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Ok I had to put this preview video from Beyonce new visual album.. Can’t wait to get all her videos! she looks amazing and most songs sounds amazing too. too much amazing..

Anyway on my way to work very soon, but I wanted to share my excitement of wearing my new silver shoes for tonight’s Christmas party! So excited to go too, I hope this year it is a good one!

here is a little visual… Can’t wait to get dressed up and all!



closet envy

I am back in London, and back to work.

I getting ready for the next few months which I know will be intense as I need to send my productions of scarf going and lots more to do all together. Anyway I came across this video of Dita Von Teese closet! It’s mad! I which first I had that living room! so beautiful totally my kind of style! well minus the taxidermy not such a fan… And her shoe collection is so crazy, well I can dream right?  I am in Loubi heavens!

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Well it’s official I booked my holidays!!! So excited, I am going to Sicily in September, and now I need to get into my bikini, (well that another problem), but I also need to have a look at my holiday wardrobe (maybe have few updates…). I certainly need a new pair of a good decent flat sandals to walk around the beautiful streets of Palermo.

While I was frenetically looking all over the Internet, (and trying to watch some old episodes of Made in Chelsea at the same time) for a good new pair of sandals (and maybe more things too?) (ok I’m not allowed…)  I came across the beautiful shoes of Chloe Green, Chloe Jade Green. (ok I know I am a bit late, but better late than never!)


What I like is her shoes appeal to all girls, (well those who likes high (quite high heels).  Her shoes are kind of the one you are missing in your shoe wardrobe, and the shoes you can’t find anywhere else really, of good quality at good starting price . The other thing is each of her shoes were named after a friend or someone dear to her, love that! Now wished I was her friend, so I could have shoe named after me… La Ange-Marie? hum quite a long french name for a shoe… well who cares.. The thing is I actually envy her (don’t we all?) for having the possibility (well let’s face it her dad own Topshop, (sorry had to come up at some point…) to create a collection of shoes. A dream to any girl with a shoe obsession/addiction really. Well maybe some day, who ever is reading this, they will see me becoming a respect worthy shoe designer, you never know.

And I think what makes it is also her (very appropriate) gorgeous shade of green on the sole. So clever and cool, love it, now you know where I will be on pay day.

Enough talking, look at her shoes…


My favourite so far is Louisa, in the off white.


Louisa Chain Booties in Off White


My other second top favourite is Misha Slingback wedge in the green.


Misha Slingback mega Wedges in Pale Green


My only problem with them, is there is no half sizes… (& a bit high)

The drama of my weird feet…

Well I liked how I started to looking for flat sensible shoes and ended up with sky high shoes… to this I love you and leave you.

Bonne nuit xx

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Loubi Du Jour

Ok I now right now everyone is talking about the Queen jubilee, but to be honest I hardly saw anything as I was working most of time and exhausted the rest of the time.

I went to see the gorgeous Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design museum, few weeks ago when the weather was nice. I wanted to share with you these images but I have been so busy lately that actually today is the first day I am off and by some crazy miracle doing nothing which is really nice. I have been busy tidying cleaning my flat and now finally could catch up on some blogging.

As for some of you who already went to this exhibition, you must already know you can’t take any pictures inside, but I did take some photos of my journey to the museum and outside the exhibition entrance.

Crossing the famous London Bridge… full of ice cream and tourists…

While crossing started to play around with my 3D camera setting quite fun really, felt like a tourist again.

The gorgeous view and a little tourist boat, sorry couldn’t resist! love this skyline…

And then you have Louboutin like a Circus and Grand Spectacle.

Love that fun window at the back of the museum and look at the view!

Bon I came to see the shoes really so excuse my million of shoe pictures and up close details of some shoes, they are so much fun to photograph.

Here a little overview of the stairs and the hanging shoes.

The impracticable ballet pump with really high heels, well it’s more like a sculpture really.

A beautiful tassel and gold knotting sandal

A written shoe?

La belle Marie Antoinette, look at all the detailing so gorgeous!

stripy number

these are actually part of the 20th anniversary collection he made to celebrate 20 years of his designs.

graphic sole and gold strap 80’s anyone?

this one is my favourite, so cute and glamorous too. Such chic pair of shoes…

mon bel escarpin…ha in my dream

Love that logo, such clever design. wish he made a shoe with a heel like that.

