Mary Katranzou is back with cowboy, and fancy wear, dress up, inspiration, with lots of feminine hearts, frills, mixed with tartan, trousers and headscarves. It’s a little retro especially the head scarf worn this way, and old lady like but I love the colourful prints mixed into the tartan, it’s almost like a collage patch work feel. It find it cool and modern.  KIM_1830 KIM_1810 KIM_2192 KIM_1852 KIM_2232 KIM_2122Photos from Vogue

Mary and bubble wrap


Yes this is a sense to this title!

She used to use bubble wrap as a cover/mattress (?) to sleep in her atelier. This I found out with the AMAZING itunes “conversation in fashion” with Kinvara Balfour. I am totally obsessed!!! (almost crazy obsession, watched last night as couldn’t sleep.. like at 2 in the morning.. ok no comment!) Watched Mary Katrantzou, Manolo Blahnik, Anna Wintour, Anya Hinchmarch, Charlotte Olympia… ok kind of obsessed! Some are little old as this one from Mary Katrantzou, and were showing her shoe inspired collection, and re-saw the show. Couldn’t resist not showing this lovely dress! (jacket?) LOVE!!!!!


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Mary Katrantzou

Ok so this time round, it’s shoes, that the story behind it! hum was not so sold in the first few looks but the more looks came out the more I warmed up to her collection. so here are a few of my favourites. I still love her though, ok I am obsessed wit her! I admit…

I love this pleated strapless dress, so sweet, and effective. this one was based on the brogue. the other two were sneakers, which I liked less, except for that one there. And the slipper evening shoes all embroidered, which you can tell I love!

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Mary Ho Mary

I really like this new collection, such a departure from the last one. The beauty of the prints are unreal! such a delicacy and femininity, that come trough the clothes. It’s much muted tones and quite a change from her last summer collection.I love the softness and poetry coming from the nature inspired prints. I am not sure about the spok hair cut,  but the new hair short short and short (like mine really).

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Mary Katrantzou Fall 2012 RTW
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love the gorgeousness of these crazy coloured prints, so crazy that it becomes chic.