Chanel was all about sustainability and the future of eco fashion. There were wood chip as beading recycled paper, organic yarn and some wild cotton (does it still exist?). Couture is by far the more eco friendly fashion I would think of, besides vintage. They are pieces of craft and art and will be eternally durable for their beauty and preciosity (as couture isn’t mass produced that’s the whole point of it!)

Putting these ideas aside, The looks were fabulous as they are always. Wonderful dresses with more earthy tone. An interesting silhouette with round shoulder quite 60’s but modern nonetheless. Loved the longer length from the looks very sleek and pared back almost but Oh so chic! With the practical purse/bag for your phone and lipstick (right?) what else do you need?

chanel-couture-spring-2016-runway_CHA0159 _CHA0183 _CHA0441 _CHA0607 _CHA0699 _CHA0761 _CHA0917 _CHA0945 _CHA1003 _CHA1039 _CHA1105 _CHA1175 _CHA1203 _CHA1468Photos from Vogue

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