inside the wardrobe

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I fell upon this video and I loved the big difference of these two Vogue editors approach to their own wardrobe and how they dress.

Well I obviously I love Bay Garnett, I love her comments too! “my posh cupboard”  “It’s the kind of jacket that could actually lead to a divorce! because it’s so expensive!”

I mean I want a posh cupboard!! that Jacket too! She a bit more messy than me ( I hope I am a bit more organised!) but I totally relate to her sense of style and her passion for odd colourful special pieces that express how you feel, express you personality. Who has time for minimalism!

The other editor is to me so safe (and to be totally honest BORING!) I can’t comprehend someone who is so neat and wear jeans and t-shirt everyday! (live a little!)

And by the way been very bad at uploading new posts recently, (enjoying NYC way too much!) and my courses started and also found an internship last week (that I am so happy and enjoying ALOT!) so my time has been a little less free to take the time to edit upon the blog, but promise I will upload more! xx

Editing for Milan & the Easy jet Dilema

I am soon going to Milan for an exhibition I am participating and is happening during the “Salon del Mobile”.

I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! Words can’t even express how excited I am!

image-6 copy 16

However going with easy jet poses problems with what to bring, so me and my mom spent hours this easter weekend looking trying editing what to bring and wear in Milan. As we both need to look very chic, but with a limited amount of things… though task!

So here it goes, here you have my edited choice…

For the opening night of the exhibition (accidentally coinciding with my 30th birthday!) I will be wearing this gorgeous vintage long dress found at Portobello market, that I absolutely love! ( I adore the print so much!)


image-6 copy 5

Along with the dress I will be wearing my pink silk scarf from La Carioca worn as a turban, and this lovely black clutch also vintage. ( mom gave it to me years ago for christmas)

image-8 copy 2

After I obviously need some options for during the day but that works for night as well and still stylish enough…



Here is my all time favourite dress (and famous as I have been pictured countless time in it!) and is another vintage find. This one has a long story, my dad actually bought it for me while he lived in Portugal on a market from an old lady for me to play dress up. One of my favourite things to do! It was so big for me then! A few years ago I found it again in an old bag all crumpled and I tried it on and it fitted me perfectly!

image-6 copy 2image-6 copy 6This lovely floral dress was a surprise find in Zara (in the sale section!) and it fits me so well. I love the almost wallpaper print of it.

image-6 copy 11

This amazing suede and leather skirt is an wonderful purchase I made while I was working at Mulberry. I bought it for such a good price, and it is so so gorgeous! ( I am a bit paranoid when I wear it though, as I become instantly petrified and scared if any liquid comes near it.. I almost go into crazy mode!) this little sheer frilly top is a sale find on Asos I got a few years ago.

image-6 copy 3image-6 copy 4This beautiful dress is a very recent find and present from my step-father! Love it! It’s from Rodier, a French brand that no longer exist. that used to be very chic, and good quality, the label says made in France. The print grabbed me instantly and again fits me so well.

image-6 copy 9

The colours came out a bit too bright on this silk shirt. It’s supposed to be a hot fuchsia with orange and turquoise. The print is from the AMAZING Celia Birtwell print designer and wife of the late Ossie Clark. I am totally obsessed with her and her work. She did a collaboration with Uniqlo a few years ago, and got this piece. This shirt looks so cool with the leather skirt you saw before.

image-6 copy 12

image-6 copy 14 image-6 copy 13

That cool cardigan is from Topshop (found in the Selfridges concession, they always have good pieces there!) I just loved it straight away! It was a bit more than I wanted to spend but so needed to have it! I would have so much regrets otherwise. image-6 copy 17

This totally precious jacket doesn’t photograph too well, as the black goes grey, and to be honest looks a lot more incredible on than on the hanger. It has another (again!) vintage find in a lovely store on brick lane called Hunky Dory. It’s a real 40’s jacket in wool with those wonderful pockets that reminds me of the saharienne from Yves Saint Laurent (that was inspired evidently from the military’s style from the 40’s). There is so much lovely details I could go on and on about it! It fits me so so well, it grabs the waist so magnificently.

image-8 copy 3 image-8 copy 4

To finish here is the bag to polish all the outfits, this stunning clutch/bag in python and fringes. A very special present from my mother, so chic and quite 70’s in it’s style. Will go with everything!

With all my luggage done, all is left is what shoes to wear… I will be wearing with everything my classic black leather knee high boots from Russell & Bromley.

Sorted! Ouf! So much decisions, now I still haven’t even looked at jewellery yet… oh god it all starts again…

inside your bag


Last night I decided to change my bag, as sometimes I like a change and to rotate my handbags. And as I took everything out of my handbag, I looked at the content of it. And was thinking about what are those things I carry all the time with me.

