Lodon’s week of fashion

HEY! More 70’s vibes and womanly looks from London town.

Was enjoying too much my time away in Brittany and France that completely forgot about Fashion and obviously fashion week…

So decided to mix & match some looks from some of the shows that I enjoyed while catching up this afternoon.

Felder Felder impression is quite 70’s rebel woman with a bowie feel, a confident lady indeed.

I know I will always definitely like Emilia Wickstead collection’s without any doubt, just because it’s so elegant, chic and timeless. Here again it doesn’t disappoint. I love the feathered shawl with the conservative blue dress so chic will definitely copy that! (Even more so, now that I fell upon a gorgeous white feathered shawl found at Portobello market dated from the 50’s hardly worn!) I also love her little edge with the patent suit and a bit of plaited with the shine of the black it really does work and make it so cool and wearable!

And to finish a bit of Holly Fulton, that can be always a little fun addition. Here it’s very much an evening pieces and dressed up affair. I love the white coat dreaming of it right now!







Photos from Style.com

Holly Red

My favourite print designer (well ok being honest after Mary Katrantzou), I LLLOOOVEEEE her! So this collection starts with red (my favourite colour!) and her classic art deco style that her prints are so imbued with. An overalls/dress? I kind of work, non?

This patchwork gorgeousness of skirt is stunning, worn with flat men’s shoes and black socks, love it, so London, isn’it?

Such a cute look, love the red lips and red heart earrings (easy look to redo), with the sweet loop drawing on the top and skirt. So girly and feminine but kept an element of toughness with the men’s shoes (again!)…

Such a nice combination of prints, a nice subtlety with white and black with red. Like the flowers and lines juxtaposition and on the jacket, some curves and patchwork so riche and almost like a delicate composition. Ok going a bit bonkers here, anyhow, off to Tesco (no meat involved…) for my weekly shop, see you later…

Photo from Style.com


Holly Fulton Fall 2012 RTW
Photos from Style.com

I really like the strong prints and colours


Holly Fulton Spring 2012 RTW was delicious ! love it so fun and playful love her inspiration behind it!

Holly Fulton is a fashion maximalist. She also revels in bad taste—and she’ll admit as much herself. “I love it,” she said after her show this afternoon. “Stupendous bad taste, it totally inspires me.” What makes Fulton compelling is that she doesn’t do camp; her affection for the gauche is totally sincere. Her strategy is to take the cringe-worthy and make it chic. That’s a tough trick, but Fulton has a habit of pulling it off, as she did again this season.
Fulton’s latest collection was inspired by, as she explained, the idea of a woman who blows her vacation budget on clothes, and so instead of heading to Saint-Tropez, goes to the tacky English resort town of Margate. She treated the seaside theme very literally, applying shells and shell laminate as embellishment, and creating an aquarium print and embroideries based on coral. There were also crystals, checkerboard and zebra motifs, and foulard prints, as well as the Deco-esque illustration that is a Fulton trademark. As noted, she’s a maximalist.” (from Style.com