A colourful Burberry and again more texture, layers and pastel tulle… I really like the combination of the very very feminine pink soft dress and the denim and with the addition of feather (again feathers!). I Also love those giant sequins so cool especially in those soft pastel colours.

This collection is all about layering juxtaposing different materials, colour clash, and mixing texture, like tulle, sheer, pleating, sequins that can almost look like fish scale, leather, denim, what a mix but it works. But mostly what I like about that show is that you can recreate those look yourself without spending a fortune.

You can do a bit of DIY (like with feathers) and make that look your own with what’s in your closet…  It’s this accessibility to wear those kind of looks to your own everyday life that I truly love.








Photo from Style.com

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