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So following my previous post on beauty, I am continuing on this streak, I am going to list below all my favourite people/channel I am following on youtube, and give a little explanation on each and what I love about each one sort of thing…

I am arranging it in categories and there is a mix of English, American, and Brazilian youtubers, and a few magazines that I also like to follow.

Beauty bloggers:

Vivianna does make up; (British) I like her voice and her personality. She is very honest but in sweet way and does good product reviews. I really got into her when she did the Beauty chat with Lily Pebbles, you could see their genuine friendship and they both always made me laugh!

Lily Pebbles; (British) I just mentioned her, I like her as well for her none fused approach to product reviews and tutorials. I sometime watch her vlogs and her real way to be in front of the camera. But I prefer her reviews on products very honest and I feel you can trust her judgment.

Jessica Make, (Brazilian) She is a lip addict (hum me too…) and is really good for any new product review from the Farmácia aisle. She will test directly on camera and share her first impressions. She is a lip swatcher queen and her channel is a good place to decide on which lipstick to get.

Niina Secrets; (Brazilian) She is very sweet and girly, sometimes a bit too much, I think she is still a bit young still. But I will be interested to see what’s next… I do enjoy watching her channel for tutorials, fun tags, and her favourites videos.

Tanya Burr; (British) Almost a classic in the youtube world, she started ages ago and does wonderful tutorials, but in a easy way for you to recreate on your self. I love her bubbly personality that does comes out more in her collaborations, and I am always interested what she does next. Recently she participated at the United Nation on a global campaign, her attitude is really interesting and inspiring.

Brittany Sarah; (Canadian) I love her fun bubbly personality and I love her tutorials. Some I wouldn’t recreate my self but on her it’s beautiful! I love watching her reviews, favourites videos along with the hauls she does. She is really sweet and I do love her looks she creates on her channel.

Writer bloggers:

Dia de beauté por Vic Ceridono; (Brazilian) My number one favourite girl on youtube by far! I LOVE HER!!! She is hilarious! Her videos are always fun. You feel inspired after watching her. She experiments has fun with make up and that transmits it to us. Well for me it certainly does. I definitely have a girl crush on her… She did a beauty guide book called Dia de Beauté, that I am coveting to buy for a while… I am also totally obsessed with her Youtube Series with Camila Coutinho de Garotas Estúpidas called “#CamieVictake”. There are many series, the last one was in New York, but before was Paris, London, or even Dubai! It’s so much fun to watch!

Ruth Crilly a model recommends; (British) She used to be a model and now writes about beauty. I love her recommendations of products, the way she is so herself in the videos, that her baby pops up occasionally… she share her life and herself in such a natural manner that makes me really like her even more. Her tutorials are nice too if you’re into glowing skin.

Sali Hughes Beauty; (British) She started as a make artist assistant and went into journalism later on. She write about many things and also writes on beauty for the Guardian. Her videos are full of knowledge and is journey to discovery. She has this serie called “in the bathroom of” and all the guests are interesting and wonderful! You learn about so much more than just make up and beauty.

Make up artists:

Pixiwoo, Sam and Nick; (British) The original and unavoidable sisters, both started as makeup artists and created what is youtube today. Their tutorials are amazing as always and so easy to recreate. They also created the staple that are their makeup brushes Real Technique. So good and affordable. You can’t go wrong with them, love them both although I have a penchant for Nick…

Harry makes it up; (British) Another makeup artist, I really enjoy her tutorials, very beautiful and natural. I do sometimes enjoy watching her favourites and recommendations of products.

Linda Kramer; (Brazilian) She is makeup artist from Brasilia. She is great for product reviews, new launches, and her tutorials are good too. She is very genuine and sweet at the same time.

Wayne Goss; (British) I love him for his totally honest point of view and do really respect his opinion. He is a makeup artist and knows his stuff. I do really enjoy watching his reviews of new launches and products. His videos are always to the point and short which is nice sometimes.

Lisa Eldridge; (British) Well if you read my last post you will already know my love for her. I love all the technique and tips she shares on her channel. Her pin point concealing has literally changed my life!

Magazines: Some of the magazines I do tend to look out for on youtube, British Vogue, I like the serie called “inside the wardrobe of” and the Alexa Chung’s serie called “the future of fashion”.

