A day that started with that and …

and ended like that! we went to the botanical garden of the city of Palermo, with some gorgeous vegetation, trees and cactus. (I even ended up with some cactus pot, kind of fell in love with them even though I did have a bad relationship with cactus as apparently I sat on one when I was little.)

however at some point in the day the weather turned (call it autumn…) it started to rain and get windy and ho surprise cold! As real tourist I obviously didn’t bring any closed shoes (only sandals…) and my dress was very summery (open back) which is nice but not towards the end of that day.

I ended buying some superman t-shirt (the less lousy option) in a tourist shop to stop me shivering.

Enough bla bla here are the visuals…

There was this beautiful pond with some sublime flowers and leaves very poetic.

Saw these stunning lotus flower, never saw them before! was so excited (kind of crowded my poor camera with loads of shoots with theses). It is one of my favourites flowers.

There was as well this (running out of good adjectives here!) beautiful (I know boring…) tree that came from our country, Minas Gerais Brazil. My mom never saw them before and was quite impressed with them. They are funny as they grow tall first with green trunks (picture to follow) and then the base of the trunks balloon up, as if there are inflated. And of course the trunk is recovered with spikes.

haha, my mum here is so sweet, probably reading the sign telling more about the origin of the tree.

voila a young tree, so many spikes…

after that we went into a greenhouse full of more spikes

yep, some giant cactus! look at the size of those next to me.

more very green massive cactus

Finishing off on some strange fluffy colourful plant, that I have no idea what it is, sorry.


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