Brazil back and forth

So I haven’t posted for a while, I moved to Brazil stayed at my grand parent’s house started taking my driving test all over again. And then to my utter sadness Sebastien the creator of this wonderful blog and my step father passed way so suddenly. I managed to go back to Paris to help my mom and attend his funeral.


2015 has been such a strange year full of very close people passing away, lots of dreams and accomplishments realised, with lots and lots of plane traveling and living from a suitcase and making and carrying luggages constantly.

For 2016 I am not sure what’s is to come, all I know is I want to be happy, pass my driving test and have my driving licence this year! Find a place I can call home, not travel as much and stop living from lots of suitcases (I love traveling but I hate packing!), be healthier continuing eating well obviously but I really want to start exercising too, and most importantly find the best job for my life.

I am beyond excited to start this new life in Rio. I am not sure how everything will unfold, everything is still up in the air. Nothing is too much defined it’s all down to faith in my life and that it will somehow work out.

Sebastien’s departure was so unexpected and shook me and mom. Sometime I wake up and feel so lost I want to cry and curl up under the covers. Even thought he was difficult most days he was wonderful in surprising ways that you would never expected. Most times I was so frightened of him and wouldn’t dare ask him a thing. I came to Brazil knowing he was this solid person who would always be by my mom’s side whatever the situation.

This whole is left now without him, I am not sure what do, what can I do to help my mother. I feel sometime overwhelmed and trying to adjust, now I am at a moment where nothing is so certain…

Like I said all is up in the air…


Cards in the Making

These past few days I have been enjoying recycling my old watercolours and drawings and giving them a new life. I love making new things out of old things and coming up with interesting colours combinations. So those cards will be for Christmas time I an I wanted to share some of them. I am quite excited since it will be the first time in years I can be off at Christmas and enjoy it with my family and it will be hot as I will be in Brazil! Wourou! so excited!image-11photo 3-16photo 2-19


Paris, rain & back to reality


So that’s it, New York is over… can’t believe how quickly it went by.. And still quite jet lagged, and unpacking all my New York finds, especially my new make up.

I had a mini revolution thanks to my cousin who knows so much about make up! I feel I graduated into a woman now and I can proudly say that I am 30 years old (although most people think I’m still 22! which is good!) and I know what works for me. It’s wonderful.

It’s raining and cold compared to New York, so I am in my pijama, re-reading my US magazines and getting new ideas for my print collection that I am working on. Lots of projects, ideas for the future it’s all very exciting!

True cost

YouTube Preview Image

Yesterday I saw this documentary and I urge you to watch it, it’s very hard to even watch it fully as you realise we are all part of it on some way. It’s heart breaking but at the same time we are part of the problem, we can also flip the coin and take the decision to make conscious choice of our power as a consumer.

This documentary opened my eyes, and I hope it will do the same for you. I am not as bad as some people or friends I know, I don’t really shop that often you know at Topshop, H&M, Zara all those places but I occasionally do. I don’t really like this fast fashion because it’s impersonal, everybody dresses the same.

YouTube Preview Image

While I lived in London, I discovered vintage shopping. I inherently already knew about vintage as my wardrobe was already full of my mother’s dresses or pieces she pass down to me. I always have loved fashion, but more than fashion itself I love clothes, beautiful clothes. This love was cultivated with mother she taught me this. She keeps items in her wardrobe for years and years, she mends them she care for each piece of clothing she owns. I try to do that too.

After watching this film I felt sick, and went to my wardrobe and started to look at the labels of clothing that I have. Obviously Bangladesh came up, Turkey, China, all the usual places you would suspect from t-shirts I bought from H&M, Topshop, Zara, Gap, Forever 21… I felt awful, I still feel awful and guilty. Like Ali Hewson’s says, “We carry the story of the people who make our clothes around with us.”

