So I haven’t been very up to date with everything on the blog recently. Last weekend I have been robbed and that has shaken me up be quite a bit. I have had lot of chance and indeed been very protected. But my iphone is gone and I am still mourning this loss. It crazy how much you get attached to thing isn’it… But I am well and moving on to better things as we say.

Anyway going back to the fashion here, Burberry is in a 70’s mood again in a very colourful London kind of way. It’s almost a bit tougher than what we used to, not all sweet and pastel”y”. This time it’s complex indain”y” prints or tartan but in sage greens, or a mustard yellow. Quite modern but with a very strong London attitude. I like that, makes more interesting and appealing. _BUR0931 _BUR0031 _BUR0969 _BUR0373 _BUR0181 _BUR0703 _BUR0469 _BUR0351 _BUR0879 _BUR1043Photos from Vogue Runway.com

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