My grand mother passed away this weekend. This year I lost both my french grand parents. It’s the end of an era, of souvenirs and moment spent together. Here I am little in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro in my grand mother’s arms with my dad, and my grand father. They both came to Brazil in the 80’s.



Last night I found out my french grand-father passed away, he had been unwell for years now with Alzheimer. I was sadden, and made me think about all those memories of him. I wanted to share with you some photos, that first one was me in the bed basket in Brazil with both my grandparent that came to visit me when I was a baby.

photo-10This one I found last year while I was little in Brittany with again both my grand parents and my cousin. I am the one on the right standing in the grass.


Bowie flash back

well flash back, not really as apparently he is in top of the chart once again, but his exhibition at V&A is opening this saturday, and apparently it’s almost sold out! Crazy! Anyway will try to go, not such a crazy fan, as most people I know most of his songs, and you can’t deny his genius even though I never confess myself a Bowie fan. His charisma and what we was wearing at the time, is still amazing for today, he did inspire lots of different generations, and allowed us to be ourself, be different and unique, for that I do love him. Rebel Rebel baby your face is a mess…

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thinking fashion

After the craziness that was Premiere Vision. I felt a bit shy at first by soon exhaustion took over me. I managed to get some contacts (hopefully some good ones) and lots more book ideas to buy (that never seems to exhaust itself?) on amazon as can’t afford those high inflated prices of the bookstore of the salon. I have now ate (also very high prices on food was starved as just ate an expensive tasteless small salad) thanks god! I am starting to feel a bit better (€3,30 for a bottle of water of 50ml!!! I means they are crazy evil!).

But like Phillip Lim says girls, Sono mama, meaning stay as you are!

I looked at the bureau de Style, or as you say trend bureaux, and found lots and lots of imagery coming from bloggers. I found it interesting as I felt it’s like people showcasing themselves their style look, how they wear their clothes hair make up and so on. I never really understand these trend people as they look so far ahead but somehow shape our fashion in next few years. I think individuality personality uniqueness are qualities that are part of you and how you dress and decide to express yourself visually. I liked Phillip Lim video on his latest collection on Garance Dore’s blog. I found it refreshing how he sees this collection not an end but a journey. Clothes are a journey and I am embarking on one with my scarf project.

On the way home I was reading an fascinating article in a newspaper that was given to me (free, the Senken Vol.15 monday 28 January 2013). It relates the findings from a research that was made with Japanese consumers (the survey was done by Nomura Research Institute last summer on 10,000 consumers aged 15-79). “In terms of their priorities when purchasing good, the percentage of consumers who selected “I buy what is cheapest” (41%) was lower than in previous years. Conversely, “I want things I can use for as long as possible” (62%), “I want high-quality items regardless of cost” (46%), have all been increasing annually.” So amazing insn’it? Well ok it’s for Japan but I can feel this tendency everywhere (ok I don’t live everywhere but you know what I mean, it’s been a feeling I have been receiving when talking to friends people and all)

Another fact I found really interesting and recalled my way of shopping was how people used online shopping versus physical stores. “When asked where people get their information on services and products to purchase, the most popular response from both men and women was “Physical Stores.” That number was up from the 2009 survey, and found particularly strong representation among women in their 20s and 30s.” “with an excess of information at their disposal, people want to go to physical stores to test products themselves. Seeing more people asking advice from sales clerks demonstrates that  a fusion of the online and the physical is growing more important.” “Online shopping has increased steadily among all age group, particularly people in their 30s (58% use Internet shopping). 70% of those reported that they prefer to check products in person before buying them online.” I am basically these people, I tend to want to see the item I am after in the flesh and then for convenience and also most of the times for the price, I buy it online. How about you? Well I guess this post is like a journey too, Sono mama people!

throw back tuesday

What have you done for me lately?, well the Christmas party is approaching (and by the way need to fit in that little thigh party dress, ho my god! a bit worried about that…) and been listening to some old tune by Janet Jackson, used to love her so much!

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I mean where do I start ? the gold shirt, the sunflower waistcoat, the hair I mean the HAIR! and those crazy shoulder pads!  I mean the 80 are kind of on trend now so who cares!