ideas to decorate odd places like corridors

So tomorrow I am off to Premiere Vision in a far away land called Parc d’exposition. And I should go to bed by now but as you see I am being naughty and writing to you. I wanted to share these pictures of my Paris home. These pictures are bits in the corridors or bits of walls, what can you do with them.

This open door give onto my bedroom.

These 4 paintings are mine, They were part of my project for the graduation show during my University in London. And the white one is mine too (an very old work…). The white hand is mine too. It served as a model made for an Italien brand of pens to showcase their products. I helped my mom to make it (the mold of course, it was night-marly funny to do though).

A picture of my Japanese friend Diego (who lives in Tokyo and miss terribly…)

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