Us Vogue, the classic well known 73 questions with many celebrities, the best being Derek from Zoolander, and the funny videos they create with the cover star. My favourite is as always the with Lena Dunham. I love it so much I added it here again…

YouTube Preview Image

Vogue Brasil has always some fun and interesting videos, I like to watch o Mister V com Mattheus Mazzafera, Beauté por aí, a Moda da Casa…

Beauty wise


Since my time in New York, I started to have a bit of an obsession or maybe call it an eye opening moment in my life where I discovered a world I grasped so little of but always was mesmerised by. Ok a long intro to say that I am talking about make up here!

In New York I had a little revolution in my life because my wonderful cousin Nikkie introduced me to the world of make up and how to use it and how apply it! As well she introduce me to many beauty gurus that exists on youtoube, or can called the “youtubers”.

These “youtubers are for most normal boys and girls (sometimes really young girls or boys!) that created a channel on youtube and uploads videos on beauty, or anything else, that you can think of it actually…

But me personally I follow a few on beauty and fashion, because that’s what interests me. To be honest, there are so many channels and new videos to watch all the time it’s hard to follow!!


Some of those youtube channels are huge with lots of subscribers. Now there are even big brands that have a platforms on Youtube such as Chanel, or even magazine like the US Vogue, the British Vogue, or Harper’s Baazar, Elle magazine…

Amongst those girls who do tutorials, reviews of products, one person that for me I feel is a reference and I do tend to go back again and again, is Lisa Eldridge. She a professional make up artist and apparently one of the first to share her knowledge the way she does on youtube. She does lots of tutorials obviously from look she created or on famous celebrities, she recommends products, does specific video on problematic things for most of us in the beauty department like foundation concealer etc….

To show case Lisa’s work I put that Elle cover she did with Emma Watson, and I did put her video recreating that make up look further down.

I love how she does her videos in a very poised manner with a calm voice and gives detailed explanations. Her make up looks are in the end so beautiful, elegant you won’t find this caked heavy make up (which unfortunately some (ok most) “young” girls do… they tend to add to much on their faces I feel personally…). Her make up looks are always so natural. If you listen and watch to just even one of her video it will already change your life!

YouTube Preview Image

And to ramble even further my love for her, she was the “pupil” or more the assistant of make up artist Mary Greenwell, another lady that I absolutely love!!! Mary Greenwell also had Charlotte Tilbury as an assistant as well! I discovered her (Mary) on the brilliant channel of Sali Hughes who is writers and as well write on beauty for the Guardian.

Sali Hughes does some great videos, and has a serie called “in the bathroom of” and there are many guests that I love! One from that series was Mary Greenwell (there are many other amazing people and other make up artists interviewed on her channel).

I then discovered Mary Greenwell did few videos for a youtube channel called Get the Gloss too. Her make up looks are AMAZING so fresh modern and very natural. And both her assistants are incredible so that gives you an idea…

I also I forgot to mention Lisa Eldridge did recently this spectacular book on make up history if you can get your hands on her book I would definitely (once I have a house… right now I am on a banned book buy because living in luggage is tough! and books is a hassle to carry around…).

Soon I am going to follow up with another post on lots of other beauty bloggers/youtubers/gurus that I also love to follow!


Lisa Eldridge blog

Vogue Obessions

Ok I have a problem with Vogue, I collect too many, those were living in boxes, away in my storage unit in Slough. Last week I had to face the reality of my stuff and my life as I am leaving London behind…

I had to sort through SO much stuff it was crazy and stressful. I decided to let go of those magazines and as a goodbye gesture (or more a letting go..) I took photos of it all. However no one could expect what was to come, the next day I lost my phone on a London bus, and found it again miraculously (Thank you to the incredible bus driver on number 8!! and I almost lost those images..) and the night before departing to Paris, I took all those issues to be recycled and yes they went to Fashion heavens like my friend’s flat mate said. Someone put fire to the recycle bin and burn the entire content of the bin and the magazines as well. Crazy right? Glad to be leaving London behind and set off lighter into my new journey of my life…


IMG_6177 IMG_6179 IMG_6184 IMG_6186 IMG_6190 IMG_6194 IMG_6195 IMG_6200IMG_6205 IMG_6206 IMG_6207 IMG_6208 IMG_6211

Eyeliner and Portuguese


Ok total randomness here, and even myself can’t make much sense of it yet, (must be the Jet Lag! Blame it on the jet lag darling..) Can’t seem to sleep at night which is super annoying!

