Valentino, with it’s new duo is a winning combination, they are bringing this brand to a new audience (meaning me). I never was really interested in Valentino before but they make it youthful uncomplicated and appealing. basically you can see yourself wearing everything from their collection. And after seeing that video from Garance Dore on their atelier, I really want to invest in one of their pieces!

VAL_0540.1366x2048 VAL_0812.1366x2048 VAL_0371.1366x2048 VAL_0209.1366x2048 VAL_0446.1366x2048 VAL_0434.1366x2048 VAL_0570.1366x2048 VAL_0233.1366x2048 VAL_0639.1366x2048 VAL_0656.1366x2048

Looking at those images, there is a side very preppy chic Non? Love it though so simple elegant and fuss free. things you can wear on a daily base, (well ok not the top one obviously.. but you know for a party maybe?)…

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