I have been enjoying a refreshing Hampton’s break this past weekend, I had a blast! It was just wonderful! I will do a post soon on the house where I stayed, especially on the garden! I loved it so much!! I had a lot fun painting and drawing there.

As a little side note here, I have also been thinking seriously to join the Youtube sphere, as I really want to have more of my own videos featured on the blog. Videos are such a great way to showcase my drawings and talking about their location, inspiration all that stuff.

I recently got into Youtube way more as I have no TV and been hooked on many videos on make up, wardrobe style and all that… I think I could do really good one myself, no offence but some are just bad although lots are amazing as well. I am thinking to do some on my wardrobe, on my shoe collection (I do have some beautiful ones..), on my vintage finds, ok I do have lots of ideas on this and I am actually very excited to start this video idea. Although I kind of have no clue how to physically do it but will try hopefully very soon. So watch out youtube!

This post is way over due! I have now finished my professional studies at Parson’s and these are the result, or as they called it my mood boards.

I discovered this amazing thing that mood boards are! (the annoying thing is printing out all the online images though! but Pinterest is here to the rescue!) And it’s such a great way to organise your thoughts and ideas and makes everything a bit more, how should we say.. professional?

photo 2-19

I had as you can see I had three themes, the first is florals, (almost in your face florals!) with inspiration from Matisse Paintings, some photos of actual flowers, some editorial piece on florals with graphic accessories, (stripes and floral bit trend coming!!) a vintage dress found on Instagram, and the amazing tulip dress by Celia Birtwell, and some of her beautiful drawings. Finally a photo of front book store I went back in Paris. I really liked how the image is cut up in the stripes. I actually used that cut up technique on the localised print that you see on the two girls with the jumper. I have used that stripe idea into my other board too.

Here below I put the three printed looks that are on the boards but are quite small and hard to see.

pull 1

manteau 2 pull pink 2

Then my second board is also floral but more artsy? More bohemian perhaps? I looked at this exhibition of Van Gogh flower painting and I love his irises so much! I love the bouquets and the movement of the flowers falling. I have also looked at a painting by Pierre Bonnard, at his use of colour (LOVE HIM!!). I have also included a painting by Vuillard, I really like the mix of print into this small cramp space that he created onto his canvas. I added a magazine clip of look more bohemian with all over prints.

photo 3-16

So here are the images with my flowers inspired Van Gogh,and the looks from girls with my prints.

pantalon 2 tenpull yellow 3 skirt straight 1 pull yellow 2My last board was the most difficult and more rushed that the other two. I had fewer item on this and my teacher pushed to do more on this one especially and experiment with new ideas. He wanted me also to use fabric and try paint directly onto the fabric. It was challenging but fun too. I didn’t work as much on the actual print as I had very little time.

photo 1-18

So on this board I included an article on the Paul Poiret first perfume, called Nuit de Chine, dated 1913. I saw it at the Met exhibition “China: Through the Looking Glass”, and was fascinated by this idea of what is exotic. My teacher also recommended me to look at this artist called Erte. I have inserted many of his work into this board. I put as well a drawing (also found at that same exhibit) from Yves Saint Laurent on his idea of the perfume Opium.

All of those prints are localised and from the fabric I painted upon it. It’s a new experiment for me as all my print start from a drawing made on paper. But I will definitely use that technique again!

manteau 1yellow pantalon 1 erte red pantalon deux erte skirt straight 1 yellow

Voila, I hope you enjoyed this post and more to come very soon!! Enjoy xx

Estado de incrivel! (state of amazing-ness!)

So as I said before here is the proper digital version of the article that came out last Sunday in the newspaper Estado de Minas.


The text is written in portuguese, and I must apologise it is rather small. Anyway if you can’t speak portuguese problem solved! I am still under shock of how amazing and massive (2 pages and FRONT COVER!) this article is! It is as well so well written and really express my process of working and how I am. It represents me beyond my wildest dreams! it is incredible!! And apparently I am international? with talent… whaou… still processing this thought…



Ok so this my current view…hum SO AMAZING!!! Yes you guessed I am in NYC. My dream location for many, many years. My somehow I know deep down I will not stay too long, but want to see what this city has to offer..

Another crazy AMAZING thing that happened today is this article that came out like I said in Brazil in the newspaper called (a very respected newspaper there) Estado de Minas. On the front cover of the fashion supplement!!! unbelievable!!

3eb458792485ec65ef7e16d1db4b01fcphoto-10 copyf35c9271ebe022c1020e243ac1ee919dWill post better photo later once I get the proper digital version. Good night from NYC…


Milan & “Sou de Minas” exhibition

IMG_3284Back to Paris, back from the “loucura” de Milan, (the craziness of Milano…) and the Brazilian exhibition, Sou do mundo, sou de Minas Gerais . I want to share so much that it can’t be done in one post, so it will be done in a few posts that I hope to do all very soon…

IMG_3096So starting with the obvious the cathedral, and the Duomo, where every person in Milan will go at some point… so here it is and bits that I photographed…

IMG_3114IMG_3116IMG_3103 IMG_3112

Moving on to the actual place where the exhibition was held, a beautiful 14th century University of Milan and with a whole pavillon left for the Brazilian to take over. It was so big, diverse and wonderful. I was so honoured to even be part of it all, and the whole experience was so memorable, and spending my birthday there was also special.  IMG_3276

IMG_3207This first print you see is by the artist Fabio Gurjao
IMG_3164This installation is by the artist Marcia Xavier
IMG_3154IMG_3163IMG_3209IMG_3210IMG_3211The second print you see after mine is by the artist Tereza Santos.


Me and my print, (apparently I love blue?) this one was taken on my 30th birthday… IMG_3177 IMG_3171 This print is by the artist Kleber MatheusIMG_3205 Embroidery  by PrinttingIMG_3204

IMG_3168Print by the artist Regina Pereto and the embroidery is by Barbara Bela IMG_3203Print by the artist Vanessa Da Silva and the objects by PanoletosIMG_3169Print by the artist Yassin Lahmar and object by Ana VazIMG_3202Print by the artist Filipe Jardim IMG_3198This print is by the artist Gustavo Greco and embroidery done by Vivaz


Well for you Londoner or uk residents, MIC translate weirdly or naturally into Made In Chelsea, and yes OMG, as by some crazy circumstances my scarves ended up in the show this week!


And it was Binky wearing my carnation scarf in the show as she was under the spell of a little retail therapy.

So happy! can’t believe my scarves were on national tv! Well not that everyone knows it’s mine but hey never mind. Still a nice surprise!

And the funny thing my friend texted me monday night, saying I think you are on Made In Chelsea, when she texted I was in bed so tired and I though she must have mistaken my scarf or something but no it was real! ok no more exclamation point off to bed.

ps: watch the show on 4OD! (ok last exclamation point sorry…)