thrunk show

So yes last saturday I had my little trunk show event at the Wolf and badger store. It felt so supported by all my friends. Even though most couldn’t make it, I was never left alone at the store. I even made a cake! a carrot cake.

cake home

Here it is in the home, and me wondering how the hell am I going to bring to Dover street!

front photo stand

My little stand at the front of the store… I improvised with prop of books bought in oxfam in mad rush to come for the thrunk show, but works non? Everybody really liked the book idea…

good close up stand

side photo stand

cake eatenIMG_0394



tea time

Been quite busy lately, but last weekend on my way home, I walked passed a really sweet Oxfam store, with a nice little window display. As I had to wait for the bus anyway (and the bus stop is right next door) I popped in for a quick look. I found this great cd on the greatest hits of Edith Piaf (that now I know most on them by heart, been listening non-stop!). But found this sweet tea pot for £4! So happy been looking a new tea pot for a few months now, can’t find one with a strainer, but this one had one and works fine!

In the pictures, you have my beautiful new teapot (and much loved!) and my posh tea cup my friend gave few years ago. And a beautiful and delicious Jasmine tea from a small shop off New Bond street. It’s called tea postcard (is it? can’t remember any more), on 9 Derring Street W1S. They do the most beautiful tea with a very high quality in amazing packaging.

Christmas food!! lots and lots more.

So here are all the lovely photos of my Christmas feast…

I started with the blinis making, made the batter and here is the set up to fry them…



look at theses, it’s so much fun making them. I really recommend trying to make it. All the recipes are from the books I mentioned in my previous post on Christmas cooking.


having tea and frying up some blinis nonchalantly..


leaving them to cool, I moved on to the Chocolate cake… god I thought that cake would never end, it’s quite long to produce.


so first you melt the chocolate au bain marie so it doesn’t burn… and then let it cool.


I then moved onto mixing the flour baking powder, sugar, sunflower spread blah blah blah… that took a while and was quite boring so much so, look to what happen to my company…



My mom wasn’t feeling so great so she went to lie down a little and my step-father, Sebastien was my assistant in the kitchen. However he kinda fell asleep on his chair in the kitchen by the Dyson…

Anyway he was a lot more helpful later on with the washing up and peeling potatoes for the roast.


Here is the cake out of the oven. I let it cool down a bit and put it on its own dish.

I moved on to the icing…


mixing away the chocolate icing and soon it will be ready to dollop onto the cake…


delicious hum… actually there is still some left, although that doesn’t mean it wasn’t nice everyone liked it, it’s just too much fooood…

While all of this was happening, the beef rib was roasting away with the potatoes…



Look at that! We ate it all, it was the best piece of beef I ever had…


by around 5pm or so mum felt better so she entered the action in blinis dressing..


Much more appetizing non?

So the cake is finally ready and beautiful!

So then the only thing left to make is the smoked salmon tartelette.

With puff pastry here I put the mix in.

Voila 10 minutes later here it is all cooked and ready!


A close up on the beautiful tartelette seating on the table, ready to be eaten…


Hum and to that was added Champagne of course. We all had a wonderful Christmas eve diner and opened our presents before desert.

On Christmas morning I made some scones for breakfast and at lunch we had left over as usual, now nothing is left…


I hope you all had wonderful Christmas diner and beautiful presents…

Getting all christmasy

Ok first of all I need to apologize for not blogging a lot lately (well at all really).

As you know Christmas is upon us, and my work has been getting pretty hectic.

Anyway I thought today (as it is finally one weekend I can stay home and relax) I would like to share some of my Christmas recipes ideas for this year….

I haven’t decided what meat to cook yet. Last year I cooked a goose for Christmas eve, but it was so elaborated and complicated that I decided to stay away from birds this year and cook something different…

here are few suggestions…

page 155 from Meat, Game & Poultry Cookbook (Sarah Banbery consultant editor) Love food Parragon Books ltd 2006

Same book as previously, on page 149.

I will cook some vegetables and some roasted potatoes to accompany the meat.

Otherwise for the starter, or more like nibbles, I have a few ideas, but definitely smoked salmon will be in the menu!

page 50 from Learn to cook wheat, gluten and dairy free: 100 step-by-step recipes by Antoinette Savill, Grub Street London 2009

As I don’t have a very good digestive system, I rely a lot on this amazing book!             I already made some really lovely scones twice. I really would like to try this one as buckwheat floor has no gluten and I am sure it tastes much better than the shop bought ones.

Same book as before, on page 30. These look so delicious I am so tempted to make some!

Ok now for the piece de resistance that you all been waiting for… (ok a bit too dramatic…)

Still the same book, on page 130. I am really excited about this one!

I have never made chocolate cake like that before and especially guilt free for me too!

Obviously on Christmas we will drink Champagne… obviously a family tradition!

That’s all!

I will make all my menu on Christmas eve, and will take lots of photo maybe even films to show you how it all worked out.

Need to leave now, next tuesday it’s Mulberry Christmas party! so excited will show you all the photos and more…

Paris things

So here are the few things I am bringing back from Paris to London…

Some french cheeses, the french vogue, some creams,… (La Roche Posay Nutritic they do amazing creams by the way for sensitive skins like mine, some gentle eye removal makeup toujours La Roche Posay, and finally the miracle cream that I recommend to everyone is Cicalfate by Avene. It is repair cream that helps the skin to heal fast.)

Got some Cachou La Jaunie as well, it brings me back memories of my dad, he always used to have a box with him. I also love the yellow retro style of the box and how it opens.

On the right you have my brand new Monoprix jacket that I bought on my way home after the showroom. It was an “I am freezing emergency moment”. When we all suddenly realised it’s is not summer any more.

It’s was a decent monoprix price and it’s 60% wool, quite good no?

I also added my two new books from La Hunes, La Divine Comedie by Dantes and Poesies By Rimbaud.

On this I will try to stop procrastinating and do my luggage.