In Brittany

Been away to see my family, and it was so joyful, I had such a lovely time, even though the weather was bad.

This is near my father’s house, his street is a cul de sac, and the city has been redoing the street, so the pavement lights and so on, but bizarrely they decided to put a crossing at the end of the road bearing in mind, that it is a cul de sac. Well, we found it curious, but though it was funny so we all had the joke to cross it like the Beatles on Abbey road. Well it is now crossing on an “impasse” which is funnier.

So you can see me crossing (with my own imitation of the Beatles walk crossing) with my Mulberry bag that made quite a stir in Brittany.

 This was over the weekend, when me and my dad went to my grand-Parents place in the city of Fougeres. We enjoyed a little walk in the city centre, and he took my photo in front of this fresque that has been apparently restored too.

We laugh after looking at that shoot as the bird is flying next to me, I didn’t realised at that time.

enjoy xx

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