inside your bag


Last night I decided to change my bag, as sometimes I like a change and to rotate my handbags. And as I took everything out of my handbag, I looked at the content of it. And was thinking about what are those things I carry all the time with me.

Well the obvious are the keys, wallet, oyster card, coin pouch, Ipod, well phone too (but used it to take that photo), and bits of make up too (red lipstick bien sure! and my indispensable concealer, some lips moisturiser…and too many hair clip although not featured in this photo) and my very important mirror, I can’t live without it.

What do you carry in your handbag?

I find it quite funny how much we carry extra or what comes with us on our daily journey, but also what bits that we can’t be without.

The bits you got back home although you are already late for work, but you can’t face the whole day without it’s help, or saviour!

Funny what we carry with us. We become so attached and our handbag becomes like almost an armor to face the day or more like a friend that helps us to get through the day.

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