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So the holidays are coming, (soon hopefully!!) and I was really tempted to do an wardrobe  holiday or shoes holiday kinda of post, but I decided a Beauty post is needed. I feel (even with the horrible weather here in London, well that was last night writing, but today seems better! ) it is good to get summer ready, and it starts in the bathroom first (and at the gym too! Less fun part obviously…).


I also thought it would be fun to take photos of the products (and myself!), (in my bathroom) that I use daily, and some I will try to use more to prep ahead of the summer holidays.

I am here wearing my Mulberry Oooh glasses, in my bathroom with Lancome Rouge in Love shade 17ON. A beautiful Red lipstick that actually Emma Watson is wearing on the Lancome Ad for Rouge in Love. It’s my shade to go as I am fair (and will stay fair, well white as summer goes, or maybe a bit red), it works wonders and make me look polished in an instant.

So my starting staple of the day is Nuxe Toning lotion with 3 roses with hazel and chamomile that I use to cleanse the face and then apply my moisturiser. It’s a great product that can be used for any skin type, and especially gentle for sensitive skins like mine. It smells lovely too. I usually only use it in the morning and everytime my cotton is grey… (I know not attractive!)


My sacred moisturiser is Nutritic by La Roche-Posay in the 2,5%. I am super faithful to it, I can’t live without it! It’s perfect for my skin type, I have a sensitive skin with a tendency to dryness especially in winters. But I don’t recommend this specific product to everyone. I discovered this particular moisturiser after a visit with a really good dermatologist in Paris, and started using it (since I’m 16) and my skin completely transformed. The dermatologist told me you need to find the right product that works for you. It can take a few year until you come across the right one for your skin.


I use also La Roche-Posay eye make up removal, as it is very gentle. One other French brand I love too is the more famous Caudalie, I tend to get one product as a little treat and apply it sparingly as a night cream. This is their Premier cru the eye cream, that I use after a night out after removing the eye make up just to give a bit of love under my eyes.

One other product I became obsessed over the years, is the Bumble and Bumble green bottle, Bb Prep. As my hair is so fine and get super tangled after being shampooed, this is a miracle worker! It contains as well some vitamins to condition the hair and soothe the scalp too!


Another favourite in the shower is the Malin+Goetz grapefruit face cleanser that works wonders. First it smells fantastic, then it cleanse, purify and doesn’t dehydrate your skin.   It’s an all in one product that does it all. I haven’t found any better product out there so far. And it can be used for any skin type too.

As I am going to Sicily this summer, (sssssoooooo excited!) I decided to put a bit of Sicilian theme on this beauty post. I used to work for a Italian company called Ortigia, that takes all its inspiration of smells, colours and prints from Sicily. I gathered a little Ortigia collection over the years and one of my favourite smells is Bergamotto. Bergamot, a fresh citrusy clean fragrance.  I love their soap, and the box is so stunning.


My other favourite item from Ortigia is Zagara bath salt, in the Orange Blossom. A sweet smell of the flowers of the orange tree, that is summer in it self. I am in love with this packaging. It’s just so beautiful, I kind of just bought it because of the box.


As a new (dyed) blonde, I am starting to enjoy a lot all the blonde products out there, like the famously known John Frieda Sheer Blonde products. There is a new line for coloured blonde that is called Colour Renew, and I tried the Tone correction mousse the other day. And you know what I loved it! I am usually quite septic of these kind of hair product, but I felt it did work. You apply the mousse on damp hair (after showered & clean hair) and it gives you thickness and freshen the colour. It looks quite scary out of the can, as it is lilac mousse. However it eliminates yellow brassy tone in the coloured blonde hair. I felt my hair colour looked like out of the salon, but also (having fine hair as you know) it gave some kind of thickening effect. My new favourite mousse for the summer definitely!


My next new found product for the new blonde in me is from Lush, the Marilyn Hair Moisturiser. With Chamomile, it lightens your hair and transform it into silky soft texture. I love to wear it around the house in my bathrobe, and I feel like Marilyn (I know sounds silly but never fails to cheer me up). And additionally I will be beach blonde ready by September (well that was the only time when I could get time off…) and my hair will look wonderfully summery and dazzling!


Another new discovery, is the Natura Ekos Castanha shampoo. My mother brought it back from Brazil for me. Natura is a big brand in Brazil, and they sell like Avon, through sale representatives. They use all the natural Brazilian ingredients to create amazing products. They do have one shop in Paris near Rue de Rennes. This shampoo is great to hydrate your hair and to use in the hot summer months too. It has beautiful fragrance too. I really recommend you to look into Natura products, they do what it says on the tin, and  for us it has an exotic appeal to makes it so special.


The last one is obviously my classic summery perfume from Diptyque. Olene is inspired after the city of Venice, a city to inhale deeply: here, a thick cluster of wisteria; there, tender honeysuckle, further on, sensual jasmine and elegant and mysterious narcissus. Olène conjures the mysterious depths of twilight dotted with the subtle, starry glow of dainty white flowers. (I obviously did not write that down, I took it from their website, have a look yourself.)


My second item here on the picture, is a sweet beauty item by Benefit. I kind of bought it as well because I loved the tin so much. The girl on there is so cute and cheeky. It is actually a body balm you can use on your legs (or another body part like arms and décolleté…) to get a beautiful finish. It leaves a nice light velvety silky texture on your skin. It makes you also more confident I think. So I am pushing my self this summer to go all out and wear it when out and about in summer dresses.

If you are interested in getting hold of these products, have a look here:

Lancome Rouge in Love shade 17ON Sequins D’amour, £21

Nuxe Toning lotion with 3 roses with hazel and Chamomile, £13.50

La Roche-Posay Nutritic 2,5%  you can find it in some selected pharmacies and in some Boots, around £13.50, (in London, I know you can find this one in the pharmacie just outside south kensington station under the arcade, and another pharmacie outside notting hill gate station near Eat, I know there is another one on Marylebone high street a bit before the big Waitrose.)

Otherwise here is their website,

La Roche-Posay Demaquillant yeux physiologique, I can’t find this one here in the UK, so I generally buy it when I go back in France. However, you can find a slight different version for the UK in the pharmacies I have mentioned earlier, or have a look again on their website.

Caudalie Premier cru the eye cream, you can find it at Space NK, £49.00,

Bumble and Bumble Bb Prep, again at Space NK, £15.00

Malin+Goetz grapefruit face cleanser once again at Space NK, £25.00


John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone correction mousse in Boots nationwide, £5.89

Lush Marilyn Hair moisturizer £8.50,

Natura Ekos Castanha shampoo,

Olene Diptyque, 50ml £50.00 /100ml £70.00

Bathina body balm, £22.50,

Voila, enjoy…




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