Jean Paul Gaultier

So it was all “montagnard” inspired (going back to the mountains) with more wintery colours and some classic element like the “chemise canadienne” but reinvented in a “robe du soir”. As always Jean Paul does amazing striking looks.

But what really loved in his collection, was the colour palette. There were beautiful prints, very ethereal light forest inspired with very autumnal colours and this awesome silver tree print at the end that was just so special. The colours worked especially well on the redheaded girls.

His shows are always so much fun and full of humour, and with a little 80’s vibe thrown in (those sheer tights were so 80’s!). I also love that he allows each girl to be herself and express herself and he does not have a bunch all the same models. Each model is beautiful in her own unique way, that is what love about Gaultier. It’s about personality and being yourself.

_CHA0140 _CHA0158 _CHA0236 _CHA0257 _CHA0367 _CHA0663 _CHA0806 _CHA0905 _CHA0985 _CHA1012 _CHA1093 _CHA1181 _CHA1323 _CHA1625 _CHA1650 _CHA1807Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 06.52.52Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 06.52.34 _CHA2080 I mean look at his face on this previous photo! He is having so much fun this what it is all about!

I also loved the make up, I particularly enjoyed those incredible dark glossy burgundy red lips! With this warm eyeshadow to warm up the whole face. I loved the crinkled “gauffré” hair on some the girl !!!! I love the whole look so much I might even recreate some of it on my self! Who knows…Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 06.47.44 Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 06.51.14Photos from Vogue


“Meet behind the scene Chanel’s atelier”, that was the idea behind the new couture show. To showcase this hidden place that you never see normally. The guests speculated that the people in the recreated atelier were actors but no they were real actual “petites mains” employees from Chanel. It featured inspiration, drawings, fabric sample, mannequin and everything you need to create a wonderful collection.

YouTube Preview Image

The collection it self was beautiful as always lots of very structured tweed pieces, some more evening embroidered flowing dresses, the usual that you think from Chanel. What I found interesting is how the pieces translated from the video (that I have included here) and the pictures. Some looks did not come out as they did in the video, the way and the movement of the girl walking brings it to life.

YouTube Preview Image

_CHA0111 _CHA0127 _CHA0547 _CHA0575 _CHA0613 _CHA0641 _CHA0669 _CHA0713 _CHA0725 _CHA0835 _CHA0867 _CHA0947 _CHA1053

Louis vuitton and the never ending of catwalk destinations

So the blog wasn’t working for a while and as my dear Sebastien is not at hands any longer I didn’t know what to do, but curiously all that time I really wanted to update and share things on blog but couldn’t… So without further due, I am posting this very late post on the Louis Vuitton mad weekend that happened weeks ago here in Rio.

This past weekend Rio was all the rage, as all the fashion “à la mode” people were gracing their presence for the up coming resort show of Louis Vuitton. It was of course all over instagram. and were seen going in a van from all the best spots in town. The Fasano, MAC de Niteroi, the parque Lage, and Santa Tereza. At first of course I got sucked in… but it made me think of how overrated and weird fashion is becoming.

Now it’s all about the being in latest most exotic place you can get your hands on, to show case your new resort (exclusive ou trier sur les volets…) collection. At the expanse of the real people living here, in that exotic place. Come Monday they all gone. Chanel was Cuba, Louis Vuitton is Rio, and then Dior is the Blenheim Palace (Churchill’s family own palace) in England. I mean it looks like such a circus, and then it’s all those non stop photos, of all those happy elected, always the same crowd gushing on how amazing is everything… and us left to dribble? I mean it’s such far cry from reality of real life… I don’t know I might got an overdose of it all….

After all that renting the collection itself is wonderfully modern, and strong. I love the bag that is a boom box and that actually plays music! The backdrop is gorgeous that is given,  the clothes are quite cool and edgy, sporty vibes all around. I love the actual collection but all this commotion around is unnecessary.

_LIU0457 _LIU0530 _LIU0540 _LIU0568 _LIU0647 _LIU0653 _LIU0664 _LIU0678 _LIU0746 _LIU0765 _LIU0772 _LIU0804Photo from Vogue


So I know I have neglected you my little blog, and gone and done better things, like well moving finally! I am officially living In Rio de Janeiro and soon or maybe one day can call myself a Carioca! Well I will always be La Carioca! There is so much I wanted to share on here but time didn’t permit.

So getting back into the swing of things, I start with the gorgeous collection of Chanel in Cuba of all places! A wonderful so wearable summer happy collection! I love the pink car prints, the long floaty skirts, the hats, the colours, the length and the easiness of the looks, the girls seem so happy, light, and easygoing…

A the end Everyone breaks out into a dancing parade and even Karl joins in!

YouTube Preview Image
landscape-1462491819-1462369039-screen-shot-2016-05-04-at-90302-amscreen-shot-2016-05-04-at-90708-amCHANEL_RES17_099CHANEL_RES17_134CHANEL_RES17_185CHANEL_RES17_218CHANEL_RES17_270CHANEL_RES17_341CHANEL_RES17_363CHANEL_RES17_385CHANEL_RES17_626CHANEL_RES17_681CHANEL_RES17_767CHANEL_RES17_933CHANEL_RES17_1220CHANEL_RES17_1249CHANEL_RES17_1314CHANEL_RES17_1452CHANEL_RES17_1576CHANEL_RES17_1601CHANEL_RES17_1744CHANEL_RES17_1814CHANEL_RES17_1840gallery-1462370278-08-cruise-2016-17-collection-show-pictures-by-olivier-saillant-look-71-3screen-shot-2016-05-04-at-90651-amPhotos from Vogue

Miu Miu

Ok one of the last runway shows of Fall ready to wear 2016 to talk about and one that is worth mentioning. Miu Miu is showing an eclectic array of looks and trends all in one collection. The main vibe that I really enjoyed in this show is the granny chic, all those heady print that recalls wallpapers (or curtains?), those long belted cardigans or those long “mother of the bride” coats with a richly printed belt or without and left open, and the repeated appearance of a classic denim shirt mixing with all those things above.

A quite refreshed way to dress for fall, very long hemlines with loose maxi feel but you don’t loose yourself in the clothes because of that constant accessory that is that all important belt. I love that denim injection as well and that dye colour of the denim contrasting with those more muted autumnal colours.

_MON0012 _MON0164 _MON0296 _MON0472 _MON0492 _MON0514 _MON0584 _MON0648 _MON0970 _MON1040 _MON1061 _MON1133 _MON1155Photo from Vogue

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is showing an graphic/bold with femininity but though and urban woman. I really like that drape detail at the bottom of the dresses contrasting with those strong masculine boots. It’s very wearable and I love that silk prints look underneath. The way the silk fabric is used is quite interesting, it shows a very feminine side with it’s lightness and sensuality but it has a toughness and edge.

KIM_0725 KIM_0801 KIM_0953 KIM_1022 KIM_1176 KIM_1237 KIM_1393Photo from Vogue


There is still a few more shows from Paris fashion week that I want to share and talk about especially this one.

This season we were all waiting for Balenciaga new head designer Demna Gvasalia to see what was to come. 

His inspiration for the collection was as he says “Cristóbal was about the tailoring. I wanted a new way of finding that elegance for today, in a 360-degree way.”

So a very clinical approach with a granny touch on the prints side, a sporty feel and some denuded shoulders, all mixed up it creates some unexpected looks. I did love some of the details, others I didn’t like as much too street like for me, but all in all in interesting approach to what can be Balenciaga (still prefer the old original, Cristóbal though…). 

_MON0015 _MON0440 _MON0481 _MON0509 _MON0866 _MON1074Photos from Vogue


YouTube Preview Image

“Super Chic” as always Chanel is up to date! A bit of pink, a bit of pearls, a bit of tartan, all mixed up with some riding boots and all is good. The decor went back to basic, and it went back to the actual clothes. Which makes sense, last time the Haute Couture was inspired with recycling and natural element so it is “natural” to be going back to the roots of what is ready to wear, the functionality of the pieces and there use for our daily lives, well we would all like to have a bit more Chanel in our wardrobe, but the price tag is a little scary… Anyway we can dream right?

_CHA0145_CHA0537 _CHA0401 _CHA0381 _CHA0391 _CHA0427 _CHA0943 _CHA0851_AG10540_AG10570_AG10650_ARC0843_AG10745_CHA1033_ARC0754Photos from Vogue