“Meet behind the scene Chanel’s atelier”, that was the idea behind the new couture show. To showcase this hidden place that you never see normally. The guests speculated that the people in the recreated atelier were actors but no they were real actual “petites mains” employees from Chanel. It featured inspiration, drawings, fabric sample, mannequin and everything you need to create a wonderful collection.

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The collection it self was beautiful as always lots of very structured tweed pieces, some more evening embroidered flowing dresses, the usual that you think from Chanel. What I found interesting is how the pieces translated from the video (that I have included here) and the pictures. Some looks did not come out as they did in the video, the way and the movement of the girl walking brings it to life.

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_CHA0111 _CHA0127 _CHA0547 _CHA0575 _CHA0613 _CHA0641 _CHA0669 _CHA0713 _CHA0725 _CHA0835 _CHA0867 _CHA0947 _CHA1053


So I know I have neglected you my little blog, and gone and done better things, like well moving finally! I am officially living In Rio de Janeiro and soon or maybe one day can call myself a Carioca! Well I will always be La Carioca! There is so much I wanted to share on here but time didn’t permit.

So getting back into the swing of things, I start with the gorgeous collection of Chanel in Cuba of all places! A wonderful so wearable summer happy collection! I love the pink car prints, the long floaty skirts, the hats, the colours, the length and the easiness of the looks, the girls seem so happy, light, and easygoing…

A the end Everyone breaks out into a dancing parade and even Karl joins in!

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landscape-1462491819-1462369039-screen-shot-2016-05-04-at-90302-amscreen-shot-2016-05-04-at-90708-amCHANEL_RES17_099CHANEL_RES17_134CHANEL_RES17_185CHANEL_RES17_218CHANEL_RES17_270CHANEL_RES17_341CHANEL_RES17_363CHANEL_RES17_385CHANEL_RES17_626CHANEL_RES17_681CHANEL_RES17_767CHANEL_RES17_933CHANEL_RES17_1220CHANEL_RES17_1249CHANEL_RES17_1314CHANEL_RES17_1452CHANEL_RES17_1576CHANEL_RES17_1601CHANEL_RES17_1744CHANEL_RES17_1814CHANEL_RES17_1840gallery-1462370278-08-cruise-2016-17-collection-show-pictures-by-olivier-saillant-look-71-3screen-shot-2016-05-04-at-90651-amPhotos from Vogue


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“Super Chic” as always Chanel is up to date! A bit of pink, a bit of pearls, a bit of tartan, all mixed up with some riding boots and all is good. The decor went back to basic, and it went back to the actual clothes. Which makes sense, last time the Haute Couture was inspired with recycling and natural element so it is “natural” to be going back to the roots of what is ready to wear, the functionality of the pieces and there use for our daily lives, well we would all like to have a bit more Chanel in our wardrobe, but the price tag is a little scary… Anyway we can dream right?

_CHA0145_CHA0537 _CHA0401 _CHA0381 _CHA0391 _CHA0427 _CHA0943 _CHA0851_AG10540_AG10570_AG10650_ARC0843_AG10745_CHA1033_ARC0754Photos from Vogue


Chanel was all about sustainability and the future of eco fashion. There were wood chip as beading recycled paper, organic yarn and some wild cotton (does it still exist?). Couture is by far the more eco friendly fashion I would think of, besides vintage. They are pieces of craft and art and will be eternally durable for their beauty and preciosity (as couture isn’t mass produced that’s the whole point of it!)

Putting these ideas aside, The looks were fabulous as they are always. Wonderful dresses with more earthy tone. An interesting silhouette with round shoulder quite 60’s but modern nonetheless. Loved the longer length from the looks very sleek and pared back almost but Oh so chic! With the practical purse/bag for your phone and lipstick (right?) what else do you need?

chanel-couture-spring-2016-runway_CHA0159 _CHA0183 _CHA0441 _CHA0607 _CHA0699 _CHA0761 _CHA0917 _CHA0945 _CHA1003 _CHA1039 _CHA1105 _CHA1175 _CHA1203 _CHA1468Photos from Vogue


Chanel has a lot of prints in this collection, very colourful and plentiful. The prints have quite a graphic aesthetic with almost this idea of a futuristic tweed, stripy and check in lots of blues red and whites (& a little yellow…). I also love the catwalk like a giant airport, where everyone is in constant flux going from one place to another. I loved the black and yellow writings strips print that I thought was brilliantly beautiful.