A few years back Vintage shopping was a revelation for me. Vintage pieces exude a beautiful quality, they tell a story, a happy story, (unlike the fast fashion pieces…) they connect you to a time, to a person, to a place where they were made. They make you feel special. Each vintage piece I buy it is because I absolutely love them, they are unique (on top of it!) and they become like my treasures that I can enjoy and look after for the rest of my life. I want and will pass them down like my mother did to my children. I cherish those pieces. And on top of this all they fit me wonderfully! (most of them did fit me like a glove but sometime I had them fitted my local dry cleaner). I remember when I was at school H&M had just opened, buying clothes there most of the time left me a bit disappointed as most items never really fitted me or never gave the feeling that vintages pieces always do. Most of those purchases I did discard, although I have a few pieces that I still have today and have kept for many years. Anyway I don’t want to be part of this and I want to change my habits from now on and buy better.

Quoting from the best ladies on this point Livia Firth says: “Buy less and get more ‘fashion mileage’ out of each piece. Buy heritage pieces that will last. Become an active citizen through your wardrobe. Lucy said “if we can all commit to wearing something a minimum of 30 times, then we can buy it. We need to buy clothes that we love. Clothes that will sustain our wardrobe for years to come. This is why I love fashion. It can truly empower you!”

Livia quotes the amazing journalist called Lucy Siegle, she wrote two books on this very complex subject, To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing out the World, and We are what we wear. They are on my reading list definitely.

If like me you want to take more an active approach as a consumer, have a look at the documentary’s website, they have lots of info on how to be more an informed consumer and brand they recommends too.

I want a “Salade”!

YouTube Preview Image

So do you want a salad too? Right? Wonderful and amazing store that is the famous Didier Ludot store.

I know it well, (well it’s window!) I never got in as I know I will come out either with a crazy bill that I cant afford (which being somewhat sensible will never happen), but most probably I know I will come out feeling totally depressed I knowing I will never own such beauties that resides in that store. (Most to be honest are almost museum pieces!) I drool over the spectacular pieces in the window and that is enough for me.

dreaming on Couture and New York reality


So Couture is in full swing, and aside for what’s it is currently known (amazing craftsmanship, amazing clothes…) it is the collections I like the most as it makes you dream. It allows you to conjure up a look, and even some elements are transpositional into your own wardrobe. See here this model (and absolutely gorgeous girl!) she stands out not of what she’s wearing but before of her strong make up. Her face stands out because of her defined red lips, and her beautifully drawn eyebrows. What she is wearing isn’t that important, it’s what she exudes and that’s what makes her stand out. She stand strong and confident.

What I am learning here since I am in New York and with the knowledge of my wonderful cousin here is that make up can be such a powerful tool. She know so much that I don’t on applying make up and what it can do to transform you. We are having so much fun together on our make up tutorials and sharing our make up routine. She also gave me SO much make up and I will soon (after my New York moving, long story..) share it with you guys.

I am enjoying so much New York, I feel now that I am a little more settled into a New York state of living (although not with the flat situation but now it’s all resolving itself thanks god!!) I am going away this weekend to Chester, and will also definitely share this experience with you. In a few weekends I will also go to the Hampton’s, so excited about that too!

So going back to couture, I have selected a few looks that I love..

_ARM0145 _ARM0655-1

Armani Fall Couture 2015, Love those feathers.. (kind of have an obsession with feathers… probably steaming from my love of old hollywood and glamour…)

Maison Margiela2 Maison Margiela5 Maison Margiela6 Maison Margiela4Galiano for Maison Margiela Fall Couture 2015, weirdly I am not such a fan of Galiano, but I like this show, I especially love the coat in the brown (potatoes or coffee sack?) fabric all embroidered, it’s such a beautiful contrast. And I kind of like the craziness of that bridal dress from a duvet?_MAR0661

Alexandre Vauthier  Alexandre Vauthier Couture Fall 2015 

Some of you know, I have an obsession with Lindsey Wixson, it all started when someone told me I looked a bit like her (biggest compliment, made my day!) and since I can’t help it to look at the shows and marvel at her beauty and quirkiness, and try and hope I can steal an ounce of her beauty….Alexandre Vauthier2This look here is so simple but wearing that maxi statement earring makes the look stand out, that’s something we can do without buying out of this world expensive couture. Alexandre Vauthier3

_ULY4589-1 _ULY4771 JPGaultier.2 JPGaultier.4 JPGaultier.7

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall Couture 2015,his shows always fascinates me and I love that they always have a strong identity and personality with humour.

