Giambattista Valli

I Love Giambattista’s vision of luxury or couture I might say for this collection…

A girl wakes, maybe she’s still dressed from the night before, maybe she swathes herself in a striped sheet or slips into her beau’s pj’s. It’s bright so she puts on sunglasses. Her head hurts. She wraps it in a napkin from the champagne bucket. And she goes for a walk in the garden. By Tim Blanks.

I wish that was me… Such an romantic idea…

VAL 0039.450x675 Giambattista Valli

VAL 0380.450x675 Giambattista Valli

VAL 0278.450x675 Giambattista Valli

VAL 0292.450x675 Giambattista Valli

VAL 0444.450x675 Giambattista Valli

VAL 0189.450x675 Giambattista Valli

VAL 0401.450x675 Giambattista Valli

VAL 0689.450x675 Giambattista Valli

VAL 1038.450x675 Giambattista Valli

VAL 0897.450x675 Giambattista Valli

VAL 0515.450x675 Giambattista ValliPhoto from


So I am always more a vintage Schiaparelli fan, but I have to say this new couture collection is very Schiaparelliest indeed.

I specifically love all the hats, all Stephen Jones obviously, and a very 1930′s silhouette. It’s a bit more daring too that the last collection and more playful.

SCH 0193.450x675 Schiaparelli

SCH 0346.450x675 Schiaparelli

SCH 0661.450x675 Schiaparelli

AA2X0362.450x675 Schiaparelli

SCH 0317.450x675 Schiaparelli

SCH 0140.450x675 Schiaparelli

SCH 0104.450x675 Schiaparelli

AA2X0105.450x675 Schiaparelli

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Dior Couture

As I was “stranded” yesterday with Eurostar all afternoon, (I only managed to get to Paris past 10pm) all I could see on my Instragam feed (that was my main saviour, aside my new Vogue that practically read all of it) was DIOR, DIOR! And how everyone was gushing how amazing it was posting blurred images of the looks.  Anyway today, I recovered my horrible Eurostar journey (and slept until 12pm…)  I had a look for my self on, and I can agree it is really sublime.

My personal favourite is the take on the long embroidered jackets, they are divine! The futuristic jewellery is gorgeous too and really allows the clothe a sense of modern take on them.

08 KIM 5655.450x675 Dior Couture

AA2X0275.450x675 Dior Couture

17 KIM 5919.450x675 Dior Couture

45 KIM 6622.450x675 Dior Couture

AA2X1481.450x675 Dior Couture

10 KIM 5701.450x675 Dior Couture

AA2X0345.450x675 Dior Couture

38 KIM 6436.450x675 Dior Couture

AA2X1224.450x675 Dior Couture

AA2X0928.450x675 Dior Couture

36 KIM 6398.450x675 Dior Couture

AA2X1141.450x675 Dior Couture

AA2X1162.450x675 Dior Couture

AA2X1292.450x675 Dior Couture

AA2X1302.450x675 Dior Couture

AA2X1308.450x675 Dior Couture

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Filipe Jardim

while In Paris I feel upon this book from Filipe Jardim (not too sure I am even spelling his name correct, sorry!) but I had to share his amazing drawings he made and complied in this amazing book. Sorry to many amazing, but it is definitely in that category. He is Brazilian print/illustrator/artist/surf-fist (apparently), and I really liked his work. (He even did prints for Hermes) He walk around with sketch books and whenever this is opportunity to draw or a dull moment he is drawing away where ever he find himself.

So have a look at his work below. Enjoy…

IMG 1043 Filipe Jardim

IMG 1040 Filipe Jardim


IMG 1048 Filipe Jardim

IMG 1045 Filipe Jardim

IMG 1046 Filipe Jardim IMG 1049 Filipe Jardim IMG 1051 Filipe Jardim IMG 1053 Filipe Jardim IMG 1055 Filipe Jardim IMG 1056 Filipe Jardim IMG 1058 Filipe Jardim IMG 1059 Filipe Jardim IMG 1063 Filipe Jardim IMG 1066 Filipe Jardim IMG 1067 Filipe Jardim

in the bathroom with… Charlotte Tilbury

For all the beauty lovers out there, or the not a clue make up people, she is your new best friend I tell you!

As I said before I feel upon that video, and I loved watching it.

I discovered her products trough Net A Porter, but I was reticent to buy make up product online that I never tried before. It all started because I needed a new highlighter, (my previous one was so well used that it lost it’s label/name, and was probably some cheap high street brand) I didn’t want to get the Yves Saint Laurent one as I felt it’s so overrated. (by the way nothing wrong with high street brand!) My skin is so sensitive I though maybe I should invest in a good product that helps my skin too.

So I read this article on Charlotte new line and I was interested in the multi tasking ability of her products. So I took the trip to her Selfridges counter and bought the highlighter. And Oh my god my life has changed since then! her stuff is AMAZING! Even if you are useless with make up it’s so easy to use her products and they really stay on all day, and are gentle and makes you beautiful.

Since then I went back obviously, I got one of her eyeshadow stick (which is incredible!!) and a lovely red lipstick. Beware you will get hocked! So now I stop talking (or writing really) and leave you to enjoy the video.

0 in the bathroom with... Charlotte Tilbury

There is a second video you can find on youtube if you want to continue to watch, where they talk more on what make up she uses daily and this kind of thing.

She is stocked like I said at Selfridges and on Net A

Le jour d’avant

Ok first I apologise for the non french speakers, as this video, I could only find in french…

While in Paris for a speedy holiday (3 days holidays is too short!), I tumbled across this amazing documentary on the channel called Arte. It’s called the day before, and basically film what’s going on a few days before the fashion show of known fashion houses. The one I watched was on Lanvin and Alber Elbaz.

I completely feel in love with the brand, and the crazy madness that happens before the show. It’s so interesting and while on the hunt to find a little video of it on youtube, I could only find a few bits, and discovered at the same time that other fashion house were also filmed for this same documentary. So it must have other episodes… (I saw there was jean Paul Gaultier which I am hunting next…)

So here is the video, and I will post later another beauty based video I fell upon on my youtube search that you english speaker can enjoy too.

0 Le jour davant


Well for you Londoner or uk residents, MIC translate weirdly or naturally into Made In Chelsea, and yes OMG, as by some crazy circumstances my scarves ended up in the show this week!

MIC screen shot La Carioca MIC OMGMic1 MIC OMG

And it was Binky wearing my carnation scarf in the show as she was under the spell of a little retail therapy.

So happy! can’t believe my scarves were on national tv! Well not that everyone knows it’s mine but hey never mind. Still a nice surprise!

And the funny thing my friend texted me monday night, saying I think you are on Made In Chelsea, when she texted I was in bed so tired and I though she must have mistaken my scarf or something but no it was real! ok no more exclamation point off to bed.

ps: watch the show on 4OD! (ok last exclamation point sorry…)