Bronx & Frida

I went to see this exhibition of Frida Kahlo at the New York Botanical garden in the Bronx a few weeks ago, and hadn’t shared with you yet. I took me ages to get there, and the actual painting exhibit is on the small side (one room..) but the most interesting part is the garden being the New York Botanical garden.

The garden itself is worth going to see, such beautiful variety of flowers and plants very magical place indeed. I really loved the ponds, they had the most wonderful lotus flowers from different species all so stunning and lot of flowers were in bloom!

IMG_4942 IMG_4954 IMG_4962 IMG_4945 IMG_4950 IMG_4946 IMG_4964 IMG_4970IMG_4956 IMG_4959 IMG_4973 IMG_4977 IMG_4976It’s already time soon for me to leave New York, so I am trying to sort out some stuff and getting to see all the things too before I go. I will post soon on more exhibits I saw this last few days. Enjoy xx


Hampton’s galore

So as you know I have been enjoying a weekend away to the Hampton’s and enjoyed it so much! I wanted to share with you some photos I took of my cousin’s garden and of her wonderful store in Amagansett.IMG_5417

I love her house! It was full of charm but my favourite part is her glorious garden! (you know by now I have a weakness for gardens… and I painted there a lot! As you could see in my video…)


IMG_5456 IMG_5453 IMG_5463 IMG_5464 IMG_5468

It was my first time to see her store in Amagansett. My scarves are sold there. I loved the eclectic mix of the store and her approach of ” a bit of everything”. It’s very rich and a special place full of treasures that she collected during her travels in India, Brazil and lots of other exotic places.


IMG_5381 IMG_5377 IMG_5383 IMG_5386 IMG_5388IMG_5399 IMG_5401 IMG_5402 IMG_5412 They have a little gallery space as well at the back with another lovely small garden.  There is also an extra gallery space that is across the garden. IMG_5415 Here was my little set up to paint, draw/read and enjoying the sunshine…   IMG_5421

Flowers collection from different gardens I have been or even from streets

So I hope you’re enjoyed my first youtube video, and I am already planning some more! Today I am going to share photos of gardens, flowers I have collected over the years (and overcrowded my iphone tremendously!). Ok so you know I am obsessed with flowers… I found all these images as I was having a tidying up of my phone and computer and felt compelled to share them with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

IMG_1214These gorgeous small roses are from Holland Park in London.IMG_1442IMG_1444IMG_1446Some roses I just had to photograph outside my friend’s building, she was late so I was waiting outside and those roses in full bloom were just so beautiful.IMG_1532IMG_1533IMG_1539IMG_1554IMG_1569IMG_1571I saw and visited this wonderful and magical garden last summer, I was invited to a friend’s wedding in the Sussex and stayed at a B&B near by. The Morning after, the owner gave us a tour of the garden. Bearing in mind I was hangover, and (now I can tell you…) I lied & called in sick to stay for the brunch that day (a very british wedding tradition that I love!) and as a bonus saw this incredible garden, life couldn’t have been better!IMG_1898A beautiful rose I saw at the Brompton Cemetery while I was drawing and painting a while back there. I used to live very close by, such a charming place in it’s weirdly unique way.IMG_2570IMG_2576IMG_2578These wonderful flowers are from my friend’s kitchen! She works for a Japanese restaurant and they have those in the window, but as soon as they stop blooming they would throw them away! So she would take them home and put them in her kitchen. She has magic green fingers because all of them would bloom tremendously again and again. And now her kitchen is filled with the orchids, she has no where to put them! IMG_4948IMG_4958IMG_4965IMG_4972IMG_4973These more recent photos are from the New York Botanical garden in the Bronx. I went there to see the Frida Kahlo exhibition, and also wandered about it’s so big and beautiful. You get lost in there. I especially loved the pond with most enchanting lotus flowers. There were incredible. I will soon do another post on this trip to this very special place that is the New York Botanical garden.

watercolours & first ever youtube video!

Ok as I went bang on about youtube last time, I thought I should give it a go!

And my friend let me tell you it’s time consuming! I struggled for a while but then imovie finally gave me a hand and now it is finally uploaded!

YouTube Preview Image

So here it is my first video on a safe subject for me that is my watercolour and drawings. I am quite excited now (although exhausted!) and already thinking to try harder videos (well much harder to make) on makeup, fashion…

I want to make one on the clothes I brought here in New York, and how I team them up maybe? Not sure how it’s going to go yet, you will see soon enough…

Here is the address of the store I mention in the video,

Couleurs du Quai Voltaire, 3 Quai Voltaire 75007 Paris France

Chester or my first weekend out of the city

So that was last weekend, I lot happened, I moved house in New York, and I had the magical experience of taking the train from Grand Central (a wonderful experience, felt like in between a gossip girl episode and an old movie) to go to Chester near Old Saybrook.

I had a marvellous time swimming in the neighbour’s pool (salted water as well amazing!), eating everyday fresh barbecued food, going on a motor boat (first time ever! and tanning well going red…), sleeping, reading a lot, and painting watercolours too. Such a dream combination, I couldn’t come up with it myself.

IMG_5149View from my bedroom. IMG_5159IMG_5145IMG_5142 IMG_5150 IMG_5153 IMG_5152IMG_5164IMG_5170IMG_5184This wonderful little terrace was my favourite place, to read, to have some peace, to have a nice little chat with whomever came by, or as well draw or paint.

As I was waiting for the watercolours to set I decided to arrange and sharpen my colour pencils. I got them so long ago at Muji. I think very soon I will need a new set non? Some are ridiculously small and very hard to use as well.. IMG_5175IMG_5183IMG_5180IMG_5194IMG_5198To finish off this was my view as I came back Sunday night, back into the big city. I just love that mesmerising view, my iphone is already full of thousands of shoots I take almost everyday…

Can’t help myself, I am only here for a time and then on to the next thing so I might as well enjoy it don’t you think?