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So after watching this inspiring beauty video with charlotte, I decided to rummage through my make up bag(s) and reorganise a bit (the mess…). And I looked at my (growing) collection of lipsticks, and decided to share with you my favourites, my less used ones and my occasional lipsticks.


So I am starting from the left top corner to the right, it’s a Maxfactor in Bewitching Coral (827) that I bought at Tesco I think using my vouchers… I use it also to mix with some darker shades of red lipstick to lighten it.

The black case of this well loved Tom Ford lipstick is in true Coral (09). I bought it as a treat when I got my first proper paid job (Although I am still in that elusive find..)

This hot pink one is from Rimmel Kate Moss collection in Rossetto (20), a really bargain for a good quality product that stay put all day.

This one is also well used and loved, from Mac Chatter Box (A70), such nice shade of pink. At one point I thought I lost it, so I went back to Mac a few times and every time it was sold out! But then I found it in one of my clutches, I just forgot and left it inside for a few months!

This is a quite old lipstick but I really loved it I can’t bring myself to get rid of it… It’s a lovely light pink shade from Paul & Joe (15).

Now I am on the second row, this one I got it for very little when I was doing my internships in the fashion magazines. Can’t even work out what brand it is from but I liked the colour.

This one is oldie from Bourgeois in Rose en Forme (13) such a nice light shade between a red and pink.

My first Chanel lipstick a present, really nice pink that goes to almost a nude. It’s the Rouge Coco collection, in Ruban Rose (15).

Then this my second Chanel lipstick I got from working at another internship (for free!!) and I love it’s packaging and how it opens. The collection is Rouge Allure, in Coquette (85).

This one is from Burberry but as you might be able to see I never used it! I got it again while working in an internship (for free again, I wonder why we bother to buy make up really…) I loved the way you open the lipstick and the engraved tartan effect on the lipstick itself.

Now third and final row, another mac lipstick that was a limited edition, Creme de la Femme (A29), that I tend to use less now as I don’t like the frost effect on it as much as I used to.

Another Chanel, I know, (in my defence I got it at the airport so tax free…) I use it quite often actually in Rouge Allure velvet L’exuberante (37), as I love the colour so much and the mat finish.

Another (very old…) Paul & Joe lipstick (050) that I got as a present. I love the colour still and the beautiful printed packaging.

An unusual pen lipstick for me, that I got for very little in an internship again (I know lot of internships…) Eyeko in Hot lips.


So now onto my red collection, that I use a lot more being in a Louboutin environment a lot more.

So starting again from the top left corner and going from left to right, you have my less loved red but was free again from internships, a Rimmel from Kate Moss collaboration. I think it was a sample because there is no number or name of the colour anywhere sorry. I tend to blend this red with other shade to help it brighten up a bit. As I feel it’s a bit dark for me.

This one is an old one and actually my first red lipstick! From L’oreal in Rouge Penelope (710) from their star secret collection, and that was the one Penelope Cruz wore in the advert.

This one I got it a discount section at Boots from an unknown brand to me (American apparently) called Too Faced in Drop Dead Red. It’s a very dense more veering towards berry shade. I Like to wear it more for the evening for a whaou factor.

Then my new loved red shade from Charlotte Tilbury in So Marilyn, my only concern is it bleeds a bit too much for my liking. But I love the shade and it smell so good I can stop giving it another go.

This Lancome lipstick is in my top three most used lipstick. From the Rouge in Love collection that was modeled by Emma Watson. It’s such a great colour and stays put all day literally. I love it’s compact packaging and can’t get enough of it. I lost my original one in a night out with girls. My poor friend Rose had to come out of the club looking on the pavement to try to find it. Obviously that was a lost cause and I bought it back the next day on my way back to London. (if you find it and live in Exeter I will be so grateful!!) Although I now replaced it. And will carry it in a proper closing clutch bag for the next time. Live and learn!

Ok now moving on to my best and number one Red lipstick from Bobbi Brown in Red (10). This one has another story but it too long to explain, anyway to get to the point my friend borrowed and applied this one for diner out and got so many compliments (and wore it to a wedding recently and got compliments too!) that the next day I was at the Bobbi Brown store buying it. So riche stays put and leaves you lips nourished not dry.

Last one is from Ellis Faas (L101), such a gorgeous colour but tricky to apply, needs to getting use to. I use it more for the night as it more a darker shade.

Voila there you have all my lipstick secrets are revealed and I hope you enjoyed it.




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