But the big news is that from now on you my dearest Brazilians you can read my blog in Portuguese! Yes (Carmen!) you can finally read what I am talking about although most time even in English that can be difficult… Jokes aside I am very excited my blog will be either in english or if you wish in Portuguese. So I hope you will enjoy it!

With a random visual addition of my eyeliner skills I learnt from my dearest cousin back in New York. I love you and leave you! xx


Beauty initiation

I discovered this wonderful website, and I love their humour and this definitely an amazing one liner, had to share it.


First of all though I am in total bliss right now, I have a new New York view and a new place to stay, and just not to expand hours on it (because I could easily…) I just want to share that I am beyond happy!

First and foremost look at that view!

photo 2-18

photo 1-18

As I shared in my previous post, I wanted to share about beauty and my new expanded make up (due to my amazingly generous cousin of mine) and it’s wonderful powers.

Starting with a few pictures for some inspiration.

JPG bkstg Couture Fall 2015Love that photo so much, and I do love that eyeliner look a lot, that something I never quite (well let’s be honest not at all…) mastered, but Nikkie (my amazing cousin, my beauty master!) is going to show me soon.

Chanel amb 2 Couture Fall 2015

I had to put Julianne in the mix, she looks phenomenal and is beyond chic. I would be so happy even if I can replicate 1% of her chicness and elegance.

97e576f720cf0f6083be766dcb84072bOk by now you all know my obsession with Lindsey Wixson, I might replicate this eye look soon.. now that Nikkie gave me a thorough eyeshadow lesson (although I still have to remember all the steps…oups!)

photo 1-18 copySo I came with my one make up bag, the pink Mulberry one (ok it was bursting almost not zipping up..) and left with all those extra ones. photo brushesAnd a make brush set! with it’s own bag! I tell you AMAZING!!! (I apologise for the many times amazing has been used already and it will be used even more as this post carries on.. Sorry but not sorry!)

photo 3-16

Most of my eyeshadows are from L’Oreal, but let’s start from left to right at the top, L’Oreal Color Appeal Trio pro for Green eyes, it was a trio set made for Aishwarya Rai; Estee Lauder Signature Silky Eyeshadow duo N02 Cappuccino; This one is also from L’Oreal (it’s was broken so remixed it and put it in a new container) Smoky eyeshadow in N305; L’Oreal Color Infaillible in N 009 Permanent Kaki; the two pen eyeshadow are from Charlotte Tilbury (I absolutely adore them!) Colour Chameleon Golden Quartz For Hazel eyes for the day, and Smoky Emerald for Hazel eyes for night; my very old khol from Bourjois in N 01 Extra Noir; L’Oreal Color Infaillible in N 607 Blinged & Brilliant; L’Oreal Color Infaillible in N 888 Ice Latte; L’Oreal Color Infaillible in N 012 Endless Chocolat; Hard Candy All lid up in N 742 Fancy Pants; Hard Candy All lid up in N 571 Quick Sand; Hard Candy All lid up in N 574 Pinning 4 U.

colours eyeAll L’Oreal from left to right, This one is also from L’Oreal Smoky eyeshadow in N305; L’Oreal Color Infaillible in N 009 Permanent Kaki; L’Oreal Color Infaillible in N 607 Blinged & Brilliant; L’Oreal Color Infaillible in N 888 Ice Latte; L’Oreal Color Infaillible in N 012 Endless Chocolat;

