As I running out of nice images of catwalks as it is all finishing there you have it,

weird baldly taken photos of me yesterday off to a nice Parisienne afternoon.

I had literally noting to wear as I brought no clothe with me as I was supposed to be either at home in my pyjamas or at work at Celine in my uniform. so I ended up wearing old ripped and stained clothes I found in my Parisian wardrobe.

Anyhow I had lots of fun, we went to the cafe Flore and then decided to have a stroll in La Hune, got some nice new books, some poems from Rimbaud, and la Divine comedy from Dante, always wanted to read it. Quite happy to start to read again in French.

I started to take photos for you to get an idea of me as you hardly see my face (only seems to be thin models so need to provide other visuals…), hopefully I don’t look to bad…

I quite like the raw dark quality of these pictures… finished the day last night with Drive, was so violent that it became comical.

see you in a bit for more real fashion buys.

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