Chemin du Bonheur


pink book

Today I found this little book that I used to cherish so much and read so much of it. Whenever I was a bit down I would open it and it always made me feel better… so today I opened it and this one came out…

text bonheur

It’s so sweet and gives you concrete things you can put into practice straight away, it is a sweet inspiring little book.

First apologises for my weird translation, the first one says “Address 12 people which a detail you like very much (their eyes, their voice’s) just to ask the time. Train yourself, lift your inhibitions. To enter easily in contact with people and to feel confortable, it has to be learned”

The second one says, “Good manners are like a passport for sucess and happiness. Get your Visa.”

LOVE so much that second one!!!

Today is also my last night in Paris before flying to Rio de Janeiro!! so excited!!!! I haven’t been back in 4 long years so happy to go back and see my family….

Will post more things while out there.

sweet dreams or Bonne nuit!



Going deeper into Milan, inside the actual university we were in there were many many and so many things to see, so here are a few images of things happening inside the university. Unfortunately I don’t have the names of who’s done what, sorry not so on point on that side…


IMG_3229IMG_3248IMG_3251IMG_3255IMG_3270This is all marble! Can you believe it! And to finish I wanted to share some details of the actual building from the university, it’s so beautiful. I love the sculptured heads popping out of the facade.



Milan & “Sou de Minas” exhibition

IMG_3284Back to Paris, back from the “loucura” de Milan, (the craziness of Milano…) and the Brazilian exhibition, Sou do mundo, sou de Minas Gerais . I want to share so much that it can’t be done in one post, so it will be done in a few posts that I hope to do all very soon…

IMG_3096So starting with the obvious the cathedral, and the Duomo, where every person in Milan will go at some point… so here it is and bits that I photographed…

IMG_3114IMG_3116IMG_3103 IMG_3112

Moving on to the actual place where the exhibition was held, a beautiful 14th century University of Milan and with a whole pavillon left for the Brazilian to take over. It was so big, diverse and wonderful. I was so honoured to even be part of it all, and the whole experience was so memorable, and spending my birthday there was also special.  IMG_3276

IMG_3207This first print you see is by the artist Fabio Gurjao
IMG_3164This installation is by the artist Marcia Xavier
IMG_3154IMG_3163IMG_3209IMG_3210IMG_3211The second print you see after mine is by the artist Tereza Santos.


Me and my print, (apparently I love blue?) this one was taken on my 30th birthday… IMG_3177 IMG_3171 This print is by the artist Kleber MatheusIMG_3205 Embroidery  by PrinttingIMG_3204

IMG_3168Print by the artist Regina Pereto and the embroidery is by Barbara Bela IMG_3203Print by the artist Vanessa Da Silva and the objects by PanoletosIMG_3169Print by the artist Yassin Lahmar and object by Ana VazIMG_3202Print by the artist Filipe Jardim IMG_3198This print is by the artist Gustavo Greco and embroidery done by Vivaz

Editing for Milan & the Easy jet Dilema

I am soon going to Milan for an exhibition I am participating and is happening during the “Salon del Mobile”.

I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! Words can’t even express how excited I am!

image-6 copy 16

However going with easy jet poses problems with what to bring, so me and my mom spent hours this easter weekend looking trying editing what to bring and wear in Milan. As we both need to look very chic, but with a limited amount of things… though task!

So here it goes, here you have my edited choice…

For the opening night of the exhibition (accidentally coinciding with my 30th birthday!) I will be wearing this gorgeous vintage long dress found at Portobello market, that I absolutely love! ( I adore the print so much!)


image-6 copy 5

Along with the dress I will be wearing my pink silk scarf from La Carioca worn as a turban, and this lovely black clutch also vintage. ( mom gave it to me years ago for christmas)

image-8 copy 2

After I obviously need some options for during the day but that works for night as well and still stylish enough…



Here is my all time favourite dress (and famous as I have been pictured countless time in it!) and is another vintage find. This one has a long story, my dad actually bought it for me while he lived in Portugal on a market from an old lady for me to play dress up. One of my favourite things to do! It was so big for me then! A few years ago I found it again in an old bag all crumpled and I tried it on and it fitted me perfectly!

image-6 copy 2image-6 copy 6This lovely floral dress was a surprise find in Zara (in the sale section!) and it fits me so well. I love the almost wallpaper print of it.

image-6 copy 11

This amazing suede and leather skirt is an wonderful purchase I made while I was working at Mulberry. I bought it for such a good price, and it is so so gorgeous! ( I am a bit paranoid when I wear it though, as I become instantly petrified and scared if any liquid comes near it.. I almost go into crazy mode!) this little sheer frilly top is a sale find on Asos I got a few years ago.

image-6 copy 3image-6 copy 4This beautiful dress is a very recent find and present from my step-father! Love it! It’s from Rodier, a French brand that no longer exist. that used to be very chic, and good quality, the label says made in France. The print grabbed me instantly and again fits me so well.

image-6 copy 9

The colours came out a bit too bright on this silk shirt. It’s supposed to be a hot fuchsia with orange and turquoise. The print is from the AMAZING Celia Birtwell print designer and wife of the late Ossie Clark. I am totally obsessed with her and her work. She did a collaboration with Uniqlo a few years ago, and got this piece. This shirt looks so cool with the leather skirt you saw before.

image-6 copy 12

image-6 copy 14 image-6 copy 13

That cool cardigan is from Topshop (found in the Selfridges concession, they always have good pieces there!) I just loved it straight away! It was a bit more than I wanted to spend but so needed to have it! I would have so much regrets otherwise. image-6 copy 17

This totally precious jacket doesn’t photograph too well, as the black goes grey, and to be honest looks a lot more incredible on than on the hanger. It has another (again!) vintage find in a lovely store on brick lane called Hunky Dory. It’s a real 40’s jacket in wool with those wonderful pockets that reminds me of the saharienne from Yves Saint Laurent (that was inspired evidently from the military’s style from the 40’s). There is so much lovely details I could go on and on about it! It fits me so so well, it grabs the waist so magnificently.

image-8 copy 3 image-8 copy 4

To finish here is the bag to polish all the outfits, this stunning clutch/bag in python and fringes. A very special present from my mother, so chic and quite 70’s in it’s style. Will go with everything!