photo 3-16 copy

leopard case From left to right at the top, my fail safe trusted Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher Conceal & treat stick in N 2 Fair; Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder spf 15, in Real Sand; my can’t live without it eyebrow gel designer by Kiko Make up Milano; Rimmel, London Wonder’full Mascara with Argan Oil; A sample from Gerlain Cil d’enfer so volume mascara in 01 noir; a new discovery (thanks to Nikkie!) Elf Translucent Matifying Powder.lipsticksmy wonderful (and growing a bit quick I must say..) lipstick collection, I will put the detail underneath each of the brands together as it is clearer and easier to see for you.bobbyAt the top Bobbi Brown lip color in N 10 Red; Bobbi Bown Art stick in Sunset OrangelorealL’Oreal Collection Exclusive, top clockwise, Liya’s Red N 407; Blake’s Pure Red; Julianne’s Pure lipAt the top Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet N 37 L’exuberante; at the bottom Rouge Coco N 440 Arthur.charlotteCharlotte Tilbury In So Marilyn and lip liner in Kiss’n’telllip restMany other brands mixed up, at the top left, Lime Crime in Suede Berry; Rimmel London Kate collection in N 20; Bite Beauty Luminious creme lipstick in two shades, Tangerine and Lingonberry; Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Vesumo.

Voila there you have it all my make up collection in New York, now off to Grand Central to take the train to Chester, so excited!!!

Norman Parkinson

So while in New York, I am enjoying all the culture available in the city, and all it’s fashionable heritage too. Where I am staying, I found this wonderful book on Norman Parkinson photograph’s. His images are so iconic, timeless and most are still so inspiring today.

The amazing make up artist Charlotte Tilbury teamed up with Parkinson’s (family) on creating a limited edition make up range with his photos. Her products are already so desirable. But now it’s even more so… (Personally I am desperate for the 1975 Red lipstick!)

IMG_4890Queen, 1960IMG_4883Thelma Woolley, advertising for Matita 1938IMG_4895

Jan Ward, Vogue 1970IMG_4888Wenda Rogerson, Vogue 1951IMG_4885Wenda Rogerson, Vogue 1949IMG_4899Look how tiny those women’s waist were at the time! It’s incredible. You can see it in vintage clothing you can find today, some dresses are so tiny at the waist. What happened? We got more hormones? Weird, well I cant complain my waist is quite small for today’s standard. IMG_4886Young Velvets, Young prices, Vogue 1949IMG_4893Celia Hammond, Queen 1964IMG_4894Jerry Hall, Vogue 1975 This particular shoot was style by the Amazing Grace Coddington. She talks about it in her book, and tells her side of the story to this trip. IMG_4897

Jerry Hall, Vogue 1975, again here it is Grace styling and this image is so timeless and genius!IMG_4900IMG_4877The book is Norman Parkinson Portraits in fashion Robin Muir National Portrait Gallery


La Parisienne (Part 1)


Soon enough I will be back in Paris and back being a Parisienne once again. (Look out there is two parts to this post as it became way too long to share everything in one post!)

I am leaving London behind, and going to be a parisian for a few weeks or months who knows what lies ahead… (And then New York here I come!!!) Funny enough I kind of fell upon a lovely book in the sale section at Anthropologie this weekend called “How to be parisian wherever you are” written by four parisians.

I was laughing so loud that I kind of had to buy it, and moreover I found it so ironic to find this book at this time of my life when I am at crossroad and going back to Paris.

The more I flicked through it the more I found the book endearing and in a weird way most of it is true! I recognised my self in it, which was comforting and strangely entraining at the same time.

It reminded me of my roots and my parisian upbringing, so when I feel lost wherever I am, New York, Brazil, or where else I could find myself I can look at it and laugh.

So here are a few quotes that I really enjoyed… and kind of resonated with me!

To start I wanted to open with this quote,: “The Most Famous Parisiennes are Foreigners.” So they refer to Marie Antoinette, Josephine Baker, Romy Schneider, Jane Birkin, and to this list I want include Dita, (which is pictured at the start of the post in Paris at the Spring 2015 Couture) she isn’t a traditional parisienne (as she too made up really) but she aspire to be. More like all these women before she is an adopted Parisienne. The way she dresses suits her so well, and she is so chic all the time. She is always so elegant. Her looks are vintage inspired which I love, she knows what works for her and that’s why I love her so much.

image copy

She is confident in who she is. And she has kind of has a love affair with Christian Louboutin’s shoes! (look at her here wearing the Salopatina on Harper’s Baazar cover)

So going back to the book I want to share more quotes and advices it gives on being a Parisienne.

