A little view from Brussels, I was just there yesterday! Beautiful city, loved the architecture combination the mix of people and the antiques! I mean I am going back as soon I get my new flat, every furniture will come from the amazing store of “brocantes” they have there.

There is also a lot of markets, (beer too obviously) and so much vintage store too. Found this “perle rare” meaning special piece in one of them.


Don’t judge the green fake grass, it’s from my sister’s flat, her boyfriend thought it was a good idea.. not so sure but it’s funny… So this beautiful silk scarf from Pierre Balmain, loved the painted effect and the frame of the scarf.

P1070612So there you have it, my new lovely scarf full of memories from Brussels, and a lovely time with my sister. Going back into my crazy london routine, and will soon update you on my La Carioca scarf entreprise.

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