With all my luggage done, all is left is what shoes to wear… I will be wearing with everything my classic black leather knee high boots from Russell & Bromley.

Sorted! Ouf! So much decisions, now I still haven’t even looked at jewellery yet… oh god it all starts again…

Mary and bubble wrap


Yes this is a sense to this title!

She used to use bubble wrap as a cover/mattress (?) to sleep in her atelier. This I found out with the AMAZING itunes “conversation in fashion” with Kinvara Balfour. I am totally obsessed!!! (almost crazy obsession, watched last night as couldn’t sleep.. like at 2 in the morning.. ok no comment!) Watched Mary Katrantzou, Manolo Blahnik, Anna Wintour, Anya Hinchmarch, Charlotte Olympia… ok kind of obsessed! Some are little old as this one from Mary Katrantzou, and were showing her shoe inspired collection, and re-saw the show. Couldn’t resist not showing this lovely dress! (jacket?) LOVE!!!!!


Photo from

LV & bateau mouche

So I have been in Paris at home now for a fews days, feel so surreal, I feel like I am on holiday but then I am not… Such a strange feeling, but it feels good too but it’s kind of a readjustment. I still have lots of dream full of London stories with old work places and people, it’s funny waking up and realising it’s all over that period. I was so desperate that period to end but now it has it’s feel very weird indeed. I probably never really believed it would end. Maybe I am living the dream!? (I am!!) but that still feels kind of strange…

toilet maison

Anyway that’s the end of some long tirades.. and now for some culture, yesterday we went to see the new exhibition at the new very talked about Louis Vuitton foundation and the night ended in a weird (sorry for too much weirdness) tourist evening in a bateau mouche on the river Seine.


Some Kandinsky, some Monet, and then my favourite Bonnard!
IMG_2875 IMG_2872IMG_2860 IMG_2855 IMG_2856IMG_2863 IMG_2865

I LOVE his paintings, and look you can always find a little dog somewhere, I just find his palette so incredible and mesmerising, I could stare at his painting all day long. I am kind of obsessed. I can’t wait to see his exhibition at the Musee d’Orsay.   IMG_2866 IMG_2867 IMG_2870 IMG_2871IMG_2880

A little view from the terraces, although the weather wasn’t on our side, My mom look so cute here, could not resist to put her there (she is not going to like it… but hey).IMG_2877

And to end some of the famous Eiffel photos, was such a funny experience of being on that boat full of Brazilian, kind of a one off experience and feeling a bit like a tourist in my own (old) city. But quite entertaining. Enjoy x



Delaunay & Rennes expedition

I have been settling in Paris a little bit now and been unpacking nonstop… I was too exhausted to blog or do anything worth while to be honest. I just literally got back from Brittany to see my father and everyone.

Here a little picture of the kitchen’s tiles (dated from the 30’s) and my attempts of watercolours.

photo 1-17 I also had to go to Rennes for a few days for my brother to pass his orals for the Beaux Arts. The old part of the city was so interesting. The buildings were full of prints in a way, creating patterns with the wood.

photo 3-14 photo 2-17

The other good news is about my computer! It has been brought back to 2015! It’s my old computer but way faster than I never knew it could ever be! It’s been rebooted and this with the amazing help of my father’s friend, so happy!!

The other lovely surprise was getting my 30th birthday present from my dad early, a gorgeous book from Sonia Delaunay.

I didn’t know her work that well, but I actually really liked it and discovered a lot from her and her work. She did a lot in textile prints too which a lot I found very inspiring.

image-2 copyimage copy image-2 image image copy 2 image copy 3

I loved how she was so free in her experimentations, and how she played with colour combination.

image-2 copy 2

image-3 copy image-3 copy 2 image-3 copy 3She was so avant-garde! and modern and fashionable, look she even did a cover for vogue!


image-2 copy 4 image-2 copy 3

 Sonia Delaunay, Les Couleurs de L’Abstraction Musee d’Art Moderne de la ville de Paris 2015. Catalogue de l’exposition “Sonia Delauney,  Les Couleurs de L’Abstraction” (catalogue from the exhibition)

This exhibition will be shown at the Tate Modern from 15th April till 16th August 2015.

dries and moving out

Yes all the stress of moving out is finally behind me! (well there is still the small matter of getting all my stuff back to Paris! Don’t want to think about it yet…) No pictures needed as I have way too much stuff not a pretty picture to share!!

So Moving on to Dries Van Noten show, I am so so so in love with this collection!! It’s a cross between dream and reality, a regal smart urban effortless woman (kind of woke up like that!) (well definitely not this morning… haha side moving out joke…) So now not making any sense… moving out syndrome… Anyway enjoy the images.





DRI_0567 DRI_0093 DRI_0409


photo from



Last night I found out my french grand-father passed away, he had been unwell for years now with Alzheimer. I was sadden, and made me think about all those memories of him. I wanted to share with you some photos, that first one was me in the bed basket in Brazil with both my grandparent that came to visit me when I was a baby.

photo-10This one I found last year while I was little in Brittany with again both my grand parents and my cousin. I am the one on the right standing in the grass.