I have been obsessed with this silk embroidered jacket for a few  months now. I saw it back in April, when at that time I purchased a little vintage fur stole as a little birthday present to myself ( I previously saw it (the fur stole) when I purchased my red coat back in January).

Here is my stunning jacket hanging in my kitchen it does look quite romantic there, by the bananas… (although I would be terrified if it fell into the sink!)

Here are other shots with other backgrounds, just to admire the beauty of this jacket, I means I feel I have the most precious thing in the world.. It’s almost like a work of art, I am absolutely in love with it! Well ok I am obsessed by it I even dreamt about it, it invaded my dreams and I couldn’t let it go, it would have broken my heart if I didn’t get it, and I would regret it forever (maybe the forever is a bit strong but you understand my passion towards this jacket).

Anyway don’t worry I did not break the bank, I simply decided to break my piggy bank. I started this piggy bank idea of saving (well originally it was for a Boy Chanel bag, but their prices keep going up and up and it depressed me a bit..) what ever I had left at the end the month and put it in the saving jar, I did it for 6 months or so (for the chanel it would have taken forever!!) and so that I can buy something a little bit more special.

A few weeks ago,I read ago on Garance blog, asking who’s wardrobe you would like to have, for me it would be no doubts Grace Coddington. I am obviously reading her book at the moment, that is probably why I would say that. However I was surprised to see how much vintage she did wear, and it made me realise how much I love vintage things too. I love the fact that is has a story or even it you don’t know it’s story you can always have wild imaginative stories around that garment.

This piece is from the early 20’s and weirdly it is kind of in fashion all because of the Gastby film came out recently.  Anyway I was also told Carey Mulligan wears a similar cape/jacket in the film at one point, will need to see it!

I leave you with this gorgeous detailing on the sleeve. kind of sounds poetic..

I also if you look closer I have updated a bit my blog and changed some of the categories to be a bit more interesting to browse.


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