piece reacts next to the other creating a really strong but soft romantic look. Really loved quite few look especially those tied bow high waited trouser so chic!

And there is another collaboration with Christian Louboutin here once more, he’s everywhere!

AG17474 Jonathan

AG17700 Jonathan

AG17577 Jonathan

AG18060 JonathanAG17889 JonathanAG17947 Jonathan

AG17728 JonathanAG17751 Jonathan