Starting with “Parisian Snobbisms”

Don’t follow trends. (trends follow you.)

Don’t use abbreviations when texting (and emoticons should be only for your girlfriends.) 

Embrace your inner snob. (Because let’s face it, that’s who you are.)  (p.73) (I know deep down I am a bit of a Parisian snob.. and I never text with abbreviations!)

Moving on to the skin rituals which French women are famous for (this quote is true about me and kind of describes me perfectly!)

“Play with what nature gave you.make the most of it. This is what your mother passed on to you. Along with her science of creams that verge on witchcraft. (Haha so true!) you’ve never counted the number of jars in your bathroom but you know there is one for every inch of your face and then some. Your first hangover aside you never go to bed without taking off your make up, so you fall asleep not smelling like the party. Yes, you climb into bed more tired from this care. But that’s the price we pay to save our skin.” (p.103)

Then touching on jewellery again this is so true, and most of my jewellery (aside from H&M bits and pieces) are what it says in this quote…

“The Parisienne wears very little jewellery the inseparable: a fine chain, a simple ring, a family heirloom. It is as discreet as possible, and should subtly suit you. It’s your trademark. The back story: you don’t need to own a lot of jewellery but each piece whether a memento from your family or your travels should tell a story. Their value lies not their price but in their sentiments.”  (p.129)

How to be parisian wherever you are Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret, Sophie Mas, Ebury Press (2014)

Dita Von Teese in red taken from

Harper’s Bazaar cover taken from Dita Von Teese Instagram account

beauty follow up

So after watching this inspiring beauty video with charlotte, I decided to rummage through my make up bag(s) and reorganise a bit (the mess…). And I looked at my (growing) collection of lipsticks, and decided to share with you my favourites, my less used ones and my occasional lipsticks.


So I am starting from the left top corner to the right, it’s a Maxfactor in Bewitching Coral (827) that I bought at Tesco I think using my vouchers… I use it also to mix with some darker shades of red lipstick to lighten it.

The black case of this well loved Tom Ford lipstick is in true Coral (09). I bought it as a treat when I got my first proper paid job (Although I am still in that elusive find..)

This hot pink one is from Rimmel Kate Moss collection in Rossetto (20), a really bargain for a good quality product that stay put all day.

This one is also well used and loved, from Mac Chatter Box (A70), such nice shade of pink. At one point I thought I lost it, so I went back to Mac a few times and every time it was sold out! But then I found it in one of my clutches, I just forgot and left it inside for a few months!

This is a quite old lipstick but I really loved it I can’t bring myself to get rid of it… It’s a lovely light pink shade from Paul & Joe (15).

Now I am on the second row, this one I got it for very little when I was doing my internships in the fashion magazines. Can’t even work out what brand it is from but I liked the colour.

This one is oldie from Bourgeois in Rose en Forme (13) such a nice light shade between a red and pink.

My first Chanel lipstick a present, really nice pink that goes to almost a nude. It’s the Rouge Coco collection, in Ruban Rose (15).

Then this my second Chanel lipstick I got from working at another internship (for free!!) and I love it’s packaging and how it opens. The collection is Rouge Allure, in Coquette (85).

This one is from Burberry but as you might be able to see I never used it! I got it again while working in an internship (for free again, I wonder why we bother to buy make up really…) I loved the way you open the lipstick and the engraved tartan effect on the lipstick itself.

Now third and final row, another mac lipstick that was a limited edition, Creme de la Femme (A29), that I tend to use less now as I don’t like the frost effect on it as much as I used to.

Another Chanel, I know, (in my defence I got it at the airport so tax free…) I use it quite often actually in Rouge Allure velvet L’exuberante (37), as I love the colour so much and the mat finish.

Another (very old…) Paul & Joe lipstick (050) that I got as a present. I love the colour still and the beautiful printed packaging.

An unusual pen lipstick for me, that I got for very little in an internship again (I know lot of internships…) Eyeko in Hot lips.


So now onto my red collection, that I use a lot more being in a Louboutin environment a lot more.

So starting again from the top left corner and going from left to right, you have my less loved red but was free again from internships, a Rimmel from Kate Moss collaboration. I think it was a sample because there is no number or name of the colour anywhere sorry. I tend to blend this red with other shade to help it brighten up a bit. As I feel it’s a bit dark for me.