So this show is all about my natal land, Brittany, where the stripped top, the “Breton” top originated. I love too many thing to say it all here, but the hats that we call “coiffe” are amazing!! They make the girls so majestic and elegant, it almost transform into something with an oriental vibe non? All the gold details and sheer elements makes all those “breton” elements wearable and so modern.

Photo from

Chance or cercle prive?


Every Chanel show is continuing to be or having to be a show stopper or you can call it an instagram meltdown, and this time it’s Chanel Casino. With is private circle of invited, Julianne Moore (which I totally adore!) and Kristen Stewart, G Dragon Rita Ora, Vanessa Paradis and her daughter, a highly cercle very prive and very cinematic indeed.

photo 2.PNGphoto 1.PNG

_015_CHA0281_026_CHA0401_004_CHA0195_040_CHA0527_A2X1017_003_CHA0175_042_CHA0553_045_CHA0575_061_CHA0731_038_CHA0513_A2X1560 _A2X1659_051_CHA0631 _A2X1369-1 _053_CHA0651_039_CHA0517-1 _067_CHA0819Photo from

Couture mash up

So as most of you well informed people already know the Fall Haute Couture show has started!! And as you are so well informed you know by now that I am also late! but in fashion lateness is ok, and I have been enjoying too much my first 4th of July in New York, so I haven’t been blogging a lot… (and any spare time has been dedicated to my class presentation happening tomorrow at Parson’s, I will share with you all my mood boards and all once it’s over I can relax a little..)

Revenons a nos moutons, (meaning let’s get back to the subject here!) ZTHE COUTURE!! yes so I decided this time to put it all mixed up as it is nice to see together what designers are thinking and imagining in their looks.

_DIO0199 _DIO0583 _DIO0931

Dior Fall 2015 Couture_ULY0077 _ULY0315 _ULY0962 Ulyana Sergeenko Fall 2015 Couture_ULY1492 _ULY1645 _ULY1858 GValli16Giambattista Vali Fall 2015 Couturebalmain-001-1366 balmain-017-1366 Balmain Resort 2016 Ok I admit that’s the odd one out! but I found those intricate lacy (?) dresses so chic and very sexy couldn’t resist!!KIM_0730-1 KIM_0833Schiaparelli Fall 2015 Couture in her signature pink obviously! I love that head drawing print (is that how you said it?) Anyway loved it..

Photo from



photo 1-17

En Route to NYC tomorrow early, (with a new shorter hair cut!) this Sunday will be a bit weird, or should we say mystic as I have an important article for me coming out the same day in Brazil, another video article coming sunday as well in Italy and I am flying out to try this new life of mine in America. All happening at the same time! Of course once I have them digitally I will post them here to share on the blog.

Yesterday my mom found this old photo of hers at 25 years old. I though we looked a bit similar (as when I went back to Brazil everyone said I looked so much like her..)

mae pass

I am feeling a bit everything scared, doubtful, excitement, freedom too, a mixture of all, well that’s life… I suppose. I just decided to give everything to this experience and have no regrets, and listening to my friend Rose yesterday say yes to everything (well maybe except heroine.. her words…) and enjoy it! See you in New York!

Chemin du Bonheur


pink book

Today I found this little book that I used to cherish so much and read so much of it. Whenever I was a bit down I would open it and it always made me feel better… so today I opened it and this one came out…

text bonheur

It’s so sweet and gives you concrete things you can put into practice straight away, it is a sweet inspiring little book.

First apologises for my weird translation, the first one says “Address 12 people which a detail you like very much (their eyes, their voice’s) just to ask the time. Train yourself, lift your inhibitions. To enter easily in contact with people and to feel confortable, it has to be learned”

The second one says, “Good manners are like a passport for sucess and happiness. Get your Visa.”

LOVE so much that second one!!!

Today is also my last night in Paris before flying to Rio de Janeiro!! so excited!!!! I haven’t been back in 4 long years so happy to go back and see my family….

Will post more things while out there.

sweet dreams or Bonne nuit!