So Dior has some interesting looks, quite a few prints thrown in with black and lots classic silhouette but with a twist. Quite demure with hair and vampy with the dark lips. It shows quite a classic lady but looking closer not as much as it looks. I really like the colours used with the prints, it has again a collage quality and with and indian / wallpaper inspiration? not too sure… but strangely likes those looks.  _DIO0213 _DIO0381 _DIO0405 _DIO0441 _DIO0483 _DIO0767 _DIO0791 _DIO0879 _DIO0899 _DIO0931

Stella Jean

Stella Jean’s collections are always my favourites, this one was looking at the waste in the fashion industry and using left over or thrown away materials and how to create something wonderful out of it. I love her use of colours and how she mixes all the combinations of different prints. _LUC0659 _LUC0683 _LUC0845 _LUC0897Photos from Vogue Runway.com


Graphic delicacy and chic those are the words that comes to my mind. Loved the lines drawn onto the clothes almost enveloping the girls. The rich intricate patterns with sheer fabric, the strong colours and mix of prints all of those are details that I really enjoyed in this collection.

_ARC0048 _ARC0088 _ARC0352 _ARC0374 _ARC0396 _ARC0418 _ARC0440-1 _ARC0694 _ARC0718Photos from Vogue Runway.com


So again following with the dark mood, it’s black eyes all round, and lots of superpositions that only Dries Von Noten knows how to create. I have to say this isn’t my most loved collection, it’s too animal print to my liking, but I did love, (LOVE!!!) some the looks. It transpire more evening too, and much more wintery, (or maybe it just me? it’s very hot in Rio right now and living only with the fan on!) but it is of course as always a very lady like a bit darker but such an elegant lady that goes to elaborate parties for sure.

I am seeing a lot of this darker mood from the shows lately, Marc Jacobs surely was one of them, it’s all inspired from the pre world war decades, the 20’s, 30’s 40’s and surely is present in this show too. Maybe it’s the economic times that makes us feel this way? And also in the make up you see a much more defined black eyes or dark berry/wine lips like in Mary Katrantzou’s show.

Anyway going back to this collection, the men’s wardrobe is very present lots of suits, animal print, stripes all mixed up with fur, sequins and silk pyjama style trousers that are very elegant and figure lengthening. Lots of elements you can incorporate in how to dress and that why I love so much Dries everything is done so naturally and worn with so much chic.

_ARC1819 _ARC0943 _ARC1055 _ARC1347 _ARC1001 _ARC1303 _ARC1453 _ARC0911 _ARC1077 _ARC1165 _ARC1687 _ARC1265 _ARC1551 _ARC1869 _ARC2063 _ARC1413 _ARC1115Photos from Vogue Runway.com


Mary Katranzou is back with cowboy, and fancy wear, dress up, inspiration, with lots of feminine hearts, frills, mixed with tartan, trousers and headscarves. It’s a little retro especially the head scarf worn this way, and old lady like but I love the colourful prints mixed into the tartan, it’s almost like a collage patch work feel. It find it cool and modern.  KIM_1830 KIM_1810 KIM_2192 KIM_1852 KIM_2232 KIM_2122Photos from Vogue Runway.com


Erdem this time is into 40’s sober look with a feminine and long silhouette  and florals on dark backgrounds. High neck lines and delicate collars, or long floating ribbons with an open loop at the front, it’s demure but so elegant and chic. It’s a restrained vision but it is enriched with the intricate work from the flowers decorating those dark outfits. Everything look like pure elegance and refinement such a magnificent collection. It looks almost vintage to me, maybe it is in recreating this refinment that old clothes seemed to emanate, basically I want everything! KIM_0295 KIM_0063 KIM_0333 KIM_0563 KIM_0421 KIM_0267Photos from Vogue Runway.com


So I haven’t been very up to date with everything on the blog recently. Last weekend I have been robbed and that has shaken me up be quite a bit. I have had lot of chance and indeed been very protected. But my iphone is gone and I am still mourning this loss. It crazy how much you get attached to thing isn’it… But I am well and moving on to better things as we say.

Anyway going back to the fashion here, Burberry is in a 70’s mood again in a very colourful London kind of way. It’s almost a bit tougher than what we used to, not all sweet and pastel”y”. This time it’s complex indain”y” prints or tartan but in sage greens, or a mustard yellow. Quite modern but with a very strong London attitude. I like that, makes more interesting and appealing. _BUR0931 _BUR0031 _BUR0969 _BUR0373 _BUR0181 _BUR0703 _BUR0469 _BUR0351 _BUR0879 _BUR1043Photos from Vogue Runway.com


Marc Jacobs did it once more, a dark Beetlejuice kind of vibe, gothic chic, black eyes with dark lips. I love those strong elements thrown in with the delicate prints and feminine bows, the sequins, all that mix makes an interesting collection. All and all very inspiring and bizarrely wearable.

_MON0497 _MON1027 _MON0631 _MON1221 _MON0601 _MON1371 _MON1247 _MON0297 _MON0121 _MON1279 _MON0513photos from Vogue Runway.com


Wonderful prints, very ethereally wild darkish mood, I love this collection! Almost haute couture in the finish, the inspiration was Schiaparelli and her surrealist work. The beaded/embroidered long dresses were spectacular and as I am posting this I am off to the beach at Copacabana post 6, to do a little work out.. (this is the life right!)KIM_0041 KIM_0656 KIM_0417 KIM_0171 KIM_0802 KIM_0055 KIM_0713 KIM_0081 KIM_0747Photos from Vogue Runway.com


So Givenchy is showing a smaller collection full of sparkling details. I love the length, the transparency and the volume of it’s dresses, you can see their beauty really well in this video. I am so in the opposite of those length right now in the heat of summer in Brazil and desperate to move finally to Rio. Once there you will get a glimpse of my new life about to start. Can’t wait!

YouTube Preview Image

_MON0337 _MON0910 _MON0780 _MON0995 _MON0420Photos from Vogue Runway.com