Since I moved everything was so fast paced and I was on this world round of organising sorting out lots of bits and pieces, but now the rhythm slowed down. And it starting to feel weird, I need to get back, or actually create my own life routine, or what to do in the day to day. Of course I am looking for jobs, some days are easier other less, I am still getting the hang of it all. I need to find my place here in this new city in the world.

Bom aside some philosophical talk, I have been watching lots of film recently, maybe to get inspirations and I especially loved this film, called Brooklyn, the best part is the end but it’s worth watching the whole film to get that end quote but I want to share it here with you.

YouTube Preview Image

I am going to add the trailer so you can get a better idea of the rest of the film, but it’s such a lovely story with lots of layers once you start looking at it, and great actress, you can see her transformation, it’s such a beautiful film.

YouTube Preview Image

I think I am also going through this transformation at the moment, I am trying to recreate my self, in a new place although not completely unknown it’s still a challenging process / journey and I am growing a lot as a person, but I am not out of the woods yet… let’s see where life will take me…


IMG_20160403_173340For the first time I started writing a post in Portuguese instead of starting with English. that’s a good sign… I have vanished these last fews days because living this totally Brazilian experience, I got unfortunately sick the night before traveling to Sao Paulo. I got the Zika virus. I had to cancel my trip to Sao Paulo, I made me very sad and upset.

It got bad and gave me a lot of anxiety because I do not have much knowledge with these tropical diseases, (I do not wish this knowledge to anyone …) and being without health insurance in this country and staying / living at a “friends” house complicates the situation further . You get in a tricky situation, and do not know what to do, it was horrible beyond all the symptoms that the Zika virus gives you …

Well the good side was that actually I got out pretty well, and slept a lot! And since then I’m getting better,  today I was almost normal … and it was the first time I left the flat and went to the beach a little, the sky was so beautiful, the clouds were just sublime with wonderful colours. Even with my super basic camera from my phone I managed to capture this beauty.

This is the magic with this city, you can show up at the beach and forget everything and you are there living breathing this moment. Today I really felt at home in this town, and soon when I will be able to move to a place I can call mine without being at “friends” house I’ll start to feel more at home and start this new life here.


In today’s post I want to reflect on my journey and express my feelings more openly.

I am finally going to Rio for good to move and to start my new life! Can not wait any longer!!!


Since the end of February 2015, (OH MY GOD! just realized that now!) I have left my London life (a year almost! CRAZY!!!).

2015 has been a year of taking lots of scary decisions for my life, and taking courageous steps towards achieving my dreams.

I am now in Brazil, when the country isn’t in it’s best shape, (but which country is ?)

Most people questions my decision, or is at least surprised for me to be moving at sure time; normally that doesn’t affect me as much.

Most time I trust my judgment. But recently it has bothered me. Maybe I am more sensitive that usual, and I also have lots of fear inside of me, but at the same time I really feel it is the right thing for my life to grow and the right place for me to be.

This whole moving period has been a bit more complicated than I thought. Right now I am still in Belo Horizonte with my family and I am kind of discovering my family for the first time and knowing everyone’s as I am staying for much longer than I ever did before.

It’s a completely new journey for me, as I have never really completely lived here in Brazil. I have come many times but always visiting or traveling. Living is obviously a total new experience for me, and to be fair I haven’t yet experienced just quite.

But I have had plenty of life experiences. Living in London has been a tremendously hard and rich experience for me to grow as a person that I am today.

I had also a very small glimpse of New York and living there (trust me it’s hardcore! But amazing equally…) and obviously I was raised in Paris. Paris is my hometown and eternal home. But weirdly I never felt like I belong there.

I am Parisian in a sense but I had always dreamed of leaving it to another more exotic place or city. Going back to Paris now is a lot more enjoyable to visit and stay than it was for me living there.

Starting this new journey here in Rio de Janeiro the city I was born and never lived is quite daunting and exciting at the same time. I am not sure where it’s going to take me, but I will definitely enjoy the ride!

Let’s see where Rio is taking me next and I want to share it here with you on the blog.


First of all I am so chocked that Alber Elbaz has left Lanvin, I can’t quite belive it! I was reading on WWD, and found his speech he did at Thursday night’s Fashion Group International Night of Stars event so inspiring and I wanted to share an extract of it. 

