2015, new Ange with TIME!!!


A year of Louboutin, working all the time and lots of running in heels all the time…. (I am exhausted! but now can strut in heels..)

Now It’s me time! time to realise all my dreams in 2015! And by the way Happy New Year to all of you readers!

To be truthful I have neglected the blog completely and my crazy busy London life swallowed me up.. but now everything is happening, leaving my job in here in London, going on big adventures in NYC!

And will share all of it with you while I am at there! Can’t wait! Truly beyond excited, before any of that happens, so much moving packing needs to happen… a big scary.. but that gives me the opportunity to do a big spring cleaning.

Talking of changes today I cut my hair and love it! so happy it’s a new year, new hair, a new Ange!

photo-10 copy


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