Delaunay & Rennes expedition

I have been settling in Paris a little bit now and been unpacking nonstop… I was too exhausted to blog or do anything worth while to be honest. I just literally got back from Brittany to see my father and everyone.

Here a little picture of the kitchen’s tiles (dated from the 30’s) and my attempts of watercolours.

photo 1-17 I also had to go to Rennes for a few days for my brother to pass his orals for the Beaux Arts. The old part of the city was so interesting. The buildings were full of prints in a way, creating patterns with the wood.

photo 3-14 photo 2-17

The other good news is about my computer! It has been brought back to 2015! It’s my old computer but way faster than I never knew it could ever be! It’s been rebooted and this with the amazing help of my father’s friend, so happy!!

The other lovely surprise was getting my 30th birthday present from my dad early, a gorgeous book from Sonia Delaunay.

I didn’t know her work that well, but I actually really liked it and discovered a lot from her and her work. She did a lot in textile prints too which a lot I found very inspiring.

image-2 copyimage copy image-2 image image copy 2 image copy 3

I loved how she was so free in her experimentations, and how she played with colour combination.

image-2 copy 2

image-3 copy image-3 copy 2 image-3 copy 3She was so avant-garde! and modern and fashionable, look she even did a cover for vogue!


image-2 copy 4 image-2 copy 3

 Sonia Delaunay, Les Couleurs de L’Abstraction Musee d’Art Moderne de la ville de Paris 2015. Catalogue de l’exposition “Sonia Delauney,  Les Couleurs de L’Abstraction” (catalogue from the exhibition)

This exhibition will be shown at the Tate Modern from 15th April till 16th August 2015.

dries and moving out

Yes all the stress of moving out is finally behind me! (well there is still the small matter of getting all my stuff back to Paris! Don’t want to think about it yet…) No pictures needed as I have way too much stuff not a pretty picture to share!!

So Moving on to Dries Van Noten show, I am so so so in love with this collection!! It’s a cross between dream and reality, a regal smart urban effortless woman (kind of woke up like that!) (well definitely not this morning… haha side moving out joke…) So now not making any sense… moving out syndrome… Anyway enjoy the images.





DRI_0567 DRI_0093 DRI_0409


photo from



Last night I found out my french grand-father passed away, he had been unwell for years now with Alzheimer. I was sadden, and made me think about all those memories of him. I wanted to share with you some photos, that first one was me in the bed basket in Brazil with both my grandparent that came to visit me when I was a baby.

photo-10This one I found last year while I was little in Brittany with again both my grand parents and my cousin. I am the one on the right standing in the grass.


Burberry or Woodstock?

Christopher Bailey always gives a spectacular show every time with Burberry. I just love the theatricality of this collection once again. It’s fun over the top, crazy 70’s (AGAIN!) and with fringes every where! To my liking very much so! I just love the crazy colour combination the earthy tones with the beaded mirror pieces with all the clash of prints and colours, so cool. It’s very urban folk international traveler but with a strong hippy feel too.








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With Christopher Kane, I have waves of like it a lot and then not so much… Somehow my curiosity peaked me to have glance and I was not disappointed and actually I was pleasantly surprised.

I love the richness in this collection. I liked a lot the sensuality of the silhouettes, and how they were approached like in a very formal knee length kind of dresses with sleeves and all. It did really worked for me.

I truly always liked his abilities to work with sheerness and assembling it in a way that makes it so wearable and very much oh sexy. However it isn’t overtly sexy and still lady like in a covered but revealing manner that I find quite appealing.


I love the blue zigzag sheer dress. I really liked the frilly dresses too, like the one in a mini version composed with the different colours or even in the more toned down black version with the transparence on the frills from the sides.



Then comes the very clean structured navy pieces that is quite strict with touches of bright red, (but the red again jumps out and makes it sexy but subtly) and oh so elegant, super wearable. I also completely fell in love with the off the shoulder bright red dress, so simple but an effective whaou dress!