Well the obvious are the keys, wallet, oyster card, coin pouch, Ipod, well phone too (but used it to take that photo), and bits of make up too (red lipstick bien sure! and my indispensable concealer, some lips moisturiser…and too many hair clip although not featured in this photo) and my very important mirror, I can’t live without it.

What do you carry in your handbag?

I find it quite funny how much we carry extra or what comes with us on our daily journey, but also what bits that we can’t be without.

The bits you got back home although you are already late for work, but you can’t face the whole day without it’s help, or saviour!

Funny what we carry with us. We become so attached and our handbag becomes like almost an armor to face the day or more like a friend that helps us to get through the day.



A little view from Brussels, I was just there yesterday! Beautiful city, loved the architecture combination the mix of people and the antiques! I mean I am going back as soon I get my new flat, every furniture will come from the amazing store of “brocantes” they have there.

There is also a lot of markets, (beer too obviously) and so much vintage store too. Found this “perle rare” meaning special piece in one of them.


Don’t judge the green fake grass, it’s from my sister’s flat, her boyfriend thought it was a good idea.. not so sure but it’s funny… So this beautiful silk scarf from Pierre Balmain, loved the painted effect and the frame of the scarf.

P1070612So there you have it, my new lovely scarf full of memories from Brussels, and a lovely time with my sister. Going back into my crazy london routine, and will soon update you on my La Carioca scarf entreprise.

From my wardrobe, things I cherish

Ok first I applogise for the quantities of photographs, but I decided today to share few of my favourite things that I cherish dearly from my wardrobe.

This little Alligator handbag, is a vintage piece, it was purchased in Paris, I think when I was 16 years old. I got it in a street market where people sell what they have from their attic usually. We stubbled upon this market by accident, and I found this bag and begged my mom to get it for me. It only cost €20, but my mom was a bit reluctant to get it. However she did, and I remember really well going to New York with it (on holiday obviously) and pretending to be Holly Golightly, from Breakfast at Tifanny’s.

This sweet necklace came back from my last trip in Brazil, I recall really well that it was at the time of the Royal wedding (William & Kate), and I loved that necklace so much. However I did get a lot of comment because being the time of the Royal wedding. But it is Cindrella’s slipper’s there.

This necklace came from another trip, but this time in Sicily, I also got that one on a market and again my mom haggle a good price for this Coral necklace. Later in the trip my mum and I realised we got actually a really good price on this piece. As she told me after that the coral pieces are really long on this necklace and it must be a vintage one, as all the new coral now is much shorter (well the ones we could find, as there isn’t much left apparently, well that not for sure but that’s what we heard and understood later), as my mom tried to get one for herself, and we could not find one of this quality.

These little pendents mean a lot to me. They both come from my two grand mothers, who both of them are quite religious and catholic. These specific pendents comes from a little church/ chapel, next to Le Bon Marche in Paris. Both of my grand-mothers when they came to Paris (not together or at the same time), they went to this church and each of them bought me this pendent as a little present. So I wear it even though I am not catholic. It reminds me of them both.

This necklace, (last one I promise) comes from Brazil from the streets of Paraty, a small old colonial city in the state of Rio de Janeiro (very beautiful you must go there!). I went there on my last trip too, and with my mother too. We were strolling one evening in the streets, and saw this indien lady selling lots of these. They were all handmade and made up of things from the trees, grains and things like that. They were so beautiful, if I could I would have bought all of them. This particular one is made with a grain from a tree that is call Pau Brasil. The grains are naturally that red colour. I have several necklaces made from it, but this one is my most cherished one for sure.

Those two little clutches were both given to me by my mother. Like me she love vintage things and I noticed recently she really love vintage handbags. The first black one she actually made it herself when I think she was a teenager. So it was passed down to me. I used to play so much with it when I was little. The cream one, she gave it to me when I was 19, it’s vintage too although I am not sure where it comes from.

Finally my new treasured possession is this book I received for my previous birthday, a beautiful catalogue of the Van Cleef Arpel exhibition that took place at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. I went back in February on a very cold snowy day. It was breath takingly beautiful to see so many stunning things, you left kind of sad and half dreaming too. We couldn’t buy the catalogue at the time as it was sold out. I found it on Amazon and I will cherish it very much all my life. So with this I leave you (and will to go to sleep in a minute) with some images from the book.

Bonne nuit xx


I have been obsessed with this silk embroidered jacket for a few  months now. I saw it back in April, when at that time I purchased a little vintage fur stole as a little birthday present to myself ( I previously saw it (the fur stole) when I purchased my red coat back in January).

Here is my stunning jacket hanging in my kitchen it does look quite romantic there, by the bananas… (although I would be terrified if it fell into the sink!)

Here are other shots with other backgrounds, just to admire the beauty of this jacket, I means I feel I have the most precious thing in the world.. It’s almost like a work of art, I am absolutely in love with it! Well ok I am obsessed by it I even dreamt about it, it invaded my dreams and I couldn’t let it go, it would have broken my heart if I didn’t get it, and I would regret it forever (maybe the forever is a bit strong but you understand my passion towards this jacket).

Anyway don’t worry I did not break the bank, I simply decided to break my piggy bank. I started this piggy bank idea of saving (well originally it was for a Boy Chanel bag, but their prices keep going up and up and it depressed me a bit..) what ever I had left at the end the month and put it in the saving jar, I did it for 6 months or so (for the chanel it would have taken forever!!) and so that I can buy something a little bit more special.

A few weeks ago,I read ago on Garance blog, asking who’s wardrobe you would like to have, for me it would be no doubts Grace Coddington. I am obviously reading her book at the moment, that is probably why I would say that. However I was surprised to see how much vintage she did wear, and it made me realise how much I love vintage things too. I love the fact that is has a story or even it you don’t know it’s story you can always have wild imaginative stories around that garment.

This piece is from the early 20’s and weirdly it is kind of in fashion all because of the Gastby film came out recently.  Anyway I was also told Carey Mulligan wears a similar cape/jacket in the film at one point, will need to see it!

I leave you with this gorgeous detailing on the sleeve. kind of sounds poetic..

I also if you look closer I have updated a bit my blog and changed some of the categories to be a bit more interesting to browse.


my beautiful scarf

Went to Mulberry sample sale and found this amazingly gorgeous scarf!!! I wanted to buy it so much when we were selling it back last winter collection, but it was on the pricey side so my reason took over me and never bought it.

However when stepped into the music room the other day I saw this beauty and this time I didn’t hesitate. voila here are a few pictures of it so you can admire the details and beautifulness of my now new very adored scarf!!!


dressing for the job…

After reading Garance Dore blog this morning and finally receiving, my new book by the Sartorialist it started to make me think about style.

I loved Scott story (aka the sartorialist), that she shared on her 9 to 5 post. It really inspired me. It is underneath if some of you still don’t look at Garance wonders (aka her blog).

“Soon after I started my blog, invited me to my first fashion week in Milan. I knew there was a chance I would never go again. So I had to make a big impact quick.
I didn’t want to be confused with a pit photographer. I wanted to be seen as an editor who told his story with pictures.

Because money was tight I asked a good friend to borrow some money (investing half the money in the wardrobe and half in camera equipment) because of my years of experience in the business I felt confident that making that investment was the thing that would set me apart.”

As I work in retail, I am very lucky as I get to wear an uniform. I like it as I don’t stress out every morning with the eternal question, what the hell am I going to wear today? (and less laundry too!)

I do like Garance idea of dressing for the job that you want, not the job that you have. This is what I am slowly starting to do. It’s funny because I sometime feel like no one understands me, but then reading her blog I discover I am not alone. I have an habit of saving and then buy special pieces that are classic and that can be worn with everything. What I tend to do is I get a box or pot (some jam pot or box from la Duree) and label it and start putting all the coins and notes. I tend to collect shoes mainly and few handbags. Ok I do have shoe addiction, and collect them (since my 16-17 birthday). However I recently now started to invest in pieces I think kind of fall in the category of the job you want.

As I would like to be print designer and as well create my own brand of printed scarfs (and other things later on in the future), I started to invest in beautiful pieces like this gorgeous silk Louis Vuitton scarf made in collaboration with the artist Yayoi Kusama.

I liked it so much! As I work opposite Louis Vuitton, this scarf was looking at me everyday! I don’t tend to buy anything from them usually. But as an artist, I love Kusama’s work and loved loved ok really loved her collaboration. I just kept thinking but it’s a special piece that can be worn at any ages. I still can wear it when I am 80 years old! And it won’t loose it’s value. that’s how I shop my dear. As we all end up aging not fitting in the clothes anymore and getting fed up. so make you life easier.

It kind of make sense to build a wardrobe that works for you but also that allow you to dream and build your confidence in who you want to become.

Here to finish a little quote from Scott Schuman:

“The myth of effortless chic… There is no such thing as effortless chic. If you are secretly harboring the dream that some day you will be able to consistently, thoughtlessly reach in your closet and pull out a super chic ensemble, well, you are fighting a no-win battle with yourself.

The most stylish people I know have spent lifetimes searching for what complements their body shape, their professional and personal lifestyle, local climate and how much they can reasonably budget for this pursuit. Let me stress that this is not about how much money they have, but how attuned they are to their reality. It’s an almost zen-like sense of self-awareness. They don’t obsess daily about what they wear but they all tend to be cautious shoppers. They make the tough decisions in the dressing room, not in their closet. It stands to reason that if you only fill your closet with what works then just grabbing things from that closet will be a million times easier…hence the perception of ‘effortlessness'”

Page 183 of The Sartorialist Closer by Scott Schuman