Chemin du Bonheur


pink book

Today I found this little book that I used to cherish so much and read so much of it. Whenever I was a bit down I would open it and it always made me feel better… so today I opened it and this one came out…

text bonheur

It’s so sweet and gives you concrete things you can put into practice straight away, it is a sweet inspiring little book.

First apologises for my weird translation, the first one says “Address 12 people which a detail you like very much (their eyes, their voice’s) just to ask the time. Train yourself, lift your inhibitions. To enter easily in contact with people and to feel confortable, it has to be learned”

The second one says, “Good manners are like a passport for sucess and happiness. Get your Visa.”

LOVE so much that second one!!!

Today is also my last night in Paris before flying to Rio de Janeiro!! so excited!!!! I haven’t been back in 4 long years so happy to go back and see my family….

Will post more things while out there.

sweet dreams or Bonne nuit!

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