So Dior has some interesting looks, quite a few prints thrown in with black and lots classic silhouette but with a twist. Quite demure with hair and vampy with the dark lips. It shows quite a classic lady but looking closer not as much as it looks. I really like the colours used with the prints, it has again a collage quality and with and indian / wallpaper inspiration? not too sure… but strangely likes those looks.  _DIO0213 _DIO0381 _DIO0405 _DIO0441 _DIO0483 _DIO0767 _DIO0791 _DIO0879 _DIO0899 _DIO0931


So Dior was with no creative director, and it was the team of the collection who pulled it through, collective people working together that seems to be very trendy right now.

I really enjoyed this collection! It was freer, younger and appealing. It was no some structured and no so much Dior image, more of an interpreted version of Dior for today’s generation.

There was lots resemblance from the effortless looks that we normally see with Marc Jacobs, Prada, Marni… I felt sometime it needed a bit of direction but mostly it will be interesting to see what’s next for the brand.

_DIO0713 _DIO0071 _DIO0587 _DIO0561 _DIO0051 _DIO0455 _DIO0089 _DIO1014 _DIO0031 _DIO0974


Photo from Vogue Runway.com

Couture mash up

So as most of you well informed people already know the Fall Haute Couture show has started!! And as you are so well informed you know by now that I am also late! but in fashion lateness is ok, and I have been enjoying too much my first 4th of July in New York, so I haven’t been blogging a lot… (and any spare time has been dedicated to my class presentation happening tomorrow at Parson’s, I will share with you all my mood boards and all once it’s over I can relax a little..)

Revenons a nos moutons, (meaning let’s get back to the subject here!) ZTHE COUTURE!! yes so I decided this time to put it all mixed up as it is nice to see together what designers are thinking and imagining in their looks.

_DIO0199 _DIO0583 _DIO0931

Dior Fall 2015 Couture_ULY0077 _ULY0315 _ULY0962 Ulyana Sergeenko Fall 2015 Couture_ULY1492 _ULY1645 _ULY1858 GValli16Giambattista Vali Fall 2015 Couturebalmain-001-1366 balmain-017-1366 Balmain Resort 2016 Ok I admit that’s the odd one out! but I found those intricate lacy (?) dresses so chic and very sexy couldn’t resist!!KIM_0730-1 KIM_0833Schiaparelli Fall 2015 Couture in her signature pink obviously! I love that head drawing print (is that how you said it?) Anyway loved it..

Photo from Style.com


Dior Couture

As I was “stranded” yesterday with Eurostar all afternoon, (I only managed to get to Paris past 10pm) all I could see on my Instragam feed (that was my main saviour, aside my new Vogue that practically read all of it) was DIOR, DIOR! And how everyone was gushing how amazing it was posting blurred images of the looks.  Anyway today, I recovered my horrible Eurostar journey (and slept until 12pm…)  I had a look for my self on Style.com, and I can agree it is really sublime.

My personal favourite is the take on the long embroidered jackets, they are divine! The futuristic jewellery is gorgeous too and really allows the clothe a sense of modern take on them.

















Photos from Style.com


As I must I have mentioned before Couture shows are my favourites. They tend to be so inspirational, dreamy, and so much details you tend to miss too. Here are some details I would like to share with you from Dior Haute Couture Spring Summer 13 show.

These gloves are to die for! I mean they are a piece of art. So much skills must have gone into these! I love these so much. Such a delicate piece, would keep them in box and just look at them or maybe frame them ? well as if I can afford haute couture, they must be the price of car or something.

I found this photo so beautiful I had to share it with you somehow. It looks like a bunch of flowers thrown in the air. It’s like this moment in the air. And the transparency showing the legs and shoes, it’s so magical.

La nouvelle Mademoiselle Dior

the new word is elegance.

Beautiful shapes, lots of pointy toes in the shoes, and overall a pared down look.

I love the delicate prints, embroidered, so chic and wonderful. Such a classic Dior shape, simple lines and a delicacy to the collection. I always seems to prefer haute couture collection, as it is so stylish and it allows to dream. It is all about the dream, of maybe, one day looking this elegant.

photos from Style.com

Raf Simons for Dior

Breathtaking collection! Raf Simons first collection for Christian Dior, is so simply gorgeous and sublime there is no words to describe it!

I means it is such a contrast from what John Galliano sensibility and vision for Dior was. I am completely in love with all the new collection from Raf Simons. It’s like he went back to simplicity and let the clothes do the talking. And obviously it’s all about the silhouette, what Christian Dior was all about in the first place.

I love the prints used on the strapless gowns too, looks like a painting. The colours are wonderfully timeless and chic, look at the bright red, and yellows. And to start with a tuxedo shaped after Dior’s iconic Bar jacket as the first look was brilliant. It’s one of the most distinctive silhouettes in fashion, and makes such an impact to start the show like that.

It’s official, this collection is my favourite of all, sorry for the millions pictures. I have to start saving now to get a piece of those.

Photos from Style.com