_CHA0061 _CHA0067 _CHA0105 _CHA0127 _CHA0131 _CHA0137 _CHA0199 _CHA0229 _CHA0263 _CHA0277 _CHA0289 _CHA0313 _CHA0321 _CHA0447 _CHA0456 _CHA0496 _CHA0512 _CHA0540 _CHA0696 _CHA0822 _CHA0882Photos from Vogue Runway

Chance or cercle prive?


Every Chanel show is continuing to be or having to be a show stopper or you can call it an instagram meltdown, and this time it’s Chanel Casino. With is private circle of invited, Julianne Moore (which I totally adore!) and Kristen Stewart, G Dragon Rita Ora, Vanessa Paradis and her daughter, a highly cercle very prive and very cinematic indeed.

photo 2.PNGphoto 1.PNG

_015_CHA0281_026_CHA0401_004_CHA0195_040_CHA0527_A2X1017_003_CHA0175_042_CHA0553_045_CHA0575_061_CHA0731_038_CHA0513_A2X1560 _A2X1659_051_CHA0631 _A2X1369-1 _053_CHA0651_039_CHA0517-1 _067_CHA0819Photo from

My favourite looks so far from Paris Haute Couture

Haute Couture are always my favourite shows! I love the glamour the ideas, the inspiration, and how much the ideas can be pushed and the drama it all creates. It’s not the average clothing to wear on a day to day but it’s all about having that imagination that is set loose. What I also love with couture show is that although it is unattainable cost wise, the look itself can be recreated (loosely) from a detail you liked or a shape that you found interesting, or a silhouette that caught your eye.

image-9 copy

image-9 copy 5

image-9 copy 2

Couture is Schiaparelli and this time with no main designer. The vision for the collection seems a bit lost. It’s more a classic approach and more diluted, looks that you could imagine were from Schiaparelli but no whaou moments.
image-10 copy

image-10 copy 2

Chanel is always synonymous of couture, bien sure! This time it’s a magical all electronic floral garden that Lagarfeld dreamed up. I Love the crop jackets that looks as if they shrunk in the wash. There is an odd combination of 60’s silhouettes mixed with Edwardian hats galore, an ankle gazing length on the dresses and beanies all wrapped around lots and lots of electronic flowers (that apparently took 6 months to make!). Is that our future? Sound a bit too science fiction to my taste but hey it’s Chanel!

What I didn’t like so much is the expression on the girls, they were a bit moody… anyhow Chanel is always beautiful, extraordinaire and a bit dreamy…

image-10 copy 4

image-10 copy 3

I feel this time the flowers stole the show. I mean look at the intricacy of those on this dress! It’s like they are coming alive! I mean I am a sucker for flowers, anything floral and this definitely will be haunting my dreams.


Giambattista imagined an impossible conversation between Janis Joplin and Coco Chanel, so fun and interesting as always. So both women love men’s clothing. Each wears it in an unique way and make it their own that is still so feminine.

image-9 copy 3

image-9 copy 4

I love fluffiness of the skirts the ho so flouncy silk, the frilly tops, the embroidered details that are so Vali, but then you have the little Jacket that is so Coco, and the cocktail dresses layered with trousers so Janis. Again those things can be recreated in what you own in your wardrobe or at least make you think how you layer your clothes or otherwise you could do a bit of vintage shopping down at the market. Lots of inspiration you can draw from all these looks.


image-9 copy 6


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Chanel Dubai

So Chanel goes to Dubai, loose long printed Paul Poiret inspired collection with big hair! and harem trousers obviously… Love it all! You can take that kind of inspiration for the summer non? that kind of nonchalance and chicness of those looks, is ideal for the summer. Well London is finally under a good sun spell, with 25 degree expected this weekend! houpi!


_L1R0900.450x675 _L1R0605.450x675








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So Ok it’s supermarket Chanel and look it’s 100% Chanel too! Joke aside, I kind of like the fresh energy this collection gives off. It’s very young, you could see girls dressed like that in the street. well a less posh version obviously. Again here all the girls are on flats, either trainers or a trainer boot version. It all convey a confident and strong women.




I love the lace bottom of this dress combined with the length of the coat (with short sleeves) balanced with the long gloves. really like that look easy to reproduce in a less expansive Chanel expenditure.




I really like the superposition of the long jacket and short cape/jacket on top, it makes the outfit.


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