Chester or my first weekend out of the city

So that was last weekend, I lot happened, I moved house in New York, and I had the magical experience of taking the train from Grand Central (a wonderful experience, felt like in between a gossip girl episode and an old movie) to go to Chester near Old Saybrook.

I had a marvellous time swimming in the neighbour’s pool (salted water as well amazing!), eating everyday fresh barbecued food, going on a motor boat (first time ever! and tanning well going red…), sleeping, reading a lot, and painting watercolours too. Such a dream combination, I couldn’t come up with it myself.

IMG_5149View from my bedroom. IMG_5159IMG_5145IMG_5142 IMG_5150 IMG_5153 IMG_5152IMG_5164IMG_5170IMG_5184This wonderful little terrace was my favourite place, to read, to have some peace, to have a nice little chat with whomever came by, or as well draw or paint.

As I was waiting for the watercolours to set I decided to arrange and sharpen my colour pencils. I got them so long ago at Muji. I think very soon I will need a new set non? Some are ridiculously small and very hard to use as well.. IMG_5175IMG_5183IMG_5180IMG_5194IMG_5198To finish off this was my view as I came back Sunday night, back into the big city. I just love that mesmerising view, my iphone is already full of thousands of shoots I take almost everyday…

Can’t help myself, I am only here for a time and then on to the next thing so I might as well enjoy it don’t you think?

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