Et voila, the rest inside is beautiful and magical but you can’t take photos inside so, I leave you with show girl inspired entrance…

And I downloaded his app for iphone. it’s beautifully made ! love it the only problem is my bank account won’t be very happy as it makes a lot easier to be tempted…



So tomorrow, I am not going to some glamourous fashion party like all these fashion blogger but instead, I am celebrating my birthday with friends (family in France & Brazil unfortunately).

So to kick off this week before the birthday bash, I shared with some of you on tweeter few of my lipstick collection. So I wanted to combine these with what the hell am I wearing tomorrow night.I really enjoyed doing close up photos this week with Instagram and I wanted to mainly share these images with you.Well as you can tell I have no idea what I am going to wear tomorrow night, so an exercise for me to go through ideas and as well share with who ever is reading this… (well let’s be honest not a lot…).So first of all, there it is all the shades of lipsticks, I wore this week…On Monday it was Chanel Rouge Allure 85 in Coquette

Tuesday was Paul and Joe in 15

Wednesday was Chanel again, Rouge coco in 15 Ruban Rose

On Thursday it was Shu Uemura in Or 530

Paul & Joe in 050.

And now some of the ideas I have to wear tomorrow night, I usually buy a new dress to wear for a special occasion. But this time, I felt it was silly, and thought it would be much better to create something new out of what I have already.

So the images below are idea of things I have already in my wardrobe and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to pull it all together… and have a fresh take on it.

My option of dresses I feel like wearing maybe, a beautiful vintage powder pink silk dress (pass on from my mother, and previously pass on from her ante), a subtle bright blue and beige patterned Tereza Santos dress ( a sumptuous present from the designer), and a burgundy silk dress by Diane Von Furstenberg (I got at a previous sample sale).

For a bit of a bling addition, I was thinking to wear these gorgeous earrings by H & Stern, with the ring from H & Stern as well, that my mother pass on for my last birthday.

And in the shoe department it was clearly obvious my choice rests on these beauties.

I sprayed them tonight and I am praying with all my heart it won’t rain tomorrow evening.

Lastly  I will wear this beautiful (sexy) lipstick from Tom Ford in 09 True Coral.

Later update on how it all went xxx

What do you do after a break up ?

Oh yes the holly grail of shoe!

Well after that phase where you can’t seem to control what’s goes in your mouth, and that other phase when you shop dangerously too enthusiastically, you start to take your life (& social life) into your own hands and start being yourself again slowly, slowly.

So anyway all of this so say, I purchased my first Manolo Blahnik! I know, I can’t believe it myself!

Oh and I forgot to mention too much viewing of many Sex & the City episodes can affect you a bit…

And by the way I did feel a bit like Carrie though, leaving Liberty balancing my carrier bag in the air and walking lightly with a huge grin on my face, she always seems to repeat this kind of behaviour when she shoe shop (especially the one episode where her international party girl friend offers to pay for her fluffy pair of Dolce and Gabbana, it’s season 1 episode 5, The power of female sex)

Anyway, there are the most beautiful things ever! Vicky said they will get ruined as soon as I go out but I don’t care because I deserve nice beautiful shoes like that and I am building a collection you see. (Well that’s my other cheeky argument…)
It runs in my family, my dad collects old (vintage) post cards (he has loads of folders full of them & spends hours organising them) and my mother collects many fashion things like scarves and handbags. Well as you guessed I am into shoes, beautiful shoes and I like to collect them and arrange them nicely in my wardrobe. I suppose we all have a secret collection of some sort somewhere. I do also collect nail vanishes (a cheaper collection to start to be honest) and lipstick, gosh I do sound a bit too girly with collections in shoes lipstick and vanishes It seems like I can’t handle a conversation…

Hopefully this long story will prove you wrong. (and hopefully my mother will never read this post) cause you know it doesn’t seem like a good way on paper to recover from a 5 year relationship. … I have no idea what I just said, but to hell with it I am happy with my new shoes and they will be my prized possession to wear on my birthday party soon…