“I prefer whispering. I think it goes deeper and I think it stays longer. It seems to be that sometimes it’s almost more important that the dress looks good in the photo than it looks good or feels good on the body. Sometimes when I see clients trying dresses, I see that before they even go to the mirror, they just take a selfie and look at themselves in the selfie. And tell me what they like about the belt. Maybe the selfie is becoming the new mirror. If that’s the case and we will not have mirrors in the world, who will tell us the truth?

“We are living today in a smart world, a world of very smart design. Today it’s all about smart design, smart thinking, smart product, technology, rapidity….Adidas says, ‘The future is now.’ Today a 12-year-old girl living in the middle of nowhere with technology can see all the shows in Paris live — the show, the front row, the backstage, the celebrities — wow. Technology makes her dream come true. That girl, like many others, is living in a dream. But can we imagine a world without dreams. A world without dreams is not always a beautiful world. Dreams make us go forward. Dreams make me run forward. And people who know me, know that I don’t like to run in the park.”

This extract was taken from the website

Museum Follow up

So continuing on my New York exhibitions that I didn’t get share yet, here are a few places I went. So again I couldn’t resist showing another view of the skyline with this amazing blue sky.

IMG_5596Here again I saw the famous Guggenheim museum but you weren’t allowed to take photos of the art pieces so I can’t show you any pieces, but at least a bit of it’s architecture. IMG_5586 I found it too crowded to my liking probably because of being so famous and all and the collection wasn’t all that phenomenal… But I must say the building is always a delight. IMG_5621IMG_5625Those pieces below are from the New Whitney Museum, that I also saw (not on the same day!) but I forgot to take a photo of the actual building. So I took this picture below from their website. It’s the new building that gives into the High Line which is wonderful to visit with any sunshine.

schenck_whitney_2014_06_24_dsc_7809_740I really enjoyed the new building it’s very New York smart, and the collection is interesting. When I got there it just opened so there was a real hype and that meant queues for hours and hours. However I went to visit it late on a friday and that was just marvellous as there was hardly any queue and the entry was donation only. That’s a New York way to say you can give 1$ and that’s acceptable. I really enjoyed it! (not just the 1$ part but the actual visit of the place…)IMG_5646Morgan Russell Four Part Synchromy, Number 7, 1914-15 Oil on cardboard and canvas mounted on cardboard. IMG_5649Chiura Obata Mono Crater 1930, from the portofolio World Landscape Series “America” 1928-30
IMG_5653Willem de Kooning Door to the River 1960 Oil on Linen IMG_5655IMG_5659Jackson Pollock Number 27, 1950 Oil, enamel, Aluminium paint on canvas
IMG_5670IMG_5672IMG_5674Jean-Michel Basquiat Hollywood Africans 1983, Acrylic and oil stick on canvasIMG_5665Alma Thomas Mars Dust 1972 Acrylic on canvasIMG_5668IMG_5663Elizabeth Murray Children Meeting 1978 Oil on canvas

Brooklyn & Basquiat

New York seems like a dream to me now, and I am enjoying the rainy Paris weather. I can’t believe I haven’t shared with you an exhibitions I had seen while in NYC. The last few weeks I was in New York, I was franticly  trying to see all the exhibitions I could before leaving. So today it’s Jean Michel Basquiat, that I love so so much!! IMG_5698IMG_5678 IMG_5680Famous 1982 Acrylic and Xerox on canvas mounted on wood.

IMG_5683The exhibit was centred on his note books/sketch books and I just loved seeing how graphic and visual his writings were. He was such a poet, we assimilated everything around him and recreated in his own language, his own expressive way to communicate.

IMG_5687 IMG_5688IMG_5684 IMG_5685IMG_5690 IMG_5691 IMG_5693 IMG_5694Untitled,1985 Xerox collage on wood box

IMG_5696Al Jolson, 1981 oil stick on paper

His images are so strong in their simplicity. He had such a natural fluidity that really comes across in his work. I loved his texts, they become part of the painting as they are so graphic, and that ultimately also became his stamp, to recognise his work.

