christmas is upon us

yes Christmas is fast approaching, and today as I was finishing my Christmas cards, I was at the same time watching this show on BBC 2 inside Claridge’s, and found it so interesting. I knew Claridge from Mulberry, as they do their catwalk shows there. But I loved the part where they were decorating the hotel for Christmas. It was Albert Elbaz who did the Christmas tree last year. It’s so sweet and full of humour ! and ok I am a year late, but will make sure this year I go and see their tree.

I love the story too, It’s Monsieur et Madame Lanvin after the Christmas diner, and la maitresse houlala! and completely adore the maid by the stairs… I mean look at her and her pose with her plumeau!

And I mean it would be most people dream tree (aka full of Lanvin presents!) Amazing!

et bien sure Monsieur Elbaz on top of the tree! love the angel wings.

Found this little video from the tree making, (decorating the Christmas tree every year is  always so special to me, and my favourite thing about Christmas, apart from the presents, and the food, well ok I love Christmas!, who doesn’t?)

here it is love the little Albert Elbaz here.

YouTube Preview Image

Ps: have you sorted out all your Christmas presents yet? mine is almost done… Almost…


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