chanel Haute couture

Well what there is to say, Chanel does corset, sportswear, python trainers and all of this is haute couture may I say, that’s a break from tradition!

I loved that collection though because it is relatable, not that we (ordinary being) will ever wear haute couture any time soon, but you can interpreter that style into your daily life. Like now it is okay to wear a fancy dress (or outfit) and wear trainers (not that mine are with python and all…) and not feel like you were an extra in working girls, because Chanel made it cool! well not Coco, but Karl did anyway.



Today I was inspired after watching the show to wear my pleated vintage frock with my trainers and I felt cool instead of feeling embarrassed like I normally feel and change shoes as soon as I get to work.


Love the combination here of the beautifully intricate beaded long dress and the trainers. The girls look so fresh and like there are having fun, not constricted by the outfit but free.



Look again here so cool that contrast with the delicacy of the dress and the shoes, love it! I means we can easily translate that effortlessness well it obviously help if you have a couture gown…


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