So I know I am late in fashion week term as New York fashion week is already over and London’s is about to start! but I had to share those looks with you. First of all look at Karlie, and this cute hair! Looks a bit like mine but (mine is longer obviously can’t pull off such short hair cut!) she looks so fierce! I was thinking my hair was too short and too flat but now looking at this hair do I feel better.


Anyway, going back to the fashion, I love those two looks with the little flared skirts, so sweet and cool with those oversized jumper! was not aware I was so ahead of fashion, as this is basically my day to day uniform for work. I wear my pencil skirt (not as nice flared skirtie one like those..) and my comfy oversized cashmere or merino jumper. So one trend basically! And I now that I have the hair just need sunglasses!

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Photo from Style.com

A la Oscar

Wear it a la Oscar…

A pretty printed dress with long leather gloves, so chic…

Love how the print is spread around the dress, and the colour combination of the satin shoes and gloves (again!)

Very elegante Cara could not resist.. she is kind of the girl of the moment and she is so much fun to follow on instagram.

Beautiful shades put it together, it’s so stunning and chic, love it. And these gloves are everywhere!

I love this model too, her lips are amazing, she looks like a doll. Again you would have though, red lips matching with the pink gloves…

Photos from Style.com