JW Anderson

J W Anderson is the darling of the fashion crowd. Some of his collections are more successful to my liking and others I like less. This ones was the later unfortunately, I found maybe the influences less to what attracts me perhaps. He looked at 90’s 80’s and did a match up of colours, styles and references that I found a bit too confusing and I felt lost it’s strength. However I am talking about him and showing some of I felt were beautiful and stronger (and more to my liking..).

KIM_0453 KIM_0649 KIM_0707Photo from Vogue Runway

J. W. Anderson

his name is everywhere! I saw him at the Vogue festival, I went to a talk on new designer, on how to start that kind of thing. He was there along with Mary Katranzou, and guy from Erdem, and someone else, need to look who else, anyway.. I really like him, this J. W. Anderson guy, at the time I didn’t know who he was but I really liked how he shared his experiences and he did really (sorry too much really…) inspired me.

You can see him at the end, he is so sweet, and so now I am looking at his work differently and I do kind of like his sensibility in this collection.  I really enjoyed the idea of the jumper worn just through the neck, and the full structure of the white skirt. I like how the girls were so simple and no fuss, and you can of see what they are wearing more.  And apparently he is the new chouchou designer of Carine Roitfield… houlala ca rigole pas!






Photos from Style.com