IMG_5700Untitled (Bar), 1981 ink and wax crayon on paper

IMG_5702Untitled (God/Law), 1981 Oil stick on paper

IMG_5704 IMG_5706 IMG_5708Untitled (Leonardo Da Vinci), 1982 Acrylic and oil stick on paper

Vogue Obessions

Ok I have a problem with Vogue, I collect too many, those were living in boxes, away in my storage unit in Slough. Last week I had to face the reality of my stuff and my life as I am leaving London behind…

I had to sort through SO much stuff it was crazy and stressful. I decided to let go of those magazines and as a goodbye gesture (or more a letting go..) I took photos of it all. However no one could expect what was to come, the next day I lost my phone on a London bus, and found it again miraculously (Thank you to the incredible bus driver on number 8!! and I almost lost those images..) and the night before departing to Paris, I took all those issues to be recycled and yes they went to Fashion heavens like my friend’s flat mate said. Someone put fire to the recycle bin and burn the entire content of the bin and the magazines as well. Crazy right? Glad to be leaving London behind and set off lighter into my new journey of my life…


IMG_6177 IMG_6179 IMG_6184 IMG_6186 IMG_6190 IMG_6194 IMG_6195 IMG_6200IMG_6205 IMG_6206 IMG_6207 IMG_6208 IMG_6211

True cost

YouTube Preview Image

Yesterday I saw this documentary and I urge you to watch it, it’s very hard to even watch it fully as you realise we are all part of it on some way. It’s heart breaking but at the same time we are part of the problem, we can also flip the coin and take the decision to make conscious choice of our power as a consumer.

This documentary opened my eyes, and I hope it will do the same for you. I am not as bad as some people or friends I know, I don’t really shop that often you know at Topshop, H&M, Zara all those places but I occasionally do. I don’t really like this fast fashion because it’s impersonal, everybody dresses the same.

YouTube Preview Image

While I lived in London, I discovered vintage shopping. I inherently already knew about vintage as my wardrobe was already full of my mother’s dresses or pieces she pass down to me. I always have loved fashion, but more than fashion itself I love clothes, beautiful clothes. This love was cultivated with mother she taught me this. She keeps items in her wardrobe for years and years, she mends them she care for each piece of clothing she owns. I try to do that too.

After watching this film I felt sick, and went to my wardrobe and started to look at the labels of clothing that I have. Obviously Bangladesh came up, Turkey, China, all the usual places you would suspect from t-shirts I bought from H&M, Topshop, Zara, Gap, Forever 21… I felt awful, I still feel awful and guilty. Like Ali Hewson’s says, “We carry the story of the people who make our clothes around with us.”

A few years back Vintage shopping was a revelation for me. Vintage pieces exude a beautiful quality, they tell a story, a happy story, (unlike the fast fashion pieces…) they connect you to a time, to a person, to a place where they were made. They make you feel special. Each vintage piece I buy it is because I absolutely love them, they are unique (on top of it!) and they become like my treasures that I can enjoy and look after for the rest of my life. I want and will pass them down like my mother did to my children. I cherish those pieces. And on top of this all they fit me wonderfully! (most of them did fit me like a glove but sometime I had them fitted my local dry cleaner). I remember when I was at school H&M had just opened, buying clothes there most of the time left me a bit disappointed as most items never really fitted me or never gave the feeling that vintages pieces always do. Most of those purchases I did discard, although I have a few pieces that I still have today and have kept for many years. Anyway I don’t want to be part of this and I want to change my habits from now on and buy better.

Quoting from the best ladies on this point Livia Firth says: “Buy less and get more ‘fashion mileage’ out of each piece. Buy heritage pieces that will last. Become an active citizen through your wardrobe. Lucy said “if we can all commit to wearing something a minimum of 30 times, then we can buy it. We need to buy clothes that we love. Clothes that will sustain our wardrobe for years to come. This is why I love fashion. It can truly empower you!”

Livia quotes the amazing journalist called Lucy Siegle, she wrote two books on this very complex subject, To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing out the World, and We are what we wear. They are on my reading list definitely.

If like me you want to take more an active approach as a consumer, have a look at the documentary’s website, they have lots of info on how to be more an informed consumer and brand they recommends too.


I have been enjoying a refreshing Hampton’s break this past weekend, I had a blast! It was just wonderful! I will do a post soon on the house where I stayed, especially on the garden! I loved it so much!! I had a lot fun painting and drawing there.

As a little side note here, I have also been thinking seriously to join the Youtube sphere, as I really want to have more of my own videos featured on the blog. Videos are such a great way to showcase my drawings and talking about their location, inspiration all that stuff.

I recently got into Youtube way more as I have no TV and been hooked on many videos on make up, wardrobe style and all that… I think I could do really good one myself, no offence but some are just bad although lots are amazing as well. I am thinking to do some on my wardrobe, on my shoe collection (I do have some beautiful ones..), on my vintage finds, ok I do have lots of ideas on this and I am actually very excited to start this video idea. Although I kind of have no clue how to physically do it but will try hopefully very soon. So watch out youtube!

This post is way over due! I have now finished my professional studies at Parson’s and these are the result, or as they called it my mood boards.

I discovered this amazing thing that mood boards are! (the annoying thing is printing out all the online images though! but Pinterest is here to the rescue!) And it’s such a great way to organise your thoughts and ideas and makes everything a bit more, how should we say.. professional?

photo 2-19

I had as you can see I had three themes, the first is florals, (almost in your face florals!) with inspiration from Matisse Paintings, some photos of actual flowers, some editorial piece on florals with graphic accessories, (stripes and floral bit trend coming!!) a vintage dress found on Instagram, and the amazing tulip dress by Celia Birtwell, and some of her beautiful drawings. Finally a photo of front book store I went back in Paris. I really liked how the image is cut up in the stripes. I actually used that cut up technique on the localised print that you see on the two girls with the jumper. I have used that stripe idea into my other board too.

Here below I put the three printed looks that are on the boards but are quite small and hard to see.

pull 1

manteau 2 pull pink 2

Then my second board is also floral but more artsy? More bohemian perhaps? I looked at this exhibition of Van Gogh flower painting and I love his irises so much! I love the bouquets and the movement of the flowers falling. I have also looked at a painting by Pierre Bonnard, at his use of colour (LOVE HIM!!). I have also included a painting by Vuillard, I really like the mix of print into this small cramp space that he created onto his canvas. I added a magazine clip of look more bohemian with all over prints.

photo 3-16

So here are the images with my flowers inspired Van Gogh,and the looks from girls with my prints.

pantalon 2 tenpull yellow 3 skirt straight 1 pull yellow 2My last board was the most difficult and more rushed that the other two. I had fewer item on this and my teacher pushed to do more on this one especially and experiment with new ideas. He wanted me also to use fabric and try paint directly onto the fabric. It was challenging but fun too. I didn’t work as much on the actual print as I had very little time.

photo 1-18

So on this board I included an article on the Paul Poiret first perfume, called Nuit de Chine, dated 1913. I saw it at the Met exhibition “China: Through the Looking Glass”, and was fascinated by this idea of what is exotic. My teacher also recommended me to look at this artist called Erte. I have inserted many of his work into this board. I put as well a drawing (also found at that same exhibit) from Yves Saint Laurent on his idea of the perfume Opium.

All of those prints are localised and from the fabric I painted upon it. It’s a new experiment for me as all my print start from a drawing made on paper. But I will definitely use that technique again!

manteau 1yellow pantalon 1 erte red pantalon deux erte skirt straight 1 yellow

Voila, I hope you enjoyed this post and more to come very soon!! Enjoy xx

Sorry another skyline photo but couldn’t resist that pink sky


You know some days you wake up thinking too much or maybe reality is catching up on you, and all your fears of life, or from life takes over your day. All the questions, doubts comes up, “the of I am making the right decision?” “how am I going to have enough money?” bla bla…

Anyway today was one those days where I just got tired of telling myself everything is going to be alright and actually really wanted to speak to a friend because I knew I would get no judgement and she could hear me out. But my friend today didn’t answer, because of the New York London time difference it makes it hard to catch up with my London friends. I am sure she had a good reason for not answering today, but today I am feeling a little low.

I just not enjoying so much New York as I though I would. I am having so many questions I don’t know how to process all of them, and I don’t know where I am heading… I think I feeling a little lost and I hate that feeling.

I guess I feeling a bit lonely too, and for a while it’s the first time I have time, time to think about me, my life, what I want for myself. I always do think every new year about that, but this time I feel it’s more profound, maybe it is because I am now 30, and I am becoming more and more (old?) an adult I suppose and have to make serious decisions, and I am scared. I feel alone and scared, but I suppose we all do in life.

Not to say I am complaining, I am enjoying New York and it’s very expensive life, but glad to leave it behind, I feel it’s not for me. I was lured by it’s glamour and international appeal. But it’s much more a fun city to visit, living is totally a different thing, and feels very similar to London, but not quite the same too american for me.

I feel a bit like a an alien here. I feel I don’t belong, well I know I could but actually I don’t want to, I don’t want to make the effort, I feel I need to be else where. I want to be where it’s exciting and new for me. I am thinking seriously about Brazil, I am scared, I am actually really scared. But maybe that’s a good thing, life after all is about taking risks.

Sorry this post is a bit kind of a mid life crises but wanted to be real and share what’s going on with me, as I use this blog a bit like a diary. So there you have it, a confession on wednesday night with pink New York skies.