IMG_20160403_173340For the first time I started writing a post in Portuguese instead of starting with English. that’s a good sign… I have vanished these last fews days because living this totally Brazilian experience, I got unfortunately sick the night before traveling to Sao Paulo. I got the Zika virus. I had to cancel my trip to Sao Paulo, I made me very sad and upset.

It got bad and gave me a lot of anxiety because I do not have much knowledge with these tropical diseases, (I do not wish this knowledge to anyone …) and being without health insurance in this country and staying / living at a “friends” house complicates the situation further . You get in a tricky situation, and do not know what to do, it was horrible beyond all the symptoms that the Zika virus gives you …

Well the good side was that actually I got out pretty well, and slept a lot! And since then I’m getting better,  today I was almost normal … and it was the first time I left the flat and went to the beach a little, the sky was so beautiful, the clouds were just sublime with wonderful colours. Even with my super basic camera from my phone I managed to capture this beauty.

This is the magic with this city, you can show up at the beach and forget everything and you are there living breathing this moment. Today I really felt at home in this town, and soon when I will be able to move to a place I can call mine without being at “friends” house I’ll start to feel more at home and start this new life here.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is showing an graphic/bold with femininity but though and urban woman. I really like that drape detail at the bottom of the dresses contrasting with those strong masculine boots. It’s very wearable and I love that silk prints look underneath. The way the silk fabric is used is quite interesting, it shows a very feminine side with it’s lightness and sensuality but it has a toughness and edge.

KIM_0725 KIM_0801 KIM_0953 KIM_1022 KIM_1176 KIM_1237 KIM_1393Photo from Vogue


There is still a few more shows from Paris fashion week that I want to share and talk about especially this one.

This season we were all waiting for Balenciaga new head designer Demna Gvasalia to see what was to come. 

His inspiration for the collection was as he says “Cristóbal was about the tailoring. I wanted a new way of finding that elegance for today, in a 360-degree way.”

So a very clinical approach with a granny touch on the prints side, a sporty feel and some denuded shoulders, all mixed up it creates some unexpected looks. I did love some of the details, others I didn’t like as much too street like for me, but all in all in interesting approach to what can be Balenciaga (still prefer the old original, Cristóbal though…). 

_MON0015 _MON0440 _MON0481 _MON0509 _MON0866 _MON1074Photos from Vogue


So after an almost overdose of fashion shows, I wanted to share something different. This is an way overdue post on this fantastic exhibition I saw few months ago, at this incredible place called Inhotim.

If you have the weird good fortune to be in Belo Horizonte please see this museum, well they call it a centre of contemporary art bla bla…. Regardless it’s a magical place and so inspiring!

I was lucky to be invited to see this new pavilion and it was hosting a photographic exhibition from this photographer called Claudia Andujar, and her work followed for many years the indigenous tribe called the Yanomami. 

One room was particularly spectacular, it was full of drawings that were made in the 70’s by the tribe when they were given paper and pens. I mean it was so beautiful and I spent hours in this room!

IMG_7081 IMG_7082 IMG_7083 IMG_7084 IMG_7085 IMG_7086 IMG_7088 IMG_7089 IMG_7091 IMG_7098 IMG_7100 IMG_7101 IMG_7104 IMG_7106 IMG_7108 IMG_7109 IMG_7111 IMG_7113 IMG_7117 IMG_7118


YouTube Preview Image

“Super Chic” as always Chanel is up to date! A bit of pink, a bit of pearls, a bit of tartan, all mixed up with some riding boots and all is good. The decor went back to basic, and it went back to the actual clothes. Which makes sense, last time the Haute Couture was inspired with recycling and natural element so it is “natural” to be going back to the roots of what is ready to wear, the functionality of the pieces and there use for our daily lives, well we would all like to have a bit more Chanel in our wardrobe, but the price tag is a little scary… Anyway we can dream right?

_CHA0145_CHA0537 _CHA0401 _CHA0381 _CHA0391 _CHA0427 _CHA0943 _CHA0851_AG10540_AG10570_AG10650_ARC0843_AG10745_CHA1033_ARC0754Photos from Vogue


So Dior has some interesting looks, quite a few prints thrown in with black and lots classic silhouette but with a twist. Quite demure with hair and vampy with the dark lips. It shows quite a classic lady but looking closer not as much as it looks. I really like the colours used with the prints, it has again a collage quality and with and indian / wallpaper inspiration? not too sure… but strangely likes those looks.  _DIO0213 _DIO0381 _DIO0405 _DIO0441 _DIO0483 _DIO0767 _DIO0791 _DIO0879 _DIO0899 _DIO0931

Stella Jean

Stella Jean’s collections are always my favourites, this one was looking at the waste in the fashion industry and using left over or thrown away materials and how to create something wonderful out of it. I love her use of colours and how she mixes all the combinations of different prints. _LUC0659 _LUC0683 _LUC0845 _LUC0897Photos from Vogue


Graphic delicacy and chic those are the words that comes to my mind. Loved the lines drawn onto the clothes almost enveloping the girls. The rich intricate patterns with sheer fabric, the strong colours and mix of prints all of those are details that I really enjoyed in this collection.

_ARC0048 _ARC0088 _ARC0352 _ARC0374 _ARC0396 _ARC0418 _ARC0440-1 _ARC0694 _ARC0718Photos from Vogue