Graphic delicacy and chic those are the words that comes to my mind. Loved the lines drawn onto the clothes almost enveloping the girls. The rich intricate patterns with sheer fabric, the strong colours and mix of prints all of those are details that I really enjoyed in this collection.

_ARC0048 _ARC0088 _ARC0352 _ARC0374 _ARC0396 _ARC0418 _ARC0440-1 _ARC0694 _ARC0718Photos from Vogue Runway.com


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So today it’s a double whammy a video and photos of my favourite looks from Peter Pilotto new collection. Sorry for the non Brazilian speaker here (as the video is from Vogue Brazil.. but you see the images non?), but as I am gearing up for Brazil I am into full Brazil mode and watching lots of things on Brazil or Brazil related… As most Brazilian think I am completely bonkers to go now as the country is having major problems economically and politically but hey there is sense in the madness…

Anyway today is about Pilotto and it’s very pastel colours palette with very feminine delicate pieces even based from men’s staple item that is the shirt. A much more softer version of what we can wear for spring and summer.

_PET0013 _PET0049 _PET0065 _PET0209 _PET0235 _PET0271 _PET0335

Photos from Vogue Runway


Peter Pilotto Spring 2012 RTW (Photo from Style.com)

Love the tassel shoes! definitely on my purchase list for next summer!