The ball that everyone is talking about

Yeah you’ve guessed it, it’s the Met Ball in New York the one that us mere mortal will never go to in our lives (or maybe, we can dream, non?) and we gush, criticize and judge for weeks. So Instead of going on forever on the subject I decided to select a few of the glamourous attendees and share my style crushes.

So first up my all time favourite is EMMA, yes Emma Stone. She is the cutest thing in this sweet red Lanvin dress. And obviously Alber and Emma are the best couple on the carpet, look at them they are having the moooost fun out of all this serious people.

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They are so sweet and fun, I mean I am so jealous now! I want that dress please!!!

Well no going to happen soon with the state of my bank account lately…

My second best is the beautifully elegant Carey Mulligan. She is so chic in that metallic Prada dress. It does seem like not an easy dress to pull off but somehow her stature makes it work. Love it.

And my final spot is the gorgeous and glamourous Jessica Alba. A golden goddess. Her look is classic but it works so well for her. And THAT HAIR god I wish I could have my hair like that! Well as some of you know my hair is famously known by the saying vaca lambida, meaning my hair so straight and flat it looks like a cow lick my hair.  You get the picture…

So jessica is all smiles wearing Michael Kors.

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