dreaming on Couture and New York reality


So Couture is in full swing, and aside for what’s it is currently known (amazing craftsmanship, amazing clothes…) it is the collections I like the most as it makes you dream. It allows you to conjure up a look, and even some elements are transpositional into your own wardrobe. See here this model (and absolutely gorgeous girl!) she stands out not of what she’s wearing but before of her strong make up. Her face stands out because of her defined red lips, and her beautifully drawn eyebrows. What she is wearing isn’t that important, it’s what she exudes and that’s what makes her stand out. She stand strong and confident.

What I am learning here since I am in New York and with the knowledge of my wonderful cousin here is that make up can be such a powerful tool. She know so much that I don’t on applying make up and what it can do to transform you. We are having so much fun together on our make up tutorials and sharing our make up routine. She also gave me SO much make up and I will soon (after my New York moving, long story..) share it with you guys.

I am enjoying so much New York, I feel now that I am a little more settled into a New York state of living (although not with the flat situation but now it’s all resolving itself thanks god!!) I am going away this weekend to Chester, and will also definitely share this experience with you. In a few weekends I will also go to the Hampton’s, so excited about that too!

So going back to couture, I have selected a few looks that I love..

_ARM0145 _ARM0655-1

Armani Fall Couture 2015, Love those feathers.. (kind of have an obsession with feathers… probably steaming from my love of old hollywood and glamour…)

Maison Margiela2 Maison Margiela5 Maison Margiela6 Maison Margiela4Galiano for Maison Margiela Fall Couture 2015, weirdly I am not such a fan of Galiano, but I like this show, I especially love the coat in the brown (potatoes or coffee sack?) fabric all embroidered, it’s such a beautiful contrast. And I kind of like the craziness of that bridal dress from a duvet?_MAR0661

Alexandre Vauthier  Alexandre Vauthier Couture Fall 2015 

Some of you know, I have an obsession with Lindsey Wixson, it all started when someone told me I looked a bit like her (biggest compliment, made my day!) and since I can’t help it to look at the shows and marvel at her beauty and quirkiness, and try and hope I can steal an ounce of her beauty….Alexandre Vauthier2This look here is so simple but wearing that maxi statement earring makes the look stand out, that’s something we can do without buying out of this world expensive couture. Alexandre Vauthier3

_ULY4589-1 _ULY4771 JPGaultier.2 JPGaultier.4 JPGaultier.7

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall Couture 2015,his shows always fascinates me and I love that they always have a strong identity and personality with humour.

So this show is all about my natal land, Brittany, where the stripped top, the “Breton” top originated. I love too many thing to say it all here, but the hats that we call “coiffe” are amazing!! They make the girls so majestic and elegant, it almost transform into something with an oriental vibe non? All the gold details and sheer elements makes all those “breton” elements wearable and so modern.

Photo from Style.com

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