This one is an old one and actually my first red lipstick! From L’oreal in Rouge Penelope (710) from their star secret collection, and that was the one Penelope Cruz wore in the advert.

This one I got it a discount section at Boots from an unknown brand to me (American apparently) called Too Faced in Drop Dead Red. It’s a very dense more veering towards berry shade. I Like to wear it more for the evening for a whaou factor.

Then my new loved red shade from Charlotte Tilbury in So Marilyn, my only concern is it bleeds a bit too much for my liking. But I love the shade and it smell so good I can stop giving it another go.

This Lancome lipstick is in my top three most used lipstick. From the Rouge in Love collection that was modeled by Emma Watson. It’s such a great colour and stays put all day literally. I love it’s compact packaging and can’t get enough of it. I lost my original one in a night out with girls. My poor friend Rose had to come out of the club looking on the pavement to try to find it. Obviously that was a lost cause and I bought it back the next day on my way back to London. (if you find it and live in Exeter I will be so grateful!!) Although I now replaced it. And will carry it in a proper closing clutch bag for the next time. Live and learn!

Ok now moving on to my best and number one Red lipstick from Bobbi Brown in Red (10). This one has another story but it too long to explain, anyway to get to the point my friend borrowed and applied this one for diner out and got so many compliments (and wore it to a wedding recently and got compliments too!) that the next day I was at the Bobbi Brown store buying it. So riche stays put and leaves you lips nourished not dry.

Last one is from Ellis Faas (L101), such a gorgeous colour but tricky to apply, needs to getting use to. I use it more for the night as it more a darker shade.

Voila there you have all my lipstick secrets are revealed and I hope you enjoyed it.




in the bathroom with… Charlotte Tilbury

For all the beauty lovers out there, or the not a clue make up people, she is your new best friend I tell you!

As I said before I feel upon that video, and I loved watching it.

I discovered her products trough Net A Porter, but I was reticent to buy make up product online that I never tried before. It all started because I needed a new highlighter, (my previous one was so well used that it lost it’s label/name, and was probably some cheap high street brand) I didn’t want to get the Yves Saint Laurent one as I felt it’s so overrated. (by the way nothing wrong with high street brand!) My skin is so sensitive I though maybe I should invest in a good product that helps my skin too.

So I read this article on Charlotte new line and I was interested in the multi tasking ability of her products. So I took the trip to her Selfridges counter and bought the highlighter. And Oh my god my life has changed since then! her stuff is AMAZING! Even if you are useless with make up it’s so easy to use her products and they really stay on all day, and are gentle and makes you beautiful.

Since then I went back obviously, I got one of her eyeshadow stick (which is incredible!!) and a lovely red lipstick. Beware you will get hocked! So now I stop talking (or writing really) and leave you to enjoy the video.

YouTube Preview Image

There is a second video you can find on youtube if you want to continue to watch, where they talk more on what make up she uses daily and this kind of thing.

She is stocked like I said at Selfridges and on Net A


YouTube Preview Image

Since going back to work, I have just been absorbed by the rhythm of London, and it left me almost no time to myself let alone to the blog.

I saw this advertising of L’oreal nude lipstick and can’t get over the number of famous (and amazing) actresses this trailer has!

I mean Jane Fonda, Ines de la Fressange, Eva Longoria, Aishwarya Rai, Julianne Moore and other stunning models too. I like the diversity though as I supposed it was intended, but it shows the beauty in it’s difference. That’s probably the appeal and the power of l’Oreal, because it is able to pull such famous and great women into their campaign, it inspire us to want to be this amazing and not just by just looking great but by feeling empowered too.

It’s funny, other brands are using this same idea, I just saw today the advertising for it’s Autumn Winter campaign of none else than Marks & Spencers. And their idea was similar, it was about great inspirational women, in the mix, there is Tracey Emin, Grace Coddington, Helen Mirren, Karen Elson, Ellie Goulding, and other women from the olympic and so and so… To their idea is also added the notion of being British of course, Marks & Spencer’s being the ultimate British brand you can think of.

All this I find it quite interesting…