KIM_0048KIM_0071KIM_0550 Finally there are those weird dresses wrapped in what looks like “lace lovers” or life drawings nudes, cloth of women’s bodies. I did actually quite liked the silver pleated dress with those nudes enveloping the dress and the wearer. Quite a sexy intellectual way to dress…



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Lodon’s week of fashion

HEY! More 70’s vibes and womanly looks from London town.

Was enjoying too much my time away in Brittany and France that completely forgot about Fashion and obviously fashion week…

So decided to mix & match some looks from some of the shows that I enjoyed while catching up this afternoon.

Felder Felder impression is quite 70’s rebel woman with a bowie feel, a confident lady indeed.

I know I will always definitely like Emilia Wickstead collection’s without any doubt, just because it’s so elegant, chic and timeless. Here again it doesn’t disappoint. I love the feathered shawl with the conservative blue dress so chic will definitely copy that! (Even more so, now that I fell upon a gorgeous white feathered shawl found at Portobello market dated from the 50’s hardly worn!) I also love her little edge with the patent suit and a bit of plaited with the shine of the black it really does work and make it so cool and wearable!

And to finish a bit of Holly Fulton, that can be always a little fun addition. Here it’s very much an evening pieces and dressed up affair. I love the white coat dreaming of it right now!







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YouTube Preview Image

So Sam Smith was all over the Grammys last night…

I just loved what he shared about his journey and on being himself and that allowed him to have his big break.

So Happy for him and his story is such an inspiration for everyone else, just be true to yourself and you will succeed in whatever you want in life.

La parisienne suite (part 2)

So Part 2 is you guessed it on books and what resides on a “Parisienne” bookshelf.

This section made me laugh so much, it’s called rather obviously “On a Parisienne’s bookshelf”. Reading it and especially now as I recently started packing my many books, made it even more true and real.

And it is scarily true, I had to share it and along with what’s left on my bookshelf as everything else is going into storage…(currently four boxes full)

image copy 4

“There are many books on a Parisienne’s bookshelf:

The books you so often claim you’ve read that you actually believe you have. La poetique de La Reverie G. Bachelard still half read it

The books you read in school from which you remember only the main character’s name. David Copperfield C. Dickens my mom would read at the breakfast table in English! on the weekend along with some croissant bien sure!

The art books your parents give you each Christmas so you can get some “culture.” that Braque book was Birthday present from my dad actually

The art books that you bought yourself and which you really love. David Hockney A Yorkshire Sketchbook bought it for my self and love to look at it from time to time…

The books that you’ve been promising yourself you’ll read next summer…for the past ten years. Delacroix Journal, I have this book forever and still haven’t got round in reading it yet! My art teacher recommended this book and so I bough it, that was when I was still in school!

And then there are the books you have read, loved and which are part of your identity: 

The Stranger, Albert Camus, read it during my gap year

Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert, read on holiday while in Normandie

Foam of Daze, Boris Vian, read the first chapter and gave up…

The Flowers of Evil, Charles Baudelaire, read it at school and have my french oral on the Albatross, still had that copy from school until I borrowed to my friend and never got it back! so upset need to get a new copy..

Journey to the End of the Night, Louis-Ferdinand Celine, took to read during my gap year, but never got round to read it. Read it a while later and stopped a few time before finishing it, but did read it!

image copy 3

How to be parisian wherever you are Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret, Sophie Mas, Ebury Press (2014)

La Parisienne (Part 1)


Soon enough I will be back in Paris and back being a Parisienne once again. (Look out there is two parts to this post as it became way too long to share everything in one post!)

I am leaving London behind, and going to be a parisian for a few weeks or months who knows what lies ahead… (And then New York here I come!!!) Funny enough I kind of fell upon a lovely book in the sale section at Anthropologie this weekend called “How to be parisian wherever you are” written by four parisians.

I was laughing so loud that I kind of had to buy it, and moreover I found it so ironic to find this book at this time of my life when I am at crossroad and going back to Paris.

The more I flicked through it the more I found the book endearing and in a weird way most of it is true! I recognised my self in it, which was comforting and strangely entraining at the same time.

