Ok Crazy blogging sunday, I blogging again, I know, but don’t worry I don’t spend all my time blogging away! I bought all the weekly food shop, cooked, wrote a little letter for my grand-mother, drew some snakes for a print I am creating for the brand Etoiles, and wrote some important emails too. As well this morning, I watched live from their new autumn winter collection for 2014.

I couldn’t resist talking about their latest show…  I am currently in love with the new bag in town, the Suffolk.


I felt the ready to wear was so strong this season, I always feel Mulberry does better at Autumn winter than summer shows. It’s probably because of the weather (we wear winter clothes almost all year round, well ok not maybe 2 months in the year, if we get lucky..).

I liked the combination of dark wintery colours and the bright pop of colour the bags would bring to the outfit. I definitely felt this time Mulberry went for high quality and you could feel it in all the collection. Less craziness and more focus, more quality and that’s what’s making this collection so strong.

I like how Emma played with the layering, big check knit over short sequin skirt over trousers. I looks so comfy and chic.  Would wear it if that jumper would fit into my coat! well I know next season trend is all oversized coats.

Liked that floral print, and again those long leather gloves! That print reminds me of an older print they had few season ago. It works well with the colour of the bag she is holding.

Really like that forest green, such a nice colour for winter time, and that jacket is kind of classic english non?

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Loved this Mulberry collection, so strong in the ready to wear! So many prints, the colours are really well chosen, love the chinoiserie,the summer tweed in light green. The printed bags are so much fun, and love the new little clutch bag! The shoes are also nice and cool. But my greatest crush is those jacket, I mean there are everywhere! I love the suit jacket trousers combo will definitely be one of my buys. Love also the all white suit, so chic! Really liked that collection.MUL_0311.1366x2048 MUL_0052.1366x2048 MUL_0021.1366x2048 MUL_0061.1366x2048 MUL_0266.1366x2048 MUL_0123.1366x2048 MUL_0390.1366x2048


Mulberry Fall 2012 RTW
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I am completely in love with this collection, I love the DelRey in Silky snake bronze and the belted scarves and the fur coats and the crazy all o


Just saw Mulberry Fall 2012 RTW show live on their website, loved & loved every minute of it. Especially the beautiful bespoke White Ostrich Del Rey bag inspired by American songstress Lana Del Rey.

It reminds the shape of the Louis Vuitton Speedy, except it looks more elegant I think.

It recalls the shape of the doctor bag but done with a twist that gives it more of a cool edge. At the same it feels like it is quite a practical bag. All that I like (and look for) in a bag. It looks so classic and ladylike, non?

Anyway it will be released in May and now it’s time to start saving, as it will be definitely one of my future bag to have in my collection.

I loooovvveeeddd the ready to wear too, will post photos soon.

Here is a little photo of Lana Del Rey herself taken from the Mulberry Blog.

Have a look, they also talk about the launch of the new Del Rey bag.

As it is Mulberry, I am allowed.

Mulberry Spring 2012 RTW (all photos from

Love the gorgeousness of the sexy romantic feel of the girls, they are all so effortlessly cool and chic. HHo as I wished I could get dressed like that everyday !