So I haven’t been very up to date with everything on the blog recently. Last weekend I have been robbed and that has shaken me up be quite a bit. I have had lot of chance and indeed been very protected. But my iphone is gone and I am still mourning this loss. It crazy how much you get attached to thing isn’it… But I am well and moving on to better things as we say.

Anyway going back to the fashion here, Burberry is in a 70’s mood again in a very colourful London kind of way. It’s almost a bit tougher than what we used to, not all sweet and pastel”y”. This time it’s complex indain”y” prints or tartan but in sage greens, or a mustard yellow. Quite modern but with a very strong London attitude. I like that, makes more interesting and appealing. _BUR0931 _BUR0031 _BUR0969 _BUR0373 _BUR0181 _BUR0703 _BUR0469 _BUR0351 _BUR0879 _BUR1043Photos from Vogue Runway.com


Is it just me or the spring summer is looking a lot more autumn like? Rich berry lips, porcelain skin, lace, sheer or even black? Yes this in a Spring collection.

To be honest this makes me happy, as some of you know already I am moving to Brazil and I am having a mix of bags of emotions. I am obviously super excited but weird about leaving winter behind..(but super happy at the same time!) But I am most sad to leave behind is things that you can wear in autumn like the colour like bordeaux burgundies, and lacy sheer black thing I do love to wear but now Burberry says it’s cool so I can! I can wear them in 40’s degree and it’s fine because burberry said so. (well I wouldn’t do it just because they said so.. but you know what I mean..)

_ARC0052 _ARC0258 _ARC0334 _ARC0358 _ARC0376 _ARC0510 _ARC0526 _ARC0570 _ARC0800 _ARC0862

Burberry or Woodstock?

Christopher Bailey always gives a spectacular show every time with Burberry. I just love the theatricality of this collection once again. It’s fun over the top, crazy 70’s (AGAIN!) and with fringes every where! To my liking very much so! I just love the crazy colour combination the earthy tones with the beaded mirror pieces with all the clash of prints and colours, so cool. It’s very urban folk international traveler but with a strong hippy feel too.








Photos from Style.com


A colourful Burberry and again more texture, layers and pastel tulle… I really like the combination of the very very feminine pink soft dress and the denim and with the addition of feather (again feathers!). I Also love those giant sequins so cool especially in those soft pastel colours.

This collection is all about layering juxtaposing different materials, colour clash, and mixing texture, like tulle, sheer, pleating, sequins that can almost look like fish scale, leather, denim, what a mix but it works. But mostly what I like about that show is that you can recreate those look yourself without spending a fortune.

You can do a bit of DIY (like with feathers) and make that look your own with what’s in your closet…  It’s this accessibility to wear those kind of looks to your own everyday life that I truly love.








Photo from Style.com


OMG! that my favourite ever Burberry show like ever! ok sounding stupid now..

But there is so much prints texture and clashing that is so good and bohemian cool and relaxed at the same time! LOVE IT!!! and we even learn a new way to wear your long scarf belted it baby! so fun and cool these looks are so fresh in love right now…








Photo from Style.com


Burberry Prosum Fall 2012 RTW
Photo from Style.com

Sorry a bit late on the shows as I am soon moving out, so been caught up in my crazy last few days sorting that out.
I really liked this show, it’s quite cute and girly as well as elegant, wish I could afford one of those coats…