It reminded me of my roots and my parisian upbringing, so when I feel lost wherever I am, New York, Brazil, or where else I could find myself I can look at it and laugh.

So here are a few quotes that I really enjoyed… and kind of resonated with me!

To start I wanted to open with this quote,: “The Most Famous Parisiennes are Foreigners.” So they refer to Marie Antoinette, Josephine Baker, Romy Schneider, Jane Birkin, and to this list I want include Dita, (which is pictured at the start of the post in Paris at the Spring 2015 Couture) she isn’t a traditional parisienne (as she too made up really) but she aspire to be. More like all these women before she is an adopted Parisienne. The way she dresses suits her so well, and she is so chic all the time. She is always so elegant. Her looks are vintage inspired which I love, she knows what works for her and that’s why I love her so much.

image copy

She is confident in who she is. And she has kind of has a love affair with Christian Louboutin’s shoes! (look at her here wearing the Salopatina on Harper’s Baazar cover)

So going back to the book I want to share more quotes and advices it gives on being a Parisienne.

Starting with “Parisian Snobbisms”

Don’t follow trends. (trends follow you.)

Don’t use abbreviations when texting (and emoticons should be only for your girlfriends.) 

Embrace your inner snob. (Because let’s face it, that’s who you are.)  (p.73) (I know deep down I am a bit of a Parisian snob.. and I never text with abbreviations!)

Moving on to the skin rituals which French women are famous for (this quote is true about me and kind of describes me perfectly!)

“Play with what nature gave you.make the most of it. This is what your mother passed on to you. Along with her science of creams that verge on witchcraft. (Haha so true!) you’ve never counted the number of jars in your bathroom but you know there is one for every inch of your face and then some. Your first hangover aside you never go to bed without taking off your make up, so you fall asleep not smelling like the party. Yes, you climb into bed more tired from this care. But that’s the price we pay to save our skin.” (p.103)

Then touching on jewellery again this is so true, and most of my jewellery (aside from H&M bits and pieces) are what it says in this quote…

“The Parisienne wears very little jewellery the inseparable: a fine chain, a simple ring, a family heirloom. It is as discreet as possible, and should subtly suit you. It’s your trademark. The back story: you don’t need to own a lot of jewellery but each piece whether a memento from your family or your travels should tell a story. Their value lies not their price but in their sentiments.”  (p.129)

How to be parisian wherever you are Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret, Sophie Mas, Ebury Press (2014)

Dita Von Teese in red taken from

Harper’s Bazaar cover taken from Dita Von Teese Instagram account

Two Lena’s that I love

On Lena Dunham and my mom (who is also called Lena)


This morning I was reading a piece in the evening standard magazine, on Lena Dunham mother called Laurie Simmons who is an artist. She is having an exhibition here in London at the moment.

She talk about her work and her daughter’s work.

She touches on how she used her experiences of being a women in the 20th century, and her daughter does the same for the 21st century

She talk as well “how women need armour to interact with the world”and that is also a theme in Lena’s work.

It touches on their relationship and how your parent upbringing shapes you as person.

“Lena has frequently cited her parents, and the environment they fostered, as a foundation of her success.” “I feel like nothing would be going on with me now if I didn’t have the parents I have.”

It really resonated with me as I feel so close to my mother and she had also an extraordinary life.

Lena apparently used some of her mother’s life experience in her famous series Girls.

I obviously didn’t get like her my parents bringing me up together as my parents are divorced.

And that bring up other issues, but I do feel I am so fortunate to have my wonderful parents. They both did their best in giving me all they could offer and they still do to this day.

I am richer because of them both.

I want to share a few more quotes that I loved from the article, ” my mom always said to me ‘the talent is allowed to act weird.’ She embraces the idea that, as an artist, she can act a little pernickety and say exactly what she wants.”

“My mother is six inches taller then me and ten pounds lighter, but somehow I can wear her stuff. Now sometimes she borrows my clothes, which is very flattering.”

“The best New Year’s Eve on my life was watching Sex and the City marathon with my mother.”

 Laurie Simmons show is at The Arts Club until the 25 April (