Olympia Le Tan has always some beautiful books/bags that I love and covet so much! But this new collection is beyond amazing! It based on famous paintings, I especially love love LOVE that Manet one, so incredible! I want it so bad! but let’s face it way out of my price point… sad sniff moment… It’s beautiful and I am totally lusting over  them both.. and I wanted to share it here on the blog because it just so beautiful, (ok used that word a lot!) and I can stare at them for a while for sure. I think even if I would have one I would be too scared to use it! oups… too pretty to wear it out!    olympia_1_1-1



As you can probably tell, I am not so much into Milan’s fashion week, I prefer London fashion week to any other, and then Paris obviously, and New York is nice too, but Milan doesn’t excites me as much. Maybe it’s my french side that prevents me to like it. I find a bit too much, sometime a bit vulgar (oh! I know but sharing my true feelings here…).

Regardless of all those things I do love Stella Jean. Her collections are full of colours, inexpected prints and gorgeous things I would absolutely love to wear._A2X0073 _A2X0085 _A2X0173 _A2X0213 _A2X0293 _A2X0323 _A2X0331 _A2X0395 _A2X0413 _A2X0501 _A2X0541 _A2X0603Photos from Vogue Runway

JW Anderson

J W Anderson is the darling of the fashion crowd. Some of his collections are more successful to my liking and others I like less. This ones was the later unfortunately, I found maybe the influences less to what attracts me perhaps. He looked at 90’s 80’s and did a match up of colours, styles and references that I found a bit too confusing and I felt lost it’s strength. However I am talking about him and showing some of I felt were beautiful and stronger (and more to my liking..).

KIM_0453 KIM_0649 KIM_0707Photo from Vogue Runway


I love London Fashion week, it’s my favourite week to be honest. It’s exciting you never know what the designer will come up with, it’s colourful and full of prints, and bursting with creativity. Everything is possible and still wearable to an extend. Simone Rocha is getting better and better each season, her girly dresses are so strong and feminine with a playfulness that I love.

_SIM0044 _SIM0092 _SIM0252 _SIM0330 _SIM0348Photo from Vogue Runway

Nyc places I love

IMG_5779New York feels likes long ago now, and those images are full of memories of this wonderful city. So I wanted to share a few snapshot I took while I was out there where I couldn’t just not resist taking those photo a bit like a tourist I know…

IMG_5736 IMG_5732 There is a place in New York I used to love to walk around and it felt like home to me, it is a bit posh area of New York obviously it’s by Central Park, by the Plaza (for me reminds me of Home Alone that watched countless times since little) and the wonderful department store that is Bergdof Goodman’s, and their truly amazing window display. You have the Cube of the Apple store, opposite the Plaza. I mean to New Yorker that sounds a bit all silly but to me I was just so happy being there soaking up all the magic of this like square.
IMG_5742 IMG_5749 IMG_5756 IMG_5767


Yes Marc Jacobs did it again, a very New Yorker show, full of personalities interesting and loud.  I found interesting how now you can follow how you feel and express your self in how you dress and not necessarily follow trends. He is saying my yourself, ( as everyone else is taken!) and be proud be unique from a positive side of being individual and thats what find so cool and refreshing. Each girl is different and is allowed to be. Also the prints are wonderful and again all have different influences. It adds a richness to the clothes that bring them to life. So in fewer words, I LOVE IT!

_A2X0093 _A2X0041 _A2X0081 _A2X0115 _A2X0141 _A2X0155_GAS0216 _A2X0163 _A2X0195 _A2X0207

_GAS0288_A2X0219 _A2X0247 _GAS0348_A2X0407 _GAS0621_A2X0419 _GAS0645_A2X0455 _GAS0722_A2X0617 _A2X0629 _A2X0683 _A2X0755 _A2X0793

_GAS1328Photo from Vogue Runway

Eyeliner and Portuguese


Ok total randomness here, and even myself can’t make much sense of it yet, (must be the Jet Lag! Blame it on the jet lag darling..) Can’t seem to sleep at night which is super annoying!

But the big news is that from now on you my dearest Brazilians you can read my blog in Portuguese! Yes (Carmen!) you can finally read what I am talking about although most time even in English that can be difficult… Jokes aside I am very excited my blog will be either in english or if you wish in Portuguese. So I hope you will enjoy it!

With a random visual addition of my eyeliner skills I learnt from my dearest cousin back in New York. I love you and leave you! xx


Flowers collection from different gardens I have been or even from streets

So I hope you’re enjoyed my first youtube video, and I am already planning some more! Today I am going to share photos of gardens, flowers I have collected over the years (and overcrowded my iphone tremendously!). Ok so you know I am obsessed with flowers… I found all these images as I was having a tidying up of my phone and computer and felt compelled to share them with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

IMG_1214These gorgeous small roses are from Holland Park in London.IMG_1442IMG_1444IMG_1446Some roses I just had to photograph outside my friend’s building, she was late so I was waiting outside and those roses in full bloom were just so beautiful.IMG_1532IMG_1533IMG_1539IMG_1554IMG_1569IMG_1571I saw and visited this wonderful and magical garden last summer, I was invited to a friend’s wedding in the Sussex and stayed at a B&B near by. The Morning after, the owner gave us a tour of the garden. Bearing in mind I was hangover, and (now I can tell you…) I lied & called in sick to stay for the brunch that day (a very british wedding tradition that I love!) and as a bonus saw this incredible garden, life couldn’t have been better!IMG_1898A beautiful rose I saw at the Brompton Cemetery while I was drawing and painting a while back there. I used to live very close by, such a charming place in it’s weirdly unique way.IMG_2570IMG_2576IMG_2578These wonderful flowers are from my friend’s kitchen! She works for a Japanese restaurant and they have those in the window, but as soon as they stop blooming they would throw them away! So she would take them home and put them in her kitchen. She has magic green fingers because all of them would bloom tremendously again and again. And now her kitchen is filled with the orchids, she has no where to put them! IMG_4948IMG_4958IMG_4965IMG_4972IMG_4973These more recent photos are from the New York Botanical garden in the Bronx. I went there to see the Frida Kahlo exhibition, and also wandered about it’s so big and beautiful. You get lost in there. I especially loved the pond with most enchanting lotus flowers. There were incredible. I will soon do another post on this trip to this very special place that is the New York Botanical garden.

India or the Met follow up

So this the last follow up from the Met that I have currently. I have been to a few other exhibition since then, but I wanted to share those wonderful intricate textile from the exhibit at the Mat called, Sultans of Deccan India.

Such a richness, and incredible details in those fabrics. I had to share it with you. I just love the patch work feel on some of them, and all the little characters doing different things…