Paris things

So here are the few things I am bringing back from Paris to London…

Some french cheeses, the french vogue, some creams,… (La Roche Posay Nutritic they do amazing creams by the way for sensitive skins like mine, some gentle eye removal makeup toujours La Roche Posay, and finally the miracle cream that I recommend to everyone is Cicalfate by Avene. It is repair cream that helps the skin to heal fast.)

Got some Cachou La Jaunie as well, it brings me back memories of my dad, he always used to have a box with him. I also love the yellow retro style of the box and how it opens.

On the right you have my brand new Monoprix jacket that I bought on my way home after the showroom. It was an “I am freezing emergency moment”. When we all suddenly realised it’s is not summer any more.

It’s was a decent monoprix price and it’s 60% wool, quite good no?

I also added my two new books from La Hunes, La Divine Comedie by Dantes and Poesies By Rimbaud.

On this I will try to stop procrastinating and do my luggage.


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