“Meet behind the scene Chanel’s atelier”, that was the idea behind the new couture show. To showcase this hidden place that you never see normally. The guests speculated that the people in the recreated atelier were actors but no they were real actual “petites mains” employees from Chanel. It featured inspiration, drawings, fabric sample, mannequin and everything you need to create a wonderful collection.

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The collection it self was beautiful as always lots of very structured tweed pieces, some more evening embroidered flowing dresses, the usual that you think from Chanel. What I found interesting is how the pieces translated from the video (that I have included here) and the pictures. Some looks did not come out as they did in the video, the way and the movement of the girl walking brings it to life.

YouTube Preview Image

_CHA0111 _CHA0127 _CHA0547 _CHA0575 _CHA0613 _CHA0641 _CHA0669 _CHA0713 _CHA0725 _CHA0835 _CHA0867 _CHA0947 _CHA1053

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