so yeah it’s 2013!

I thought I would share some of my thoughts on this new year of 2013, (after midnight, sounds sensible enough…) well some of my resolutions (well aside wanting to be more healthy and loosing weight…); I would like to be more consistent with my blog, so writing at least twice a week even 3 times ! a week. Why not? I really would like to use this blog as diary of my journey of transforming my life into a more creative one. Composing a golden diary of life, opening myself and sharing with you guys. well who ever read this, someone…,  anyone?

2012 has been a hard year for me but lots of necessary lessons I have learnt last year. (ha! “last” year already can’t believe it! went so fast!!) So I am wishing for 2013 to be a year full of transformation in my life (especially career wise, you know) and have no fear to open the wardrobe of my dreams, not holding back and just go for it! voila…

On this note I am off to bed as I am working tomorrow, so Happy new Year, Bonne Annee ! and Feliz Ano Novo Everybody`!!!!!


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