Marc Jacobs did it once more, a dark Beetlejuice kind of vibe, gothic chic, black eyes with dark lips. I love those strong elements thrown in with the delicate prints and feminine bows, the sequins, all that mix makes an interesting collection. All and all very inspiring and bizarrely wearable.

_MON0497 _MON1027 _MON0631 _MON1221 _MON0601 _MON1371 _MON1247 _MON0297 _MON0121 _MON1279 _MON0513photos from Vogue


Yes Marc Jacobs did it again, a very New Yorker show, full of personalities interesting and loud.  I found interesting how now you can follow how you feel and express your self in how you dress and not necessarily follow trends. He is saying my yourself, ( as everyone else is taken!) and be proud be unique from a positive side of being individual and thats what find so cool and refreshing. Each girl is different and is allowed to be. Also the prints are wonderful and again all have different influences. It adds a richness to the clothes that bring them to life. So in fewer words, I LOVE IT!

_A2X0093 _A2X0041 _A2X0081 _A2X0115 _A2X0141 _A2X0155_GAS0216 _A2X0163 _A2X0195 _A2X0207

_GAS0288_A2X0219 _A2X0247 _GAS0348_A2X0407 _GAS0621_A2X0419 _GAS0645_A2X0455 _GAS0722_A2X0617 _A2X0629 _A2X0683 _A2X0755 _A2X0793

_GAS1328Photo from Vogue Runway


Marc by Marc Jacobs reboot from the two co-designers Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier, well London is apparently all over New York fashion week as London is so on trend right now, or should we say cool. So both british co-designers made the now called MBMJ so fresh, fun and young, very feminine with an though edge. I really liked it! well i know everyone is talking about it..


I love those volume skirts and tulle, and the little fitted jacket, so vintagy and has a Dickens feel non?



Again big volume at the bottom and oversized jumper with giant bow, LOVE! this should be overkill but it works, it’s cool strong and I can see myself recreating this look.


Again and again in LOVE! so cool and this time very oversized jumper, very nonchalent and so so cool…


Photo by

Hair from Marc by Marc Jacobs

Ok I know Marc by Marc Jacobs was ages ago, but I need to share my fantasy of having one day (not it will ever happen… my hair soooo straight…) this crazy bangs and a red lips like that.

I mean that hair is sssooo cool! I know all the girl who have curly unruly hair must hate me by now. But you always want what you don’t have.. sight…

Ok after that one, it’s just one more can’t help myself. Might try to see if Boots still stock some heated curler and have a go? not sure I can actually be bother, especially when after all the effort my hair will go back to being straight after a mere 30mn or so.

Not sure I can actually be bother, especially when after all the effort my hair will go back to being straight after a mere 30mn or so. Anyway I would probably hate it by then. Ho well, wishful thinking…

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What a show, Marc knows how to do it! I love Daniel deBuren implication with those staircases. Love the Selfridges yellow and greens, but all the squares and geometry works so well. Love how the girls walking together create an opposite, like a twin but negative positive kind of vibe. Love it! Seriously thinking to start saving especially when looking at those shoes!

VUI_0535.1366x2048VUI_0243.1366x2048 VUI_0291.1366x2048 VUI_0126.1366x2048 VUI_0205.1366x2048 VUI_0354.1366x2048 VUI_0083.1366x2048 VUI_0331.1366x2048 VUI_0141.1366x2048 VUI_0372.1366x2048VUI_0568.1366x2048


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Love that crazy Marc Jacobs vison again! I would love to have a smart train (Staff?) to carry my very chic Louis Vuitton luggage.

In a white mood

Loved loved loved loved loved Louis Vuitton show and Chanel’s !!! here are my best looks and selection of both shows…

so romantic poetic and beautiful like a dream… ha wished could own some Chanel one day…. still can dream my friend with what’s left on my bank account!

love the clash of pink prints and the black and white carreaux

and leaving the best for last, LOVE this shade of green ho so chic, and how the bags are held with a this knot around it so unusual and cool… and this model is my favourite, her lips are like one of a doll.

Chanel Spring 2012 RTW Photo from

Now Louis Vuitton also in a white gentle mood with a madame look that is so me!

love the carousel horses behind too reminds me of my childhood

the subtle lace colour variation is so beautiful and makes this look interesting also love the addition of the lace peter pan collar, might have to add it in my wardrobe, even though I hate wearing high neck tops as I feel I can’t breath, that’s why my wardrobe is full of V necks…

madame ? oui but with a twist, look at those neon stripped mules!

love the the blue lace impression onto the striped/carreaux coat

this is not my all time favourite, but liked the shoes so much it kind of swayed me, such cool shoe, that to be honest I will never find anywhere to actually wear them, but that’s what fashion is about really, isn’t it? to make you dream.

So I will secretly dream to wear them in my fantasy life that will not happen in my real life…. not making sense any more so better move on to the next image.

the mint green and stripy shoes works, such an translatable idea for my wardrobe

had to put Kate, she is ssssoooo cool, that it becomes annoying but we still can’t stop loving her, it looks like she just stepped off her wedding (it gives this impression maybe because of the shoes in white) the dress is amazing on her she can pull off anything this girl…

Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 RTW Photo from

kept the best for last again, hopefully you will bother scrolling all the way down, this is such a cool look, looks like it’s coming straight out of Vogue editorial no?

love the shape and colour of the silhouette, so delicate cute feminine a mood between girl and women and playful with the sweet tiara. For me this girls is coming out of a birthday party, well anyway in my weird wild imagination…

go figure how I come up with theses…

will do the must inspiration from the catwalks to wardrobe post soon…Still working on it.



Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 RTW (photos from

Marc strikes again! this collection is unbelievably good! Now looking forward to one day being rich enough to afford most of his looks (which will happen probably in another life as so broke right now…) never mind we can always dream can we?