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Here is something I have started this year. I always love to read but I keep a bad habit of buying new books while still not reading the ones I have already. So as a big fan of list making, I made a book list to read. I used my sweet owls, to frame those important books I will be reading this year.

So let’s start with the one I have actually already read this year, yes you know it, it’s Bridget jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding. Ok it’s an easier one to start off the year. I actually saw the film just after new year’s day, and it brought back memories of me reading this book (I was in school at the time and read it in French). So I though why not read the book in English this time as it is much more entertaining than the film (although I still do love the film, books tends to always be better). And it also helped me to face the post christmas phase of “ho no I have to go back to work” and “I wish I could stay home and do nothing” kind of mood; that you tend to cultivate during this time of the year.

The next book I want to read is Anna Karenine, by Tolstoi. It’s part of my research for my next collection of scarves. After seeing the beautiful film by Joe wright (He was at my graduation ceremony!!) (ok a bit of a random comment sorry…) that is Anna Karenina, I was so transported and became a bit obsessed by it! (Still checking when it is coming out in dvd!) So I really want to read it, even though when I did buy the book the amount of pages scared me a bit… but never might I will give it a go.

The slim red book is by Gaston Bachelard, called the poetic of reverie. I found it (but silly me didn’t buy it!) while hunting (yes hunting because his books are so hard to find even in Paris!) for another more known book of his (the poetic of space) for my sister. Anyway thanks god Amazon exists and I found it again in an old edition in French obviously (his writing is so beautiful that to read it in English would be sad, and probably harder for me).

Then the next book I want to talk about, is Alice in Wonderland, or Alice’s adventure in Wonderland, (actually this edition has Alice in Wonderland and Through looking the glass all together). I have read this book ages ago both in French and in English, but I started now reading it again. It’s also part of my research for my current scarf collection. You might have seen in some earlier post some drawings of Alice falling down the rabbit whole, I was again inspired after seeing Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland. And that pushed me to read the book again.

Then comes an ambitious book to read by Dante, hey why not? It’s La divine comedie by Dante, I think that one will stay (well probably reside) on my bed side table for a little while. Thanks god I got it in French. (Anyway it’s good to practice my French)

While in Paris last month, me and mother we managed to go to see the Van Cleef Arpel exhibition at the musee des Arts Decoratif. Such an amazing exhibition! I absolutely loved it, although we both felt a bit sad leaving, as we don’t have any jewelry like that, (well ever really, let’s be honest here…). So I got this little book on them, but want to research a bit more on them. More on their history and also more images of their creations over the years. I will also base my next collection on them. Very excited about that!

Then, The Journal by Delacroix, (the diary of the painter Delacroix) this book I was recommended by one of my teacher, ages and ages ago. And what did I do? well you guess it, I bought it and never read it! I know shameful! But this year I will finally open it and yes read it! Ok it might live by my bed for sometime but I will try to get trough this tome!

Finally a new addition straight from miraculous amazon! Grace a memoir, by Grace Coddington, this one I also looked everywhere but it was out of print as it was such a success. But again I managed to get it off Amazon. I am quite excited to read it, she seems to have such an interesting life.

Voila so far that’s all my books to read, I am sure there will be more books added over the next few months. I will keep you updated on my progress and share some more book finds and ideas.

And what books do you want read this year? share it with me… Would be lovely to have book conversation… do let me know…


2 thoughts on “Books to read

  1. Meu amor!!! Você é adoravel!! Como gostaria de poder estar mais perto de você… e aprender tanto… Ainda bem que existe este blog!!
    VIVA o blog LA CARIOCA!!!! Bjos… à proposito, ou fazer minha listinha de livros agora…

    • Oi minha querida Carmen! Que saudades! Estou tao feliz voces estao vindo em Londres!! voces sao muito chic! Que bom que voce le o meu blog, achava que era somente a minha mae que olhava… Que bom que voce vai fazer sua lista de livros para ler. Me fala qual que voce escolheu! bjs muito grande para voce a familia toda!!

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