Wonderful prints, very ethereally wild darkish mood, I love this collection! Almost haute couture in the finish, the inspiration was Schiaparelli and her surrealist work. The beaded/embroidered long dresses were spectacular and as I am posting this I am off to the beach at Copacabana post 6, to do a little work out.. (this is the life right!)KIM_0041 KIM_0656 KIM_0417 KIM_0171 KIM_0802 KIM_0055 KIM_0713 KIM_0081 KIM_0747Photos from Vogue


Fairytale McQueen, on Beauty and the beast. Such a strong collection. Love that collar with the ribbon, a victorian addition? But with the darker colour it adds another element to the look.



Gentle furry beast, yes please!



This is by far my favourite look ever! so beautiful I want it! the feathers at the bottom just make all the more magical.


Photo from


Loved this collection so much, I know I am super late talking about the McQueen show but better talk now than never non?

The bee idea is so clever and the clothes are divine! There is a delicacy and femininity that is so present. Such a beautiful celebration of spring summer time.

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Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 RTW (photo from

loved the beautiful feminine sexy silhouette of the girls