About Me

Born in Rio, raised in Paris, now living in London (relocated to New York for the moment being)

Being from two countries France and Brazil, born in Rio de Janeiro, raised in Paris, and having lived a long time and studied in London, I am now going through a new process of relocation, thinking what’s the next step for me and place to be for my life.

French, Bretonne, Brazilian, Londoner, Parisian, all these are part of my identity and create a funny mix I suppose, and makes me who I am.

La Carioca is about creating prints (or textile designs), travelling, accumulating experiences, looking at what’s around me, and living really…

This blog show case my work, my drawings, my watercolours, my inspirations, my travels, my fashion cravings, my obsessions, my dreams, my ideas, and sometimes my intimate feelings.

It follows my life wherever it takes me!

Currently I am enjoying a wonderful experience in New York, next will be Paris, and Brazil for a new adventure